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Ice Ball Maker XXL

These ice ball makers produce large and perfectly round ice balls that you can fill in with whatever you want! They melt slowly and are especially more attractive than regular ice cubes. Do not be square - be a sphere!

Ice Ball Maker XXL - Ice Ball Maker XXL
Ice Ball Maker XXL
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Super good!

written by Postorderknarkaren, 26/06/13

Thought it would be meckigt to keep on with these, but not all, it is too easy and isbollen lasts a long time - highly recommended.

I love them

written by Ulrika, 28/06/13

I love those balls. Isbollarna not melt as fast as other cubes do o you also can insert things in them so that they look more cool, I like a lot.

large ice

written by ULNO, 01/07/13

Like them a lot. Gave great isbollar which looks very tidy when serving drinks with ice or eg whiskey with ice. Melts slower than regular ice cubes resulting in less dilution. Easy to use. fill in the... Read more

Good results, but difficult to manage

written by Philip, 04/07/13

Isbollarna is fine and good. It is easy to fill up isformarna through the small opening in the top. Something, however, has proven quite difficult sometimes to get ice from the molds. It usually ends ... Read more

Fast delivery and great price

written by Claus, 08/07/13

I had for some time wanted this product in Denmark without success. Now I found it finally at Cool Stuff. When I ordered goods applauded everything as expected. Cool Stuff can certainly recommended.

huge hit

written by Fru B, 18/07/13

I gave my husband iskugleformene 'birthday present, and we reached to freeze six paragraphs. before the birthday guests showed up. I will not bore anyone with the details, but I have never experie... Read more

scoop of sorbet XXL

written by Anne, 30/09/13

Is true that they are a bit large - but it looks SUPER NICE out! And drink is clearly cold enough! Glad I bought them.

Coolest ice cubes

written by Mona, 24/01/14

Cruelest ice cubes ever! Keeps for several hours and look cool out sick. I myself am addicted to ice and it's nice not having to use up a whole plate of cubes! Superduper!

love these

written by Sofie, 10/06/14

Very good! Convenient with a large ice that melts slowly and that can only take one and one from the freezer and do not have to replenish an entire board. These are used almost every day in this house... Read more


written by sp, 29/09/14

Fun and festive ice that keeps juices and drinks cold for a long time .. Large ice cubes requires large glass. Be careful when you put iskuglen in your beverage. It takes more than you think. The clos... Read more


written by Yohan, 10/11/14

Cannon good balls to freeze the ice. Even fun to be able to add a few berries or leaves so they are cool in a pitcher or a drink. They do not melt in a hurry if you compare with the usual small ice cu... Read more


written by AB, 07/01/15

Ordered isbollar of Christmas present for my daughter to be sent as gift wrap for her address. She them in time, it was great! But she had only wrapped in paper, nothing fancy string and not particula... Read more

Super fun idea

written by M, 03/07/15

they created great joy in children's birthday party with chocolate bars frozen. However, I had forgotten to boil the water first, then the ice was not quite transparent, but I remember it for next... Read more

Fun and effective

written by Jessica, 06/08/15

They are really good and gives great isbollar that lasts even when it's really hot out there. The only downside is that it can be a little difficult to remove the ice from the molds despite coils ... Read more

Large ice cubes

written by Henrik, 05/11/15

Often pry the ball halves with a knife or similar and then often sit isbollen fixed in one half too. However, they last much longer than regular ice cubes.

stylish isbollar

written by Cj, 06/01/16

Stylish isbollar. However huh hard to get them out. But otherwise nice and cool size. Perfect to give as gifts.

Eiskugelbereiter XXL

written by Änky, 12/01/16

Prima -Parts, very easy to use and in no time you have nice big scoops for all glasses ....

scoop of sorbet

written by Cathrine, 19/01/16

Scoop of sorbet was great ones, but they are the BIG, and yes, they called the XXL :-) Got too big to have the glass, and indeed too big to get Oppi vannkarafelen that I was thinking of using them to.... Read more

They work very well

written by Jonas, 25/02/16

They work well and are easy to fill also get some cool giant ice cubes out of them that stays in one's glass.

funny thing

written by HH, 30/09/16

The molds are of good quality. Maybe a little too large drinking glass. It was not very difficult to get the balls out forms. For them to be really good, it should be ensured that the ice cubes are tr... Read more

Super cool ice cubes!

written by Linda, 24/06/18

Large ice cubes that take a long time to melt .... Easy to fill, measurements that show how much you should have (water expands as you know when it's freezing) - do the job!

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