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IQ Box Puzzle

The world's most nerve-racking box! A box that can only be opened once you figured out the trick behind it. A perfect place to hide things - even gifts!

IQ Box Puzzle - IQ Box Puzzle
IQ Box Puzzle
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What is this?

easy to open

written by Thomas Gärtner, 24/05/13

this Gescehnkbox ... if you have recognized it! I've got a while desperate attempts - but it's really great to see the so gifted when he wants to explore what rattling therein. A great idea!

Genial gift !!

written by Kirstine, 30/05/13

Confirmand should not just have money too easy !! So this box had just purchased !! WITHOUT manual !! Argh !! Ordered it go time, so I could figure out how to get the money inside! It was no problem !... Read more


written by Tuttings, 04/06/13

Very cool boxes. Can be used for everything from putting gift certificate (gift becomes a little more fun or more frustrating then) little secrets will be kept in peace - or they can be used for geoca... Read more

Poor quality of this gadget

written by Edward, 28/06/13

I expected that this box would be incredibly tricky to open, and looked forward to the little tricks and puzzles. But after two minutes it was clear. The three others tested successfully at about the ... Read more

Funny gadget

written by Mando, 04/07/13

to open the IQ box took me 5 min, but since I have indeed used as a gift, the birthday girl could toss indeed and has taken longer. Therefore, a successful gift! Only the price is a bit too high in my... Read more

IQ - Box

written by H.Pfeiffer, 10/07/13

Hello Cool Stuff team, coincidentally, I came across this type of gift wrapping. It appealed to, to see how the box works, since there is no manual to. I geschafft- am now eager to see whether the ope... Read more


written by viktoria, 10/07/13

very funny. We have 10 minutes they needed to open. I can only recommend it. Will it now give times.


written by Therese, 25/07/13

Tosi artist =) Will enough tea to buy several when it would approach sæ jul.Leste in another review that they were dissatisfied with the quality, but my box it was totally fine.


written by Kingpin, 27/07/13

Worst purchase ever. Thought it would be difficult to open it, and that would get to sit and figure several days. Had not even got rid of all the plastic around it before the door was opened. And you ... Read more

Is 11 and Solved of less than 2 min

written by Iq, 07/08/13

I am 11 years old and solved it in under 2 minutes and otherwise you can just Røste it and the smoke out drawer is very loose very disappointing :)

Everything great

written by erstkäufer, 28/08/13

Was there quickly and in good condition. Hab Simple ordered what was not a problem. All good!

THE HAMMER !!! Except for one small thing ..

written by Angi, 02/09/13

I have it gift a girlfriend birthday - in a voucher of Cool Stuff. It was the charm of the whole party! All were busy aufzubekommen this box! Even funnier when all are drunk: D THE ONLY DEFECTS: It ca... Read more

Simply brilliant

written by uhmdown, 19/09/13

Spent an entire 30 minutes on it before I had opened it. Had not counted on just how brilliant it would be this wooden box. Simply brilliant. More I can not write when I do not want to spoil other peo... Read more

For easy opening

written by frk. Jakobsen, 20/09/13

I bought IQ-box with the idea of ​​putting a Christmas present in it, provided I could even get it up before Christmas. I could. It took me less than 2 minutes, and worse; now that it has been opened,... Read more


written by Kitsune, 24/10/13

Yes it huh tricky but after a lot of hand but we managed to open it: D it took some time and I thought they were so funny to look at the others when they tried to open it.


written by Hisann, 31/10/13

It was not hard to figure out how to open it. In addition, I was able to keep the page that opens downward and shake then opened it up. Wish it was harder.

All too easy!

written by Moi, 25/11/13

This "IQ toy" was VERY disappointing. It did not take many seconds to open it, so I ended up putting a wedge to make it slightly more difficult for the receiver to determine how it should be... Read more

Did not even 10 seconds ..

written by Amanda Jendefors, 27/11/13

before I even got rid of half of the plastic, I saw the solution and opened it, did not even take 10 seconds .. If it can not even fool me how is it then tricking my brother-?? worst.

