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How To Survive a relationship

The greatest poets can sum up the whole life in a few words. Whoever wrote this book has to be the biggest of all - it does not contain a single word and still saves your romantic relationship.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Bought for me and a friend

written by Smarty, 12/11/15

Bought this for me and a friend. We both were very satisfied. And pockets creases are a bit small but it makes them perfect to fool with them wherever they are going.

A fun tingest!

written by Maria, 10/12/15

Lasted a little disappointed with the quality, but it has earned its place on the bookshelf for it though. Has received many feedback that it's fun, and that others would like that!


written by Østergaard, 22/02/16

The book is really nice and well made - lommelærkerne is perfectly located in the American pressed holes in the book's pages :)

Surprise for husband

written by annalindholm, 25/02/16

A fun surprise to the man, who does not like to read books. A fun gift for those who need small huttar :)


written by L, 26/02/16

Perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone with a little humor. Good area of ​​pluntorna too so you could make them a little more personal and engrave things on them himself.

Nice idea, not quite solid implementation

written by MH, 06/09/16

As a gift for a friend who is no absolutely household and utility items wanted and everything else has svhon, I had selected this gift as a nice gimmick. I think the idea is still good, but I was disa... Read more

What I expected.

written by Magnus, 24/09/16

A book with two small hip flasks. The book consisted actually of paper pages that everyone was cut out to fit with lommelærkerne; it was not just an illusion. Satisfied.

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