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Jedi Robe Deluxe

Use the force at the beach, at your local swimming hall, at your home or that of someone else you like. A Jedi never goes out of style.

Jedi Robe Deluxe - Jedi Robe Deluxe
Jedi Robe Deluxe
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Jedi Robe Deluxe - Star Wars Jedi Slippers European size 38-41
Star Wars Jedi Slippers European size 38-41
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jedi Robe Deluxe - Star Wars Jedi Slippers European sizr 42-45
Star Wars Jedi Slippers European sizr 42-45
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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89 reviews

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On the one can count

written by Seba aus der Ferne, 23/04/13

Whether in the morning tired, sick or lazy, herewith is the force be with you. No matter how miserable you feel, how long the evening was how sleepy the head ... and when the coffee machine you can go... Read more

Very large, very soft

written by Dante, 02/05/13

It's big, very big. It is difficult to wash in it, but sit on the couch and playing games is just fine. Good quality, fine printing, soft and comfortable.

Happiest boyfriend

written by Linnéa, 03/05/13

Gorgeous and super comfy bathrobe! Super gift for any Star Wars geeks! Great material and the model is almost better in reality than in the picture :)

Very comfortable and beautiful long

written by kmovie, 08/05/13

Unlike normal bathrobes are firstly the sleeve very far and the jacket right almost to the ankles. The hood is also cut very far. So you can pretty a cuddle. The tip with the twice wash the Entfusseln... Read more

Jedi robe

written by Jarso, 13/05/13

Very comfortable and pleasant feel of the material of the jacket. Is equally suitable for little smaller in size than the bigger man. After a shower or bath will not mind to hang out rest of the eveni... Read more

Troubled worth!

written by Magnus, 13/05/13

Bought this robe because I did not have, and have long wanted to have exactly this, then when it was lowered over a weekend, I could not Resisting, it is soft, warm and comfortable and looks crazy coo... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by capman, 13/05/13

They were crazy comfortable to wear, but they were some of the larger size for me that is a small person, but cozy factor is high in it.

Jedi Robe

written by Erik, 13/05/13

Is very pleased with the bathrobe! Think that picture gives a good representation of how it actually looks. Something that may be helpful to consider when ordering it is that it only comes in one size... Read more

Obi-Wan Kenobi move into ...

written by Zirie, 13/05/13

It is really huge! Bought it to his son who is 11.5 years but 171cm long. He "bathed" in it but love it! :-D Good material, and it'll be a few hours in it and he'll have it for long!... Read more

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Helle, 14/05/13

Purchased as a joke as a birthday gift. Seems quite ok. Thick good drug. Fun for those who like Star Wars and fun and give away even for those who have no special relationship with these films.


written by Tor, 22/05/13

The package was quickly send and delivered and I looked like a kid when I opened it. It survived definitely up to expectations. Perfect size with long sleeves and stylish hood. The quality was superb ... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by Dre, 22/05/13

The coat va in good condition, well packed down and comfortable to wear. The VA also true long. I recommend this highly for you who are looking to run it, you will probably not be disappointed.


written by Roland, 30/05/13

Hello, I'm very satisfied with the bathrobe. A shame that there is only one size. Otherwise Top. Fast delivery and easy Kaufabwicklung.So it should be. Thank you.


written by Norbert, 12/06/13

I am Sience fiction fan, so I also like Star Wars, from the very beginning. In addition, I have long wanted a bathrobe is long. Most are just short. Quality and workmanship are very good. Very comfort... Read more


written by Julie, 25/07/13

The man bought this, and absolutely fell in taste! Large and spacious, with long sleeves. Suitable enough not to those under 170/175 cm as it is wide and long.

Jedi robe

written by m, 07/08/13

Great bathrobe which has remained good even after two wash cycles. The length of the jacket should be no more, because now the hem reaches mid-calf length 185 cm tall. The complex, however, I am very ... Read more

Super cozy bathrobe

written by Joachim, 26/08/13

This is the super cozy bathrobe, however, one must be prepared that it is a very big bathrobe, so if you are a tall thin guy like me, there is room for two people in it)

Good for my tall boyfriend

written by CilleOC, 09/09/13

I bought it for my girlfriend who is 2.07 cm and a broad-shouldered fellow, and was nervous that it would not fit. He is very happy with it and it fits him very well! It goes him exactly to the knee. ... Read more

Jedibademantel - mmmhhh okay!

written by Yvé, 20/09/13

For the the Jedibademantel should be a Merchandise Product of Star Wars, I was slightly disappointed with presentation and quality. In itself, the bathrobe is okay, the logo on the front of the chest ... Read more

good product,

written by isto, 02/11/13

corresponds quite well to the description, the really good-sized bathrobe. work well even in the first mission, ie Jedi asuna Halloween party friends of the light saber.

