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Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks

Soapstone cubes to keep your drink cold (or hot) for a long time, but without diluting it! They can be used over and over again and won't scratch the glass.

Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks - Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks
Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks
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30 reviews

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What is this?

Canon Product!

written by, 03/06/13

Party! Keeps the cold really well and long, highly recommended. Meadow. product description and other reviews. Who uses these to the whiskey? To refer Steffo (TV4 / Food & Drink Skills): - Those w... Read more


written by Henke, 18/06/13

Super satisfied with the purchase that works perfectly. Keeping my cool drinks cold long time so nothing to complain about, then they look too damn delicious out when sipping a wirre ...

really fun and innovative gadget

written by pontus, 18/06/13

Tested it and works well, first in the freezer with stones, wait half an hour to cool down something good to drink, buy more now - perfect as a gift ...

works perfectly and the

written by robban, 18/06/13

fun when I had some buddies at home, the stones can be reused so there is always "ice" at home, stylish, they are also

Cold impression :-)

written by Jan, 18/06/13

Ice Cube of Sweden was a successful gift for my foreign colleague. His colleague was surprised but pleasantly surprised by the results. So next time I have been asked to buy me some boxes ..

Cold but heavy

written by Livsnyter, 05/08/13

These 'cubes' keeps very well in the cold. However, since they are heavier than water, will not cold distributed from above and down as conventional ice cubes. But reusability and gentleness t... Read more

Ice cubes

written by Lillis, 30/08/13

What a thing, will not dilute drinks on wiskey, recommends these stones, keeps the contents of the glass läääänge.

Estimated gift

written by Karl, 12/09/13

Bought these stones before the 50-year celebration and can say that it was very much appreciated even though it was considerably more expensive gifts on jubilarens table ... felt that these would be p... Read more

Cool rocks and perfect as gift

written by Uffe, 02/10/13

Order Ice Cube of Sweden often they are perfect for gift when you go out to dinner instead of flowers or a bottle of wine, tend to be a fun topic of conversation during the evening, have also read the... Read more

Fun, good and works

written by Viktor, 02/10/13

Tested with these but were a bit skeptical if they would work, were positively surprised, works fine and stylish, they were also, order more boxes now!

Ice cube of Sweden

written by Kitsune, 24/10/13

I bought these for my father now as he filled the years and he is very happy with them. I will buy more of them :)


written by Susan, 25/10/13

The fine "cool rock" is both decorative and functional! It is a pure luxury of cooling Whiskey mm. For without the alcohol being sinned of water! They work really well and the delivery was r... Read more

No errors!

written by Anna, 26/12/13

Fast delivery, no product defects and my friend who got the Christmas present was more than satisfied. Need to write that I am super happy? :)

Small but good

written by Starkko, 27/12/13

This was the perfect Christmas gift for a brother in law who is ganskasvårhandlad ate. A large beer and whiskey lovers who would get something under 200k - the packaging was simple and uncluttered, an... Read more

overall good

written by Maja, 30/12/13

The stones felt right rough and had sharp edges, although it said that they would be soft. Remains to see how they affect the glass. Overall a great fun and appreciated gift, the only thing I could mi... Read more

Ice Cube of stages! completely useless

written by Jamil, 06/01/14


No more soaking

written by Lurifax, 24/02/14

I bought icecubes of Sweden for my fiance, because he likes his whiskey cold, but failed ice cubes so as not to dilute the precious drops. They have made great happiness and works perfectly with three... Read more

Cool concept but ...

written by Ørjan, 23/05/14

These are RAW if you drink whiskey "on the rocks" or other isdrinker. only downside is that they must lie in almost boiling water for quite some time to get rid of the taste of what they wer... Read more

full flop

written by Ubbe, 10/07/14

Had bought them and waited for me ... Uh ... Yes. Much more than this anyway. Many who have written reviews here seem to be inside that it is "a fun thing" that is cool to give away, and I c... Read more


written by hypercrasse, 08/09/14

what to say, they keep all the drinks cool and avoids the dilution of water, spirits and beer will be better!

The top product

written by Henke, 11/09/14

Bought this as a gift and received nothing but praise from both the receiver and the other at the party that tested. Myself have had my ice cube of Sweden for many years and used them extensively so I... Read more


written by Inge-Even, 31/10/14

This is garbage, holding just barely 1min before them is hot. So I have to do is fill the entire whiskey glass with stones (7-8stk), pour some whiskey Oppi to wait a little, get a little cold but very... Read more

fine ice cubes

written by Lene, 02/12/14

We are very happy with the product. There is not much to say about it other than that they do so they must :)

does not work

written by Manu, 24/02/15

I had them for 24 hours in the freezer, poured over small whiskey, and in 15 minutes it was room temperature again. Instead of keeping the drink cold for longer (than normal ice cubes), it is much les... Read more

class parts

written by Karo, 07/05/15

Fast delivery and excellent Produktqualität.Ein bit dusty cubes but that opens up after 2-3 times rinse.

different Christmas

written by Felicia, 14/12/15

The delivery went very quickly and smoothly. The stones were much nicer than I expected and a very good Christmas gift because most do not have them at home! Very happy!

Very happy

written by Sarro, 28/12/15

It was a Christmas gift to the man and he liked them :) which makes us both very happy :) hold sog cold and do not water down your drinks :)

great service

written by Lillian Andersen , 28/12/15

Should use ice cubs to gift, and they were received with joy.

Super cool!

written by Mette, 13/12/16

I can only recommend to buy these "cubes". They work perfectly, and is a good gift for him who loves quality / luxury ..

Ice Cube of Sweden did not live up to expectations

written by Bjørn, 09/09/17

They were not quite bad, they left the freezer for 24 hours, but they lost the cold when I put them in a glass of whiskey. But the round ice cubes that you fill yourself with water, and possibly fruit... Read more

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