Not tricky, but fine.

written by Morgan, 04/12/13

I bought it hoping to sit for a week and figure. But it took me 30 seconds and I seldom lie. the problem was that you saw where it was made to open it! But the wood it was made of was fine, so it'... Read more

By purchasing this product you will need TRÄLIM and PAPER BITES!

written by en som mener at IQ-boksen ikke b, 08/12/13

The boxes I received was destroyed. Several parts of the box have to be glued again, which should not be necessary. Besides sliding tray out if you turn on it, so it's not particularly difficult t... Read more

The box with Gimmick

written by Alf, 09/12/13

Great box! It was not easy to open the box. In freundeskreis sialle great pains have given until then throughout the evening finally manage to dominate the box. We had a lot of fun and each of the eig... Read more

Ingenious little box!

written by Jack Vinton, 18/12/13

It took a while before I found out how it worked. Then fit the ideal small gift certificate to hide a Christmas gift to my father.


written by h, 18/12/13

completely useless product, fell into the open arms of the opened package. A description of the difficulty does not match any products. Can I restore.

For those with low IQ?

written by sebbe, 20/12/13

just got home iq box as I should have for our Christmas games, thought then add scratch cards in it so that they'll be a little tricky to find, but when I opened the plastic so it took probably 2 ... Read more

completely useless

written by Trouler, 20/12/13

Maybe just my ex is absolutely the worst carved up but keeps to the "upside" to fall "cover" out. TOTAL useless. With all the positive reactions they had the different expectations... Read more

Opens himself

written by Knas, 23/12/13

Then got home my IQ box that was supposed to put a gift in order to make my brother happy, but so too was the thought of my own enjoyment even when he does not get up the box. But what happens as soon... Read more

extremely light

written by Meoiwen, 24/12/13

Expecting that it would be very difficult, but it took 3 seconds to open for both me and a friend so was a bit disappointed. If necessary, it may have been wrong on it so that the set looser than it s... Read more

Very good as a gift!

written by Lukas W, 25/12/13

It is a great gift. I bought it for my friend saved a Christmas present inside! Very good, and I do not think that it goes easily into pieces as some reviews point out.

Not worth a penny

written by Martin J, 26/12/13

Before he was trying to open it, open it himself because I'd opened it on the page. All a thief needs to do to open it is to keep it on hand. 89 clamping ?! Get out of here!

not as expected

written by ida, 30/12/13

I was prepared that this would be an almost impossible box to open, and it matched perkeft as a Christmas gift for my brother who loves puzzles. No brain is necessary, unfortunately, since gravity too... Read more


written by Jarnhall, 31/12/13

Unfortunately, I expected this box to be very tricky. To my surprise, it was not at all difficult to open and even goes to "throw away" up if you want.


written by Amanda, 31/12/13

A fun thing to give away as a gift box. My ash drifted up after I opened it a few times so this is the only thing I can complain a little. Otherwise, really fun to give away!

Puzzle Box

written by Geokojootti, 31/12/13

Boxi was so weak that the puzzle was solved by itself when you took the box käteen.Onneksi I do not have time to inject Viella gift package.

secret box

written by Monica i Dalby, 01/01/14

Two children had an IQ whose box for Christmas! It was a fun competition among all adults who first could think of how to open it! Very good that you do not send in an instruction, which meant they ha... Read more

Simple design but Fortfarande Klura

written by Per, 02/01/14

Cool product. Design passionate so simple that there may be svårt att list out hur man gör för att öppna it. Till skillnad från andra part it was inte något problem with att the Slutade cramped after ... Read more

Ideal for small gifts

written by NM, 02/01/14

Really great box. The quality and workmanship are optimal. Price / performance is also top. It actually takes some time to figure it out as the box comes up. Fits not arg much into the tray.


written by Mikael H, 03/01/14

Interesting product, if it were not for some details of the product were in another color. The 2 details revealed it all a little too easy, took me about 20 seconds to resolve the box. And not really ... Read more

IQ Box

written by Lazze, 04/01/14

Gave my brother this Christmas, there is a tap that lasts longer than most :) He has struggled with it for a week and still not managed to open it, it has not done either of us who have had it in our ... Read more

Fun a short time

written by PAPPA, 05/01/14

Once it is opened a few times, it seems that it does not remain closed so good anymore without slipping up almost by itself.

