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Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopter with HD camera

Stable quadcopter that can hover completely still in the air! 100 meter range, perfect for outdoors and can be recharged via USB. Also includes a built-in Hubsan X4 HD camera to shoot movies! You just can't get more flying for your money!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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written by Thomas, 22/09/14

but one would wish for a better camera, I would gladly pay a little more to get a better camera in it.

Awesome fun.

written by TompaBanana, 25/09/14

Really funny and easy flown. Easy to change propellers, endures, I have run it in the woods, through the shrubbery mm and are only quick to pull down the gas and check that it is ok after every crash ... Read more

Lots of money

written by Tom Haraldsen, 30/09/14

Very impressed with how advanced this product is compared to the price. Yet it is easy to control, even for beginners, making it a fun toy for both large and small. The downside is that the propellers... Read more

Awesome fun / easy quadcopter

written by Slipurson, 04/10/14

Easy to fly, after some practice Good video quality (very good for the price) Withstands pretty hard "landings". I have the same model with lower resolution cameras the price difference to t... Read more

Fun little one

written by Maks, 21/10/14

It's a very fun little less to play with though is the battery lifespan is very short and therefore makes the experience card :(


written by Flink, 01/12/14

Super, fast delivery, everything perfect. That part is really fun. The resolution of the camera is surprisingly good for the price.

A nice toy

written by redfox87, 03/12/14

This is only slightly tried, but the product affects the fun. Very difficult to control, so I recommend caution for beginners. Manual could have been better. Now it seems a little incomplete. with the... Read more


written by Sami Kattelus, 29/12/14

pretty good product. I do not remember lukiko presentation, the indoor use only. still good value for money product

Even up to Christmas there is short delivery time

written by Zanne, 30/12/14

Booking and reception took place without any problems and although it was close to Christmas, there were no more than 3 days Delivery Time :) The recipient of the gift, the "Hubsan X4 Mini Quadco... Read more

ordered and paid for batteries

written by Ste Lindström, 02/01/15

Order 1454431 ordered and paid for batteries and extra batteries, but there were no children in the package when the child opened the package today. He calls and says that he must go to the store and ... Read more

Fun and affordable

written by Anders_73, 12/01/15

As a first Quadcopter is perfect! quick and fun to fly. bought an extra battery and a bunch of propellers. propellers are rapidly ironing before learning to control Hubsan.

Super easy and fast

written by Mr. Rathleff, 23/03/15

It could not be easier. No problems with that book and no problems with lev! Top characters to

Incredibly entertaining product both for beginners and experienced fly

written by Mathias, 17/04/15

Whether this is your first quadcopter or the 5th, you will get many funny flight hours. If we start with the controller. Some people buy this package or cheaper without camera just for this. It is ext... Read more

Hubsan X4 Mini with HD Camera

written by Bernd, 22/04/15

The Small brings fun. Is quite stable in the air, with previous experience or some practice it is easy to fly. Tolerates only slight wind outside. Super for Indoor, especially with guard ring. The qua... Read more

Fast delivery and nice product for the price

written by Marie Bjerregaard, 11/05/15

There was really fast delivery on the nine drones, which I ordered, and they worked fine compared. Price. So all good from here.

Interested Quadrokopter with extremely good handling characteristics

written by Chris, 11/05/15

The Quadrokopter flies incredibly quiet and precise. For this he is still very fast, and easy to control. The camera is not properly focused on my model, so that objects that are further away than 1m,... Read more

A complicated product.

written by Mive, 03/07/15

Was disappointed at the product too tight and difficult to get to moving. Difficult to launch camera, do not recommend this had gladly left it back if it went after that tried it. Remain in the drawer... Read more

Cool gadget that unfortunately flew away

written by Victor, 03/07/15

Tried it in a controlled way first and it went well but it was a bit unruly. Found out later that it must have been to some bang so I had to pinch there "legs" again which went smoothly. The... Read more

Hubsan x4

written by Edith, 20/08/15

I'm very happy with the gift for my grandson. He was thrilled and quickly learned to deal with it .. Service was very good and fast .. Become safe again when you order Edith

Already gone :-(

written by Peter J, 21/08/15

Fine drone and easy to manage. Except in windy conditions .... On his third flight ever came a little too high and I lost control completely due. Wind. As the drone is now in the middle of a field som... Read more


written by Kirkenhoffer, 21/10/15

A little tricky to control the start and go off course at the slightest breeze. But still fun when you have learned to control and the camera works fine even if it draws very little battery when shoot... Read more

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