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Ice Ball Maker

Load the ball with fresh berries, mint, a slice of lemon or why not some juice extract? Close the ball and fill it with water. Then place it in the freezer. You'll end up with some tasty ice balls for drinks, the juice jug or the punch.

Ice Ball Maker - Ice Ball Maker
Ice Ball Maker
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What is this?


written by Jessy, 29/04/13

The scoops are super original one cuts a few fruits small makes them in the ball ball close and fill up water pure. Then freeze and now has wunderschäne scoops convenient for punch or punches or for a... Read more

Best ever ^ _ ^

written by Käpy, 14/06/13

Work surprisingly well. Easy to fill, either alone or näesteellä increase in fruit slices. The ball usually comes off easily, although sometimes forced to heat for a moment between your hands. The onl... Read more

Areas for improvement

written by kokeilija, 15/07/13

The product is very brittle and bandy was very difficult to get out of the sphere. Not to use too much strength, because the ball goes to the mold easily broken. The ball, however, melts very slowly, ... Read more

Cool "ice cubes"

written by Vannkvinne, 09/09/13

Scoop of sorbet was fight fine, fit perhaps best type of whiskey because they are quite large. But they got in common glass also. Will try to fill the well with taste. Can be recomended!

Neat end result!

written by Linda, 06/01/14

I am very pleased with isbollarna, it was large and very fine ice cubes as the final result. Easy to use and appreciated at the party. Do not add water up to the edge and do not close for the rubber t... Read more


written by Hanne, 07/01/14

The molds for making round metal ice-cones works perfectly. Have also tried to put small cubes of strawberry or lime in the form before filling with water. Just before the balls to be used, kept the s... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Melanie, 30/04/14

The scoops are a little expensive, but very good. Filling works great, it also runs nothing. They make an impression in the drink and so far are also stable. I hope it stays that way!


written by K, 20/05/14

Works great. Have not in too much water in the balls, because the plastic can crack, or that the water runs out. Very funny!


written by Sofie, 10/06/14

Do not get full pot of stars because they are a bit difficult to open and I think that it might make the two hemispheres break apart a little too fast.


written by Molly, 16/06/14

They are so amazing! An incredibly thoughtful alternative to the boring ice pack / inbox ice cubes. They are super cool and look great in carafes or drinks!

Mostly satisfied!

written by WarriorOfFolk, 22/06/14

As said in the headline: Mostly happy with these balls! :) The only thing I have to go down to is that the spheres are difficult to get out after freezing. One must somehow warm them a little before o... Read more


written by barbara, 01/07/14

This Eiskugelbehälter are simply brilliant and practical. Melting also much longer than conventional ice.

&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; <Blogbericht

written by Dani, 31/07/14

My review you can read here, am happy about new readers

very happy

written by ginger, 07/08/14

Purchased these before too and am so pleased with the product. Freezer fruit and diverse, and it&#39;s not just adults who like it, but children also. Cooling down juice, wine and beverages in general... Read more


written by groovie, 20/08/14

Works perfectly. Looks in the punch from super. Is recommended. One should not fill up above the balls.


written by Yohan, 10/11/14

Cannon good balls to freeze the ice in. The appropriate size for an ordinary drinking glass and last longer than ordinary small ice cubes.

Best ice cubes!

written by BootcampEllen, 12/03/15

Love these balls! So spirited and fast. Easy to refill. Easy to get out. Does not smell from the rest of the frozen food like regular ice cubes can do.

great balls

written by Winnie, 19/03/15

Works as described. If you take boiled water, the ball remain clear and then a Wow the cocktail.


written by Is, 30/03/15

hi So fine and fun - easy to fill. holds a long time and it is shown only the imagination that sets the limits.


written by Hellan, 09/04/15

Is very pleased with isbollarna that I ordered from you on the web shop !! I am pleased that it went so fast to get what I ordered had the package at home in just one day, I think this is good service... Read more

Super scoops

written by Michaela, 13/04/15

I think the ice balls really great, the size is perfect. I&#39;ve already filled with strawberries, limes and oranges. Just great!

Thumbs up

written by johanna, 02/05/15

Super satisfied, will be perfect to wear to summer drinks. a strawberry in an ice ball to drink :)

Great idea

written by Aa, 04/05/15

The round &quot;ice&quot; are a super idea! I like besinders that they are big enough to for example a piece of lime or kiwi do centers. Thumbs up.