Not satisfied!

written by Mia, 10/01/14

The idea behind the IQ box is good, when I got it home, it took a few minutes before I had figured it out. Then when I would open it again and put scratch cards and then give it away as a Christmas pr... Read more

Poorly made and useless

written by Daniel, 12/01/14

The idea is funny, but the "box" glappade and it was just shake the box a little bit so it opened. In addition, the poorly painted - there was some "misses". The only thing it acco... Read more

Not so intractable!

written by Linda, 15/01/14

Unfortunately, it was quite simple to solve. When I read the text about it on the website so I was given the impression that it was more difficult to solve than it actually was!

broken and flapping

written by sophie, 21/01/14

bought this for my dad but was very disappointed, the product was defective and glappade, and was not at all difficult to open, the fact is that the door was hanging open more than it remained closed.... Read more

quick solution

written by Jossan, 23/01/14

It took 3 seconds to open the drawer, so I do not at all to the description of the case before the purchase was fulfilled.

nice present

written by Karin P., 24/01/14

I have tinkered this type box itself once in 8th grade. So I knew the opening mechanism. But the box was not meant for me. The wood was well made and can in no case immediately realize how you have to... Read more

nice idea

written by Molli, 15/03/14

the IO box is a nice gift to interesting packaging a small gift or money

Racing fun

written by Ronny, 21/03/14

Nice until you find it. Then it's just a box. :-D Can easily be used for gift wrapping if you are going to give away something that fits in it.

fun things

written by Allan Pedersen , 24/03/14

Do not put it into service yet, it is used for gift and I am excited to see the reaction when given :-)


written by RS, 14/04/14

Very good gift idea, but after IQ-box has been opened for the first time, can be as easy as nothing shake it up. So goes the idea clearly of it. If this is the standard, I can not recommend the produc... Read more


written by MyAlissa, 14/04/14

I was very excited to receive my IQ-box, because of the somewhat mixed reviews the product has received. But my boxes arrived promptly and in good condition, and I did not solve the riddle immediately... Read more

Really funny.

written by Linda, 29/05/14

I bought this box to my sister's son who turned 9 years. He likes to figure and solve things and that box was perfect! Especially when it's something that made up his motivation to continue tr... Read more

Good idea / implementation rather less

written by Albert Zweistein, 02/06/14

Have the product purchased with certain expectations that were not really met. Firstly, I find that the processing is in itself already cheap. So not worth ten euros in my opinion. The wood is varnish... Read more


written by Line Lill Jensen, 19/06/14

Hello Cool Stuff, I ordered 12 pieces, IQ-BOX with you. I knew this product from prev. And think it was a fun idea. There was great variation in the quality of the 12 boxes I got. 4 pcs. opened even k... Read more

useless boxes

written by Farmor, 01/12/14

I bought 3 pcs Magic boxes of which one was broken Another was impossible to open. The third was tight but I got to work. Overall disappointing

Box with secret lock

written by Spielratz, 15/12/14

The idea itself is good, because you can open the box only after close scrutiny and often try. But the execution is mediocre to miserable. A box was so "well" sealed or glued, it also did no... Read more

Funny thing!

written by S, 17/12/14

This will be perfect to give to siblings kids with a small gift of Christmas! Absolutely not too easy!


written by Alice, 17/12/14

Unfortunately, I am really disappointed. I had ordered it as a gift for my girlfriend where I would put something else in the box. Unfortunately, it is quite impossible to open. I know the box and kno... Read more

crazy fun

written by Michaela, 18/12/14

an ingenious little box that makes use of genius bump a little extra. I'll give it away for Christmas and has therefore put in a little candy and be with pleasure to see my dear boyfriend and brot... Read more

Fits many!

written by UH, 21/12/14

Funny thing that fits many! We put in a biopresentkort, feels fun with a challenge instead of a single movie ticket! However, very slow to get up, even when you knew how to do!

