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Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft ice cream is more luxurious than hard! With your own soft ice cream machine, you can prepare an entire litre of soft ice cream, and you can flavour it as you wish! Try making banana ice cream, coffee ice cream or hot dog ice cream!

Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine (EU Plug)
Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine (EU Plug)
60 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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22 reviews

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What is this?

soft ice cream machine

written by softismix, 22/01/14

easy to use. good manual. easy to assemble good price all in all as it responds to expectations

A lot of work, but good soft ice cream

written by Havarrd, 27/01/14

The headline says it all. This is an ok product of materials which appear to be solid enough for the purpose. Ice it produces is certainly good enough to be served but yourself, and the steps are simp... Read more

Super device

written by Christian, 15/05/14

If you stick to the recipes supplied comes out super icecream about 4 normal portions. It must be possible to freeze the container well but really. Then it works

Drain off the ice

written by Kasper, 06/06/14

The machine works well, it makes wonderful ice cream and it's some good recipes in the accompanying book. It is not, however, managed to tap the ice out of the bottom of the machine. It's like... Read more

Good but a bit awkward

written by Maria, 17/06/14

The machine worked fine, but the glass of the recipes were a bit fiddly with gelatin, etc. Not so easy for kids to use, unfortunately. But the ice cream is good.

Schnecki's blog

written by Claudia, 18/06/14

Have my report had written here .... Otherwise, the soft ice cream machine is quite good, but if you have more "in" you can cre... Read more

icecream machine

written by riccipricci, 28/06/14

Got the soft ice cream machine ordered because I love smoothies. The preparation is super easy and I have to say, it worked fantastically. Had me however meht recipe - hoped proposals, but otherwise e... Read more

The perfect gift!

written by Rita Andersen , 30/06/14

This machine is a must! Important to read the manual before use! Foam Reader you so you miss the key points that have anything to say to get to a fantastic ice-cream mixture. The kids LOVE the ice! Us... Read more

soft ice cream machine

written by MS, 13/01/15

The handling of the soft ice cream machine is relatively simple. about 20 hours before you want to make ice should the container without contents rein.Die in the refrigerator preparation of the ground... Read more

Product a flop but service top

written by Anna, 24/02/15

The soft ice cream machine has unfortunately not convinced me. It was a gift for my friend the soft ice cream really enjoy like. Even during the first use of the engine was very warm and smelled like ... Read more

Does not work

written by DKTLH, 08/04/15

We've tried the machine 3 times and performance is making soft ice cream works really bad. Can not get ice out, neither when it is very soft or slightly firmer. As the ice machine works ok - not s... Read more


written by ginger, 17/07/15

Was very excited when I booked this ice machine. But the joy was quite large after I had tried it. The flavor of vanilla ice cream is as good as kjøpeis, others I have not been tried yet, mwn they com... Read more

Ice Machine

written by Johnny, 27/07/15

The first thing we did is something wrong at the lock that will keep the top firm in the lid, so waiting for a new one from you. Very pleased with the service from you Regards Johnny Myrseth

Softis Machine

written by Martine, 05/10/15

Good product, but can not until the recipe since it is in both English and Swedish :) could been rather more extensive told about the product in Norwegian so that everyone understands properly :)


written by V. Fischer, 27/12/15

Beautiful part. Works quite well. Ice cream tastes good. Unfortunately no German instructions.

Large and quite tedious

written by Sara, 05/01/16

A simple glass of the machine, I thought that I bought but it is a great machine that takes great spot to store. Fairly elaborate recipes that accompany so I think we'll try to find something ordi... Read more


written by Per, 26/07/17

Useless simple and straightforward. Failed to produce the mixture became a useless liquid soup

soft ice cream machine

written by Sonja Grbavac , 21/02/18

Did not send the item back well not recommended not recommended you have received my return or write me


written by ., 22/02/18

the soft cloth was a gift to a small crowd and the machine was, however, a wonderful racer for a small crowd, which was already being tried on a day of celebration. the functionality was inevitable an... Read more


written by Fia, 11/06/18

It's okay, use a ready-made soft glass mix and it works well, just get it done for it's getting thick fast.

Unprecedented recipes

written by TM, 09/07/18

The machine worked pretty well to be in this price range. I baking and cooking a lot in the kitchen and for me the recipe was difficult, for example. it says that you should have water, but not how mu... Read more

Softice machine

written by Kai, 20/08/18

The machine is okay, you just have to learn to use it. The downside is when you sell something in Denmark, the instructions for use should be in Danish and not in other languages.

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