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Huge Balloons

For huge parties you need huge balloons. Like these large balloons with a diameter of 1 meter, for example! Supplied in packs of 5 in various colours.

Huge Balloons - Huge Balloons
Huge Balloons
85 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Huge Balloons - Balloon pump
Balloon pump
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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giant Balloons

written by Juttan , 18/04/13

Too bad the two balloons were broken. It will be expensive, as each balloon costs 20kr pc. Disappointed children at the party. But they were the whole became a smash hit! The children were hilarious w... Read more

gigantic balloons

written by Katariina, 19/08/13

I ordered two packages of giant balloons from you. Total balloons is 10, of which two balls full of holes.

Giant theme

written by Herr Ogder, 14/10/13

It was an awesome surprise birthday. Suitable for kids from 3 to 103! Run and buy!

Solid balloons that actually WAS giant

written by Tomtom, 28/10/13

Bought some bags of "giant balloons" at 2 toy stores, but these were only slightly larger than regular balloons. Ordered therefore Cool Stuffs their "giant balloons" and they reall... Read more

Freßdorf Manfred

written by Manfred, 26/06/14

The giant balloons are very great, except for small defects (errors in the material), but this is something other balloons also. but otherwise you can recommend the calmly. these are good for decorati... Read more

Stoooooore fine balloons!

written by Eva, 14/07/14

Huge balloons, seems to tolerate some too. Fine to use again: D Should be possible to choose colors yourself, then. But beyond that, they are all right :)


written by Kat, 08/09/15

The balloons are really big and very colorful, you do not see very often. Resistant material, well packaged.

25 giant balloons (5x5 pieces per up to 1 m diameter)

written by Alwigu, 13/10/15

Greetings to all the staff we needed the balloons to a wedding as a surprise to the bedroom of the newlyweds completed. The quality and colors were good (no balloon bursts). Delivery via DHL - best in... Read more

Super satisfied

written by Altina, 09/03/16

Was really happy with balconies that I besrälkde We garde a mega big kinder to our son, he got really satisfied.


written by Siw, 15/12/16

There were holes in 3 of 5 balloons .. 2 of them I got tied so far that I arranged it, but the last balloons were center hole. For poor quality! Did it not blown the up as big as I wanted, so it ruine... Read more

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