difficult to open

written by Mette, 22/12/14

Quite pleased, but I did it once and now it bomfast, can not open it again, should have added a gift down. :-(


written by bunny, 29/12/14

They were a little slow to open even when you knew how to do. One was slower than the other as if it were solid as well, took me half an eternity to open it and put down the gift and my siblings they ... Read more


written by Jonas, 01/01/15

1 of 3 pieces worked so much that it was going to give it away as a present the other two were hopeless when one fell to pieces, and the other was never open. So buy not. Had the quality been better i... Read more


written by Hedda, 15/01/15

It was really fun! A little hard to figure out how it should be opened but fun when you did it


written by TS, 19/01/15

It's a fun thing, but it is burned to give it an 'old and tired' appearance. It rubs insanely much of which is annoying. But otherwise it is a good product

Cool immediately ...

written by Per Tomas, 23/02/15

Not very hard to get up if you are a little observant. In my there were large differences in the wood, which made it all easy to understand. After 2 days then something happened with the timber so tha... Read more

totally inept

written by Kate, 02/04/15

We figured it out quickly, but it was so tight that we could not get out the drawer. We had to use a tool to pry it out. Then it broke after the second time we tried to get it out.

do not open!

written by Patrik Vestergaard, 15/05/15

I bought it for gift and would save something like that, but after several hours of trial (and videos on youtube) could I STILL do not open it. It gives itself simple enough, does not.

Fun idea, but lack EVENING tiet

written by Sebastian, 28/07/15

You had to sit with it for a little while before you found out how it worked. Once it was opened once it was enough to shake a little of it for it to open, DIY closure in other words. I thought it was... Read more

Tokenkel / broken

written by Jimi, 03/08/15

It took me a little over 1.5 minutes to open the box from that, I opened up the plastic packaging. It was a big disappointment and I can inform you that my grandmother's dresser drawer was much mo... Read more

bad processing

written by Chris, 04/08/15

I bought the box after I had seen her at a friend's. They had, however, correct bought their box at a carpenter and safely spent a few more euros. I thought I still try it with the cheapest price.... Read more


written by YipMan, 16/08/15

The box shortcomings in quality. You can shake it so that it goes up, however, if you fill it ... DETR easy to see where to start looking. This can be solved as the "mod" box with a sharp kn... Read more


written by Göran, 31/08/15

Fun little box for children to have their jewelery in. Exciting to see them come out how to open it. Who has time to first? Glad that it was not with any description of how to do. Nothing too easy fru... Read more

Really good!

written by Ole, 09/09/15

I had to use the box for a treasure hunt and it was absolutely perfect. It's hard to figure out but creepy obvious (and annoying) once you've figured it out. Can be recommended!


written by Jessica, 16/10/15

The idea e fun, but it opens almost by itself just to shake it ... Very easy to see how it will be opened.

Please enter a headline.

written by ,., 30/11/15

Frustratingly fun, actually got to cheat to get it up so I could put the gift in it .....

it was "broken" when we got it

written by Anette, 02/12/15

got the impression that the box would be impossible to open, sadly box loose so the part to be opened fall automatically if one turns a little on the box. we used therefore this box for the purpose it... Read more

Half Satisfied

written by Jim, 02/12/15

Ordered this IQ box after seeing it a few times online. Personally, I saw directly on how to open it, but neither she, I gave it or any of the other three who were present were able to figure it out a... Read more

A hard nut

written by Nina, 03/12/15

This was really a nut, but I figured it out ... Was a bit silly that it is something that can reveal how one gets opened it, but you do not see it right away ;-)


written by isaac, 07/12/15

did not ann open even though I knew the solution! surely ruined! very irreterende! annbefales not

Challenges box

written by Linnea, 07/12/15

Slick box that was not tvörenkel solving, good thing for those who have everything and tolerates little quirk ...;)

fun Christmas gift

written by August, 28/12/15

Gave an opposite box to sustersönerna. La a gift card in. Took about 30 minunter before they got them. Fun to watch as they pondered how they could get them.


written by Farmor, 05/01/16

A super Christmas gift to 2:19 - 20 years We had a challenging first opening win (100 :-) They were close surroundings had checked the solution Then suddenly swung one of them that, after 1 hour, many... Read more

Super crate

written by Sue, 07/01/16

The box is however first really tricky - until then finds out. Class as a box to give away.

