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Ice Bottle Cooler

After a few hours in the freezer, take out your own unique bottle cooler made of ice, perfect for champagne or any drink of your choice.

Ice Bottle Cooler - Ice Bottle Cooler
Ice Bottle Cooler
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What is this?

Glorious :-)

written by Thomas F.E, 19/06/13

Works great. Popular feature on kid party :-) I frozen down several "bulbs" and combined the light from This was cool!

Beautiful presentation of a bottle of wine

written by Gitte, 22/08/13

I filled flowers at the top before the ice was frozen and it was a great beautiful result and not at all difficult. I will get to use it a lot when I have ha + guests

nice gift

written by Sabine, 18/11/13

Gave away the champagne intercooler to the partner's sister who turned 40 years. She was thrilled and thought even use it to make islyckor out the winter :) "A popular and cool gift!

It looks good ...

written by ishizaki, 16/06/14

... But the cooling effect can then but much to be desired. Works best for champagne bottles.


written by Clemens Busch, 01/09/14

Have seen the product to friends and were so excited that we have it now itself. THANK YOU!

Nice but a little plastigt

written by bm, 03/12/14

Had hoped that the dish where the freezer should be where in the metal. Therefore, I find it hard to give away, it seems a bit cheap. But to myself ok.

Christmas gone right

written by Perfekt kylning på nyår, 08/01/15

This was a Christmas gift for dad's partner and used on New Year's Eve to chill champagne and later Jägermeistern, and it worked just fine and she loved it.

It tastes just as good =)

written by Janus, 17/06/15

Super fun thing and it was a huge hit at the party. It may drip a little after you have collected from it.

Yet to Hit

written by Janus, 17/06/15

Super smart and delicious, it keeps its promises, it keeps wine cold with style, you should remember that if there is to be drunk all night, be sure to complete the tank with water as soon as one has ... Read more

a good sparkling wine

written by Jenna, 26/10/15

A great device. Did what they promised. The ice melted nicely container and kept cold for hours drink. It's a pity that it was only a silver dish made of plastic or metal.


written by Cathrine, 19/01/16

A very easy way to make a great islykt on! Can be used to create islykter and to have that bottle cooler. Sublime with the box below to collect water when it has inside. A little tip is to not use hot... Read more

Rating Sektkühler

written by Judith , 25/03/16

The gift has arrived excellent. Is it possible to easily produce / prepare. Then bottle pure - done!

A cool and handy beverage cooler!

written by Philip Poppe, 02/05/16

I bought several of this as gifts to friends and family and I must say I am very pleased that this gift was appreciated very much. I myself have not used it so can not say much about that part, but ba... Read more


written by Anette, 26/10/16

Very nice wine cooler. Like that one can add berries and food coloring for variety. Will also use it to votives in winter. Very reasonable. Adorns the party table!


written by Siri, 06/06/17

I would highly recommend this champagne cooler! Have received so much praise and admiration on all the calves we have this. Have bought to both of my children too!

Fast delivery / top goods

written by Mone, 19/06/17

Straightforward processing, fast and on-time delivery and super goods. Can I recommend without hesitation

Perfect gift

written by Judith, 10/08/17

Can you give away great with a bottle of sparkling wine, if you put the form before in the freezer!

Nice product

written by InGu, 06/03/18

Very nice product. I gave it away this time because I own one, which is admired at every celebration.

Fun and good thing

written by Pewe, 22/06/18

Fun and good stuff but be careful when you get out of ice, for me it went in 89 pieces so I had to put some kind of puzzle to keep the bubble cold.

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