Elli D.

written by Elli D., 11/11/13

The jacket is really a great gift, about my best friend was very happy. PS: If the bathrobe a lightsaber, the effect is yet to places twice as cool


written by Jon Chr., 26/11/13

This dressing gown will be a Christmas gift. It is therefore difficult for me to give a review before Christmas.

Jedi bathrobe

written by twelmo, 12/12/13

The robe looks great, feels cozy and is super wear well. There are in these bathrobes huge differences in quality - this is from is indeed made of cotton and therefore peak. Initially annoy some lint ... Read more

May The Force be with you.

written by Sinika, 25/12/13

Very nice, lovely style. Suitable cohabitant right. Just wish it was in my size too. Fluff in the first wash!

lovely bathrobe

written by hegedm, 26/12/13

Very large in size, the sleeves are really long. The cap was smaller than it looked like in the picture. Delicious and soft, recommended.

fun bathrobe

written by SNV, 30/12/13

Fun with Jedi-rock, seems to be good quality and fun concept. The daughter was happy and modern envious. ;-)


written by Manteli, 01/01/14

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and the face was like the sun naantalin when he saw what was in the package. I was afraid a little, that this might not be suitable for you to choose from th... Read more

Jedi robe

written by TNi, 02/01/14

The jacket was big as kuvauskin said. Suitable for a large man (180 cm, 98 kg). Material pleasant, does not seem like a man-made fiber. Fast delivery.


written by tina, 10/01/14

My son is very long and even then looks jedirocken fylldig out. soft o good is it with ... my son's new favoritmysgrej

Best robe over!

written by RvLxx, 15/01/14

Bought a Christmas present for my partner. He was extremely pleased, but since I get up before he was I who used it. So I had to buy another one. This dressing gown is incredibly comfortable, and not ... Read more


written by Schmitzkatz, 27/01/14

The bathrobe is everything I've always wanted in a bathrobe - falls very large from, say, long coat, long sleeves, and large hood. Of course, you still what pays as Star Wars Merch it and I would ... Read more


written by Kottex, 17/03/14

Very good quality exactly what I was looking on the length ago. Delivery time was reasonable.

Jedi Robe

written by Stella, 25/03/14

Robe is well designed for male Jedi Knights, but I, a normal-sized woman, think that it is nice just because it is big and warm to snuggle into. I am very satisfied!

Buy it!

written by Leah, 10/04/14

I was afraid if I gave up the quality of awesomeness. But it is certainly not the case! The quality is great and it covers the entire body, even if you are not a size Small. I'm writing exam right... Read more


written by ., 30/05/14

Fast delivery, without any problems. Fast delivery, without any problems. Fast delivery, without any problems. Fast delivery, without any problems. Fast delivery, without any problems. Fast delivery, ... Read more

delicious bathrobe

written by tzari, 11/06/14

My boyfriend got one of these for Christmas and it was really popular with a nice big cap. Highly recommended

Fine and Cool robe but a little too bright color.

written by David, 27/08/14

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing gown but the color of it is almost besch and not brown as it is in the movies. Great besides!

May the Force be with you Being in the bathroom ...

written by Katzengold, 22/09/14

I have the Jedi Bathrobe ordered for my son birthday; this gift was a winner in every respect. Not only that it has arrived at the super recipient, but also fast delivery, reasonable price and excelle... Read more

Fairest garment ever!

written by Emma, 15/10/14

Super Fine quality and so very cool! Fairly large in size, which I see as a big plus :) I take it on me as soon as I get home. Onepiece can throw in the wall!