Funny idea

written by Jena, 18/01/16

Idea is very funny but unfortunately open to one is a piece of wood broken off the would we stick again


written by Malla, 20/02/16

The best way to give away money, gift certificates and other goodies. However, the inner box smaller than I thought. It was hard to fit with a gift card in credit card size.

right OK

written by Olof, 06/04/16

Intend to use it as part of a chain gifts, gets a little uncertain as it only took a minute to solve. Had hoped for a multi-step solution that Chinese PuzzleBox. This was probably a little easier than... Read more

Tricky, but releasably

written by Maria, 13/06/16

A funny gift packaging. If you get the hang of it is really easy to open. You have to come out just before. Are curious if the newlyweds it solves. Great!!


written by Lisbeth, 07/12/16

We (all the neighbors on the street) bought this box for a copper wedding save. Inside the box was all the money from the neighbors and the couple got to know that the more hours passed before they go... Read more


written by Alment, 19/12/16

I know how to open the box, but it jammed and you can not open them. The box is poorly installed, I tried everything.

nice gift

written by Krassegrand, 21/12/16

It was a popular gift that probably has not been opened yet. He said he would announce when it is opened.

A little too easy.

written by Alexander, 21/12/16

Bought for hiding a gift in. Quite frankly, I had higher expectations of severity when they read a lot about it. Unfortunately, so were the three people who tried it up in less than 5 minutes, everyon... Read more

IQ Gift Box

written by Maria, 13/03/17

Very funny thing, to give as a gift! My girlfriend asked me finally, to reveal how it was opened, and he thinks it's super cool. It can also be used as storage of 'secret' or important thi... Read more

IQ Box

written by Sommer, 30/03/17

We bought an IQ-Box, which nobody has been able to open. It looks as if it is glued together in more pages than it should. It has been everywhere. Even people who has previously opened one just like i... Read more


written by Jytte Sielemann , 25/05/17

The box was as such fun and we spent a long time on the solution. It ended up breaking up, and thus we found the solution. However, could be glued again without problems, but it can not withstand bein... Read more

Fun thing

written by Malin , 30/05/17

We have not yet given away our boxes. But wipe the hair for several days to get them up so that we could put in the money we should give away. Even though we checked the instructions on your tube, we ... Read more

Entertaining nothing

written by Ham den dumme, 21/07/17

Even though I have not yet discovered the great secret of this box, it is well-known hysterically funny to read the other reviews written by, in their own eyes, extremely intelligent people who, in ea... Read more

Was destroyed

written by crr, 26/11/17

Damaged me to get it up. Relatively usmooth. Was broken the third time I opened it. Straight into the trash. Was not worth the effort to send it back. Just got mad at thinking about it. haha

Cool and clever

written by Jossan, 26/12/17

The box absolutely lived up to our expectations. It was the highlight of Christmas gift. Everyone tried to open it and inside we had hidden a lot and some candy. The only thing that was a shame was th... Read more

Fun idea

written by GS, 09/03/18

Challenging, funny idea, got a little tight to get up when you have bad fingers. It took some time to "grab" it. But OK!

Great praise

written by Lilli, 02/04/18

An unusually good customer service, as well as fast delivery. We bought an IQ box the first dude not, but already 2 days after we had someone else who worked perfectly, you can call it service. Lovely... Read more

funny touches

written by henriette, 14/05/18

I used the box for wrapping money and it was a great pleasure. can be recommended for eg confirmation or the like.

fight for it

written by Moe, 21/05/18

It's too easy just to flake the gift paper off. It was not easy with this gift box, but the confirmation team finally resolved after involving several others. Recommended. Easy ordering, fast deli... Read more

See where it opened.

written by Simon, 18/07/18

Gave it away as a gift, but seemed so clear where it opened, so did not take any time to get it up.

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