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BBQ Gloves from KitchPro®

Two-pack of barbecue gloves made of silicone for those looking for both a better grip and to protect their hands from the heat of the barbecue.

BBQ Gloves from KitchPro®  - BBQ Gloves
BBQ Gloves
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written by L, 20/07/15

Gave them to my husband when he grills much. But he thought the man was sweaty in them and got burned anyway, so they did not work.

silicone grillauskäsineiden testing

written by Ktiina, 10/09/15

Try it for yourself even went a gift and loved it. The aim would be to buy the same yourself. Comfortable in the hand and gets very attached to a portable hot object. I also tried a glass jar lid open... Read more


written by Jonas, 14/09/15

Just as good as I thought. Smooth even though it is quite a glove. Withstands heat splendidly. Easy to clean.


written by Nilla, 21/09/15

Gloves felt stiff and uncomfortable in hand. There will be a clumsy feeling. I bought a stupid yet three packages, one would have been enough because I'm too embarrassed to give as gifts to those.... Read more


written by Richard, 30/04/16

Nice to protect the entire hand. A little hard to find as you get to grips with them but serve their purpose very well.


written by Lisa, 10/05/16

The gloves keep their promises! I am very satisfied! Very good price for the product and a very fast delivery!

Bulky oven mitts

written by anita, 29/08/16

Grill mittens are too large and unwieldy. They are cumbersome and of rubber-like material. Unfortunately, I gave them away as gifts and it is doubtful whether they will be used. So I do not recommend ... Read more

Do their job

written by Pontus, 26/09/16

They are efficient and you'll have a pretty good grip, but they are quite large, they are right Runga and frankly it becomes that we often use a kitchen towel or something else easier than these

Kanoner cannon gloves ..

written by Hesslind , 01/01/18

Yo! Have had similar gloves / missing earlier .. but these gave mother-in-law that extra dimension with the reason that she could use them as 'more open' to herring. Obviously works to heat th... Read more

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