Value for money OK

written by Katja, 31/10/14

Just is value for money ok. Bathrobe just the material that needs to be washed once or twice before it is at its best :)

Design and interface well - could be warmer

written by sandman667, 05/12/14

From the intersection, the size and the design I'm thrilled. For my size (1.80 m) of the jacket fits perfectly - almost ground long, sleeves fall to about the hands, hood sits well. From material ... Read more

May the force be with you!!!

written by Oli, 15/12/14

You have to learn a lot, my master told me. But with this jacket I'm even become a champion. Super cut large, extremely fluffy and amazing embroidered appliqué on the left chest. Obi Wan would jea... Read more

Jedi bathrobe

written by Grethe Jacobsen, 15/12/14

That's great service. Estimates bathrobe, and a brilliant julegaveide !! Is very pleased. Christmas Greetings from here !! :) :)


written by Henning, 16/12/14

Transparent website, easy and fast, a few days later I received the package. How - this play! The product (Jedikåbe) is for Christmas, but have tried it and it works very delicious and of good quality... Read more

the superpower

written by mkj, 26/12/14

This coat was a Christmas present for my man and he is absolutely delighted. he is fluffy, cuddly and very comfortable to wear. my husband is 185 cm tall and it fits perfectly.


written by Dorte, 27/12/14

Completely perfect. Easy to book. The website is clear and easy to navigate, they have so many cool things, and easy to pay .. And a super fast delivery and product exactly as promised


written by gittanlindqvist, 29/12/14

Good and soft and thick quality and properly stitched. Size large but for us it was great because he got it is long. Must be a problem if it's a small person to be the ..


written by Bella, 29/12/14

My man was very satisfied! Worth the money. Keeps the heat and absorbs moisture well. Very comfortable to wear.

the splendor of the gift

written by johanna, 29/12/14

I bought a bathrobe a Christmas present for my husband and little brother. Both are hard Star Wars fans. My husband (26W) is the M size and my little brother (18w) S, both robe was very fitting! Both ... Read more


written by anlilo, 30/12/14

Very nice and soft bathrobe! A perfect fit in a size of 1.78 meters. The Sent very quickly.

Positive experience

written by Lo, 31/12/14

I have ordered from Cool Stuff for the first time and am very happy. Everything worked great - very fast delivery. The robe has a good quality. Keep it up!


written by Nippsii, 01/01/15

Bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, it was a bit big for him which is a fairly sparsely built guy, but it is good and wearing pretend morgninger front of the telly. Delicious material... Read more

The kinks

written by Johansfru, 02/01/15

Gave it a Christmas gift to my husband, he lived in the early days. He tears down, however, glass, etc. with the big sleeves.

Happy customer

written by Patrik, 06/01/15

Good quality. Fast delivery time. I was thrilled. Will definitely order again.

Good quality

written by Katrin, 08/01/15

Good quality of bathrobe, still not every man thing. Material Pleasant, sleeves suited very much like you would with a Jedi Knight, for something more solid and tall men.


written by martin, 15/01/15

This was great, soft, warm and comfortable. Moreover, it is a little tough with the deep hood and large sleeves that are extremely delicious to have when it's cold. And then I feel like a Jedi whe... Read more

All good

written by HN, 16/02/15

Coat is as described. Even if he comes to me only to the middle of calves. But I am also about 1.90m. Shipping faster. Well packed.


written by Tanja, 21/04/15

Perfect robe, good service and quick delivery. ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀

Stitched with the hot needle

written by Falk, 06/05/15

So the design is great. Size is also perfect for my 1.85m But the quality is poor. Seams with the hot needle stitched. Too many loose threads / seams on the hood. Who knows how many washes holds.


written by Nordman, 15/06/15

Long and practical. Perfect to get around both inside and out on the site ... ;-) Did anyone thought the luddade but the problem is I have not had. Recommended.

Jedi Robe

written by AÖ, 10/12/15

Very nice and cozy bathrobe. It is long and spacious. Fits most men between M and XL, unless one is very short. It seemed to be of good quality and my adult son loved it.

As expected

written by Michael, 25/12/15

Bought robe as a gift with their slippers. They were quite ok quality, and looked as expected. The black Imperial robe was softer and more comfortable material than the brown Jedi robe that was common... Read more

cool bathrobe

written by Ornet, 30/12/15

Lovely large and high safety factor when wrap themselves in this rock. Received many envious comments. Had expected a slightly thicker coat. Was a little too thin for 5 stars. Recommended gift for som... Read more

Warm feet

written by Ornet, 30/12/15

Very soft and warm. Its softness sole made them something too unstable for me. Foreign size so they are less than a Swedish size 45. Perhaps you stretch Cool to jedirocken


written by Lea Nanna, 02/01/16

Bought this as a Christmas present to type. He was very happy. Recommended! He is about 190 and a L-XL. The passport he perfect .. The fabric is soft and comfortable against the skin. Also gangske ple... Read more

Super-Jedi Bathrobe

written by rosenfreund2011, 04/01/16

I'm very satisfied with quality and fast shipping. It is a gift and was very well received. Presumably, he will be very common to see in the fun baths our environment.

great product

written by FSch, 04/01/16

Very nice bathrobe. Great material. To note that 30 degree wash is "only". In cotton robes rather uncommon. Even when dry in the dryer must thoroughly check the washing instructions beforeha... Read more

the very top

written by SW fani, 05/01/16

This robe is for the discerning Star Wars fan's mind. That's awesome, that Coolstuff found suitable for adults sizes.

