Kinder Egg Maxi

More chocolate - bigger surprise - need we say more? The 150-gram Kinder Egg is king.

Kinder Egg Maxi - Kinder Egg Maxi
Kinder Egg Maxi
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written by Line, 25/03/16

The following product was delivered broken ... had certainly been very pleased if it had been entirely. Contacted customer service course, but to no avail ...

Kinder Maxi

written by Tidden, 25/03/16

Fast shipping and packed well. The eggs huh well worth the money to see the happiness of the children when they saw the giant eggs.

Kinder Maxi eggs

written by Sari, 28/03/16

Bought Kinder Maxi egg for my grandson and he was overjoyed and shouted WOW all the time. It was an appreciated gift and I'm a satisfied buyers are strongly advised to give as gifts to those who l... Read more


written by Evas, 29/03/16

Gave away the egg to a boy aged 13 and a boy of 21 years. Both had stars in their eyes when they opened and then it Stoor egg! The toy was quickly put together and the chocolate was gone in no time. C... Read more

Surprisingly large

written by Maria, 30/03/16

For all lovers of kinder, large and small, it was this egg is a dream! The toy inside was even bigger than the usual. Are highly recommended!


written by Sofia , 30/03/16

The kids loved getting mega big kinder ist for Easter eggs. As good as usual snacking fixed last much longer and with a bigger toy ☺

Easter Eggs

written by Figge, 04/04/16

Bought these to the kids as Easter eggs. They were overjoyed. Recommended when it became a positive överasknng.

Good but ...

written by Nystugan, 04/04/16

Good chocolate, as always with Kinder. But the price did not correspond to the product! It would have been funny if it was anything more really inside the egg than it was now.

Large kinder

written by Isabella, 04/04/16

Omg we were satisfied and children were happy, it's really big egg and chocolate :) perfect Easter gift or give away gift to those who are crazy about kinder (I loved the chocolate) The toy was al... Read more

perfect gift

written by Lillapys, 04/04/16

Bought one for my partner. Was mighty impressed by how big it was. Perfect gift for someone who loves kinder!

fun gift

written by Vikholm, 04/04/16

Instead of a traditional Easter eggs so I took a chance on this for girlfriend and it was a success. What's not to like? There are chocolate, white chocolate, a toy and it is great .. Got however,... Read more

2 in 1 ...

written by Maria, 05/04/16

Fun for us who have grown up but kinder to them now in big size. Ordered 2 for so wanted to have one myself too, bring back some childhood memories. Less, however, that they knew what it contained wit... Read more

Kanonbra eggs!

written by Putte, 05/04/16

Niece got an egg Easter eggs and those eyes said she did enough to everything! (She is 5 years old) until the sister was completely flabbergasted when they saw what it was. Really top thing if you sur... Read more

Kinder Maxi

written by Britt, 05/04/16

The bigger kids were very happy to maxi kinder, a hit at the Passover. I really do not know what was in the eggs have not heard it yet, but they were happy so large eggs


written by Hella, 06/04/16

So much chocolate! : O The kids loved the size and it tasted like plain slightly thicker understood.

Kindetägg large.

written by Connie E. , 11/04/16

The grandchild was very happy and surprised this big egg. The egg was not broken, I was happy. So I am very satisfied. Sincerely, Connie.

A large kinder. Kinder Maxi simply. =)

written by Sanna, 09/05/16

Not much more to say except that it was just like a big kinder. A big kinder! : D The guy was happy and needed this time does not matter if there was one to eggs because the yummy chocolate was more t... Read more

For all ages

written by Hsrp, 15/05/16

I was supposed to joint birthday dinner and instead of a flower or another, so I chose to take Maxi Kinder with. What a joy it brought :-) Even my grandmother moved ever closer to the edge of the sofa... Read more

Disappointed with the content

written by Fia, 10/06/16

The size was fun for the kids (6 and 10), however, they were disappointed in the content. Feels a bit too expensive considering the simple content.

Appreciated by children

written by M, 20/03/17

The kids loved the eggs because of the size. The only negative I can think of is that the kids were like toys in their eggs. May not be so many different variations of content?


written by Birthe, 23/03/17

IT IS BIG. It was super success. I brought it to the restaurant to celebrate the birthday, 45 years old, and it caused a stir both of us celebrating and the staff at the restaurant. The laughter and p... Read more

happy boyfriend

written by Engla, 24/03/17

Gave my boyfriend including this birthday gift as he loves Kinder products in all its forms. The egg was perfectly when he got it, and tasted like it should. He appreciated it and thought it was a fun... Read more

Kinder Maxi

written by Johnny, 31/03/17

Awesome fast delivery! The product was great and met all expectations when it arrived! Date child very happy!

Maxi kinder

written by Mamma till 2, 11/04/17

Delivered quickly, completely, well packed and as described. Bought three eggs and got different toys in all 3. Super Happy

How I think the product was

written by Kristin Hjertvikstein , 09/05/17

Was a bit disappointed when I got the product, thought the childhood was bigger than it was. May be purchased bigger, at the same price on the Danmax boat. Apart from the size, I am very happy. Fall i... Read more


written by Jake, 09/03/18

All three eggs broken! Badly packed !! A cardboard with three loose eggs! Nothing that takes up shocks during shipping! In addition to the accompanying note.

Giga kinderegg

written by Merete, 12/03/18

Properly chewed child eggs. So big that you have trouble eating all at once. Nice big play of minions inside. recommended


written by knut, 16/03/18

have not opened yet, giving 4 stars for quick delivery, will be enough butcher at the cabin at Easter .......


written by Eva-Karin , 19/03/18

The kids who got these big children's eggs became really happy too much chocolate and big toy! The chocolate tasted very good according to the children and it felt nice to me aom gave away the egg... Read more

Greater than I thought

written by Karin, 20/03/18

Surprised how big it was. Looking forward to the boy get it in the Easter egg. Can definitely be recommended if you are to surprise someone.

The top

written by Lisen, 23/03/18

Great surprise for the little girl who is crazy in these eggs

Kinderegg Maxi

written by Nicky, 26/03/18

Super big eggs, will be a real surprise now at Easter! Bought four pieces !!

Stoooora Eggs!

written by Raija, 26/03/18

Fast, smooth and 100% perfect. Nothing ever fails with Voolstuff. These eggs were just as I imagined ... will be a nice Easter present for the kids!


written by Äggmamman, 04/04/18

Good size of the eggs. Then it was a little sad that 3 out of 4 eggs had the same surprise. Funny that they really were like "ordinary" children's eggs, but bigger.

Kinderegg too small and GREAT

written by TLK, 09/04/18

Gave the eggs to Easter from the oldest of 20 to the smallest of 2. And it was very well received. May sneak to me a taste of the egg from the least and to all of you who wonder ... It tastes like Kin... Read more


written by Pusi, 11/04/18

Very fast delivery, happy with it. Kinderegget tasted explore Kinderegg or kids maxi. Felt it tasted old chocolate which was quite disappointing. The egg was not as big as I thought for the price. Bou... Read more

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