Super fun idea

written by M, 03/07/15

they created great joy in children&#39;s birthday party with chocolate bars frozen. However, I had forgotten to boil the water first, then the ice was not quite transparent, but I remember it for next... Read more

Fun ice!

written by Pontan, 10/07/15

Fill them only to the edge where plastic is replacing finish / structure so it will be right. A bit difficult to get them out, which pulls down the grade a stick. Keeps its shape and size significantl... Read more

Thumbs up

written by Lotte, 16/07/15

Super-cool! Last long and keeps drinks ice cold.


written by Line, 28/07/15

Fine beads that fit perfectly in the glass. Suspended out of the freezer a few minutes before you get the words of the form. If you want a completely clear spheres must use distilled water. Terrific w... Read more


written by BeAn, 21/08/15

Seems they make ice cubes decorative. Was relatively easy to use and easy to clean. Perhaps they are a little expensive (?) I made cubes to a party with 100 in two weeks!

Scoop of sorbet.

written by Janicke, 26/10/15

This is the second time I order scoop of sorbet. We spent all summer and are very satisfied with how long they stay, even in the summer heat. I bought both the big and the little less and they recomme... Read more


written by Eilen, 10/12/15

Super stylish! They also hold very long. Will test out with assorted berries in the summer I think.


written by Leseratte, 31/12/15

Should an exceptional ice ball that not everyone has the glass. Looks pretty from splashing around with fruit. The handling is easy and if man is holding the frozen ball slightly under running water, ... Read more

Works well!

written by Sebastian, 01/01/16

Initially known as if they opened themselves to easy! It closed with the shut not really. But when plastic became funktig then closed his ball perfectly. Had become difficult to open the lid was less ... Read more

Cool bullets

written by Monica, 07/03/16

They fit supreme for whiskey glasses, does not melt as fast as usual small cubes. The kids also think it&#39;s fun to freeze berries ol.


written by Martin, 17/04/16

Easy to use and gives good results. One must remember not to fill the ball are completely full, then it results that it overflows and makes it more difficult to open them

Seems like they should

written by Jens, 17/06/16

Preliminary keeps hemispheres fine close - you just experiment with exactly how much water to be filled in them to the finished iskugle is spherical and not missing the top or vice versa does not floa... Read more

Clear ice!

written by Johan, 22/07/16

Read the most positive of these balls and I decided to try. Got them home within 24 hours after ordering, a bell and began filling them directly. Two pieces of tap water and two where I was boiling th... Read more


written by Fredde, 16/08/16

I am very happy with them! I had read some older reviews where people complained that there should be an indication of how the very man to fill them and that they did not stand straight in the freezer... Read more

Good ice

written by Affe, 26/08/16

Happy with how easy it is to get large round ice to drink. Good size so they last a long cool drink.

Good isformar

written by HH, 30/09/16

The molds are of good quality. It was not very difficult to get the balls out forms. For them to be really good, it should be ensured that the ice cubes are transparent. Isbollarna last long in the gl... Read more

class product

written by RSchmidt, 13/10/16

The scoops look remarkably better than the conventional ice. Due to the small surface you do not dilute the drinks as quickly. The handling is very simple. As it relates to long-term behavior and how ... Read more

Small ice cubes

written by Coffe, 19/06/17

Was a little disappointed when it turned out they are very small. About the same as pingball balls. So you can say that the image is very misleading. But very smooth o it clearly shows how much water ... Read more

Good balls.

written by Benjamin, 20/06/17

They seem as they should. They will not be completely transparent. But it has something to do with freezing. So all in all, for those as described.


written by KlasB, 17/07/17

A little fun thing Become cool iceballs to put in the drink. Difficult to get rid of the ball from the plastic but with some hot water it&#39;s fine. Fun thing!

scoop of sorbet

written by Øystein, 28/08/17

The bullets were large and fine and last for a long time. They were a little hard to get out of shape, but it helped keep them under hot water for a few seconds. All in all, very pleased.

Wonderful Iskuler

written by Bjørn, 09/09/17

With these you can make big round ice balls. And you can also add pieces of Line, Orange, Apple, Lemon, Olive or a Broom with Mint. But keep in mind that since the bullets are so big, it takes some ti... Read more

Smart and easy

written by Anne Jørgensen, 18/01/18

Super smart ice cubes, which impress every guest of its size. Easy to fill water. Just stand on the table and thaw for 10 minutes. as they are easy to get out.

Replacement of ice cubes

written by Wheczshma, 26/01/18

Just a great product! I recommend using the tap inside warm water before opening and removing the ice ball, making it easy to do it - and you do not have to worry about the durability of plastic hange... Read more


written by KN, 02/04/18

Great, a lift for every drink. The iceballs last for a long time, which is perfect for a really hot summer day!

Clear improvement

written by Annika, 19/07/18

Have had the previous model of the bullets and there has been a clear improvement in them. The assembly at the back seems to be more powerful, and the folds easier. But more importantly, the plug is m... Read more

good crap

written by Micke, 29/08/18

The bells to have in the drink The ice holds for a long time and gives a cold. just replenishing the same ice cream !!!

Low ice cubes though

written by Hans, 10/10/18

Low ice cubes but a little &quot;cheap plastic&quot;. Sometimes difficult to get out of the holder but they do the job.

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