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Ice Lantern

Lamp of fire and ice! Freeze the ice and light the candle. You now have at least three hours of magical beauty before you while the ice slowly melts.

Ice Lantern - Ice Lantern
Ice Lantern
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stylish lantern

written by Scorpion, 03/06/13

Bought my wife. Became an appreciated gift. Stylish and cozy lantern to light. We have tested mix of caramel colors in the water, it was really good.

Ice state for indoor use

written by Marta G. , 04/02/14

A islyktform with shelf. That means islykten can be put on shelf and used inside. I am very happy and have made several fine islykter finding success. Nice gift for young and old.

Funny thing!

written by Madde, 18/12/14

Bought as a Christmas gift for Mom because she loves votives and think it's so nice. Have not tried the product, but think it can be good! Very fast delivery!

cold enlightenment

written by Pit, 13/01/15

a very decorative part, always something different and versatile changeable. Very easy to use. Definitely a successful gift, even for yourself.

Hot like hell

written by Ludwig, 26/02/15

Easy to do, put in a bit of raspberry and a tomatstjälke and was cruelly handsome! Highly recommend it if you want to have a nice time!

Super satisfied

written by Gutschigirl, 23/03/15

I have been given the ice lantern itself and found it so amazing that I wanted to give also. They can be varied, it always looks great Deco-

Nice surprise

written by Abi, 16/02/16

I bought the ice lantern as a gift for my wife. Overall, I must say it was a nice and pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, it has the clear ice despite boiled water not quite work that way. And the rose ... Read more

Fantastic nice :-)

written by Hege, 30/01/18

Easy to make and so decorative and nice <3 The instructions provided are informative and make it very easy to make such a smell.

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