Fast delivery!

written by Jenzoo, 08/01/16

The order worked flawlessly in all areas ... and super fast it went well. TOP! I will definitely recommend coolstuff

Jedi robe

written by Late, 15/01/16

Just awesome bathrobe. Good sized none of the basic model to the knees. There wanders a frost for a moment in the evening when the dogs outside for when there is surprisingly warm. Really impressive r... Read more

The force is strong in this one.

written by rockshell, 20/01/16

Hærlig mårnkåpe. Nice to sit still and watch a movie or play, not practical for housework, since arms are big. The fabric keeps warm and soft.


written by Michael, 26/01/16

Super fast delivery, and super cozy bathrobe, nice long, only drawback is that the sleeves are large at

A sure hit

written by Camilla, 28/01/16

I bought it as a gift to my cousin at 13, because he is StarWars fan - and it was definitely a hit. The boyfriend and I have even been agreed that we now have to get one each. The fairing is super del... Read more

This IS the bathrobe you are looking for

written by Gwill, 12/02/16

After I purchased this I stopped going with clothes at home. The fabric is thick, soft and good, but surprisingly rough inside. An unknown guy on Skype, clothed Sith robe called me "rebel scum&qu... Read more

Star Wars Jedi Deluxe Patio

written by Helene, 24/02/16

Gave this as a gift for my husband. He was very happy. Good quality not to mention fun. It is large in size. so it fits a man who is L.

Very satisfied!

written by Peter, 25/02/16

The two "Star Wars Deluxe Jedi Robes" I bought for myself and my wife, we are very happy with. Fine quality and large comfortable as you can cozy up in. We especially look forward to seeing ... Read more


written by Lili, 07/03/16

The shipping was very fast. The robe looks great, is made of nice soft and cuddly fleece and falls out very big. Just great

in future Jedi Sauna Deluxe

written by na schue, 14/03/16

Have the mantle bestowed two friends who both love to go to the sauna. The material I have to prove themselves, but feels soft and pleasant to first. Simple n coooles thing for the classic Star Wars f... Read more


written by Glad fru, 23/03/16

Star Wars Deluxe Jedi Robe was a hit! He got it where very happy of this gift on his birthday.

Fine, but lousy quality

written by Otto, 06/04/16

It is nice to look at and ideal for us who are a little bigger (187 cm long, and finally a bathrobe that fits). The sleeves are wide and beautiful, but is not recommended for cooking. Unfortunately, h... Read more

Star Wars bathrobe

written by Häuschen, 25/04/16

Shipping took a bit long time, otherwise we were very satisfied with quality and service.

Success Gift!

written by Mickiz, 08/12/16

Gave my BFF gifts, became a real hit! Was a bit concerned if it would be too great when I read other reviews but it sat jättefint also to him that is a little below average height. Had spotted it and ... Read more


written by hp, 12/12/16

booking method was fine and safe and the method of payment equally good and safe but but but, I ordered the wrapping of the presents and it was miserable paid kr 29.00 not much for wrapping but it was... Read more

Super quality, good price, fast delivery

written by Bienchen, 19/12/16

Bathrobes are made of cotton as described and fall out very large. Thank you, we are very satisfied!


written by Anne O., 29/12/16

It was easy to order on the website. Order came quickly. The fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable. Good length and size.


written by Meppo, 02/03/17

Fast delivery, great quality! Nothing to complain about at all actually! Will definitely recommend this site!

Jeti coat

written by pupso, 04/11/17

The coat is cuddly and comfortable, the color is as in the description. He falls quite tall, who is smaller than 170 cm, should not see his feet.

Super pleased!

written by Robeyn, 17/01/18

Come quickly, without hassle. The man became overjoyed and refused to take on another rock. The finest gift he ever received. The slippers were also superb

super long bathrobe

written by gundulagaukeley, 02/05/18

Wanted a long bathrobe for my husband (1.85 m), and found! Fluff trying on, but terry cloth must be washed anyway anyway! Everything is supi.

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