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Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopter

Stable quadcopter that can hover completely still in the air! 100 meter range, perfect for outdoors and recharged via USB. You just can't get more flying for your money!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Best play matter so far

written by Gnutt, 12/12/13

Very easy flown and fun. Too bad Coolstuff not have optional accessories (such as roll cage, extra battery and extraproppelrar).

Super very funny for money

written by Thordsen, 23/12/13

I bought this drone for my dad for Christmas as he is a big kid. When I received the package I had obviously just test whether it worked and it is probably the most fun I've had in a long time for... Read more


written by JHostrup, 23/12/13

Exactly as expected - countries rvist for us novices, but it is not as delicate as you might fear. It's going to take some time to master it, and how it should be. Otherwise, it was no fun :-)

The top service

written by Tulle, 24/12/13

Thanks to the cool tough! Got a broken, but you change out faster than fast. Can not recommend this product! Shit fun to fly!

delicate issues

written by JHN, 24/12/13

Always fun to get a small toy gadget for Christmas, but that it should be so fragile, I had not counted on. Slightly hard to control the helicopter, but after a little effort, I got it to soar. When h... Read more


written by Lars, 02/01/14

At the price I would say that the product stood up to expectations. Fun and fly, but easy to crash. So after two days there were only two engines that worked and that's just not enough to take off... Read more

super cool

written by Christian B., 07/01/14

It's really good. Easy to fly with both inside and out. And it's lightning fast. Highly recommended .........

Affordable and fun toy :)

written by MatsB, 11/01/14

Bought this as my own little Christmas :) Flying really good for the money, the gyro is working well. Have cheeky LED lights. Drawbacks: Can not activate the "Expert mode", where you can ove... Read more

Hubsan helicopter

written by Leifur, 17/01/14

Ingen garantisedel, Varför? Bruksanvisningen svår ifall man integral behärskar finska eller tyska (jag gör det) 10-Aaring blev genast förtjust.

battery broken

written by ASO, 01/04/14

The battery was broken from the start, but was replaced by behaviourless Cool Taff, otherwise the product is fine


written by Olivia, 16/06/14

Bought it for my boyfriend's birthday. Did not the size of quadcoptern before I bought it, it was less than what I thought. But it works great, does not sound too much (do not recommend running it... Read more

Well done cool stuff

written by Frank Jørgensen, 08/08/14

We received a defective drone, and Cool Stuff took care of it with no problems and we received a new. Super well done.

funny gift

written by Henrik, 08/08/14

Funny small airplane toy rather difficult flown indoors where you do not have as much height to go on. Outdoors so it worked well where beginners have 10 + m in each direction so that you have plenty ... Read more

X4 Mini Quadcopter

written by Peter Olsson, 19/08/14

Hello, I have ordered Quadcopter which I had delivered at an incredibly fast professional handling, I had it in me after one day I was perplexed that you can sit at home quietly placing an order and t... Read more

Chinese waste

written by Nick H, 22/10/14

I hoped that it would work, but it did not, of course. At first it was super fun, but then it did not take long before it did not work. Would like my money back.

Funny toy (adult :))

written by Max C, 27/11/14

A very fun toy. Flying easily and is fairly easy to learn. My advice, start at floor level as you learn to control it. Once you have an eye, so it is fantastic to play with both indoors and outdoors. ... Read more

OK! but harder than I thought.

written by Fini, 08/12/14

Works fine, but you can not fly for very long before it needs to cool down or need recharging. It takes some practice before you can get it in the air. Is definitely too difficult for children under 1... Read more

Beyond expectation

written by Daniel, 15/12/14

Works better than expected. Stable and can be easily precision flying. Sounds like a big mosquito which is a bit of fun but unfortunately, where a high bright light squall also makes a little pain in ... Read more

Fraud, simply fraud!

written by chris, 21/12/14

have the hubsan x4 ordered the spider edition ..... and in the article description is quite clear: newest model .... 2x batteries, each with 380mA! but was delivered the hubsan x4 than old model with ... Read more

Hubsan H107L

written by Jörg B., 25/12/14

Very good Quadrocopter, very friendly telephone contact, very fast delivery, everything was perfect!

Funny toys for all ages

written by tp87, 30/12/14

I have this Quadrokopter given my brother for Christmas, after I thought long whether it is right for a 24-year-olds - but then I found that somehow everyone has played this evening so and for all mal... Read more


written by Jochen, 05/01/15

Not easy to use, but a lot of joy. Not easy to use, but a lot of joy.

Hubsan for beginners

written by Stilpner, 16/03/15

Ordering and delivery have very good function ore. Unfortunately, lacking a German description that has but then I emailed the nice colleague from Sevice immediately. The Hubsan function ore fine and ... Read more

ingeniously toys

written by Thomas H, 27/03/15

Had never tried remote-controlled aircraft of any kind before, but learned it quickly with this is the monster fast and piss fun, the only thing that is sad is that you can only fly the 7-8 minutes un... Read more

Quadcopter fun

written by Kaildor, 05/05/15

My first flight tests took place in the living room and were not as successful, so it is important to take the warning seriously and at least to fly at the beginning of the free. The first propellers ... Read more

Fat but fragile toys

written by mb, 23/06/15

I have now bought 3 drones on your side all three was a hupsan x4 But the two of them I had to change the wings and when I take the wings of smoking a motor up, which has given me a suspicion on wheth... Read more

Best miniquaden I know

written by Jimi, 03/08/15

It flies just fine, even when it is relatively windy with about 8-10 m / s villages. However, it is necessary to run in expert mode if the wind blows. Expert mode is besides, what makes the whole mach... Read more


written by Regina Goedecke, 03/01/16

I gave this little drone my friend for Christmas and he was very happy about it and has also previously had a lot of fun with it. The delivery was fast and good. Highly recommended.

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