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Digital Kitchen Scale from KitchPro®

A one litre cup with volume markings on the side and a digital kitchen scale at the bottom will save you time and hassle in the kitchen. On the display you will see what you have in your measuring cup, and you can reset the scale with a simple click.

Digital Kitchen Scale from KitchPro®  - Digital Kitchen Scale
Digital Kitchen Scale
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Best gift for the perfectionist

written by Frogyn, 02/05/13

Cannon Gift to the father who can not bake without measuring the exact amount of all ingredients !! He was super happy, the quality is good and I wish I ordered one for myself too!

Very good must have gadget in the kitchen

written by Janne, 09/05/13

Really handy and easy to use :-) especially good when to cook a variety of pasta or follow more precise prescriptions given in weight rather than volume. easy to clean and has a place in the kitchen.

Dream object!

written by Jacob, 10/06/13

Real good gift, perfect in the kitchen! However, a little fuzzy display, which does not specify what measure you measure in.

Great wave

written by Dan Stålebring, 26/12/13

A functional pitcher who is very accurate both when used as wave or dimensions. Easy to wash and take up little space.

it works

written by Susanne, 02/01/14

I gave my mother a KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale for Christmas, and when we had to bake this Christmas I was very interested in how it worked - I did not expect the best for the price. But I found ou... Read more


written by Bicka, 27/01/14

Thought it would be a great tool in the kitchen. Looked at the reviews was available and decided to give away two pieces. as gifts. The joy was great in both birthday kids and they are very happy. Can... Read more


written by Åsa, 28/01/14

Very handy kitchen scale when to weigh / measure many ingredients in baking. Bought one for my mother too. She is gluten free and has long said that it is so difficult to bake - now it will be easy!


written by Tinaliz, 27/02/14

Great solution to easily "translate" different recipes. Single user and easy to clean. :)

Kitchen Scales and measuring jug

written by Ulla, 07/04/14

Practical and useful 2 in 1 product! Perfect for the bake happy! Ideally, space-saving. Good and fast service too!

Good value for money! - Digital measuring jug

written by eskarina, 17/10/14

measuring jug weighing works, at least up to 500 grammmaan gram (revised 1-5kpl hundred-gram weights) bread machine particularly used must be exactly correct dimensions very good value for money!

Super cool

written by Anna, 22/11/14

It does not get any easier! It works as it should, and it's really a huge help - especially when you like me often use the US (or just foreign) recipes that use other measuring devices ... This ca... Read more

ordered to be

written by Ik, 23/12/14

Have not tried the product yet. Seems very handy m in both dimensions o w Have nothing more to add at the moment Merry Christmas o Happy New Year

Very good

written by EirikTheOutLaw, 01/01/15

Works great, came very nicely packaged and looks good while doing their job, in fact, 2 of them and.

severe Use

written by Svåranvänd, 05/01/15

With only two buttons, it feels like it should be easy to use, but for some reason I get to press several times to manage to get to the weight measurement. Probably for it to distinguish between what ... Read more

High quality

written by Rulle, 05/01/15

That said high quality, lots of clever features, which I nevertheless do not believe that every few will use. Small minus for measurement units US ounzes and the like, which are not used in Sweden and... Read more


written by Kalle, 05/01/15

Christmas gift so kag do not know how it fits the person Do not know yet if the e tested it, or if he think it is good yet.

Worked like crazy!

written by Joffe, 05/01/15

Awesome purchase of Cool Stuff, recommended as a gift for a cook who will have it easier in the kitchen! Cool Stuff delivers quick time and is a page where you will find exactly what you need.

Digital measurement

written by Carl, 06/02/15

Bought the most to offset humlegivor and malt for brewing beer. Works perfectly. Fast and good delivery from Coolstuff. Very pleased

very well

written by AO, 26/02/15

The product is good. Easy to use and extremely useful for baking and cooking, easy to clean. I do not want to miss it in the kitchen.

Top unit

written by kat , 26/03/15

Very practical, well made and easy to use. Also easy to make clean. Would recommend :)

Super good kitchen scale

written by Pia, 15/04/15

This kitchen scale is super good as it is with the bowl and therefore makes it easier to weigh things. Would definitely recommend it to others, it is easy to use and read with the digital display.

Wave / Bowl

written by Lotta001, 16/04/15

Hello, I'm very satisfied with this wave and bowl but wonder a little if it takes time before the exact weight comes up .. it sometimes becomes higher weight if you wait.

Good and easy to use

written by AJ, 14/05/15



written by Mikaela, 10/09/15

I gave it to my mother as a gift, and her reaction was about "I wanted one of these but did not know it existed!". She is very happy with it so far.

Multi Use.

written by Adrian, 17/09/15

Very nice that this product is both measuring cup and weight. It is simple to use and easy to clean. Highly recommended to those who like utensils that have multiple functions.

Great Christmas gift!

written by Moa, 30/12/15

Bought for my mom for Christmas and she was very happy. She loves to cook and bake, so it was perfect and it works as it should :)

Digital measuring cup

written by Bäckerin, 14/03/16

The product is well-designed and class - measuring cups and scales in one! Prima also completely unproblematic handling of the order: rapid delivery, good service. Highly recommended.

measuring cup

written by Anne W., 14/03/16

Was very satisfied. Good machine, quick delivery. User manual might be slightly larger from Scripture.


written by Jennifer, 13/05/16

Giant Smooth, good size and easy to use, easy to remove the "can" and wash the dishes in the dishwasher. I am very pleased!

Super smart!

written by Thomas Windfeld, 16/05/16

Smart kitchen scale, easy to find and in good quality. I let it stand out on the kitchen table and tell people that I am considering many vegetables, though I do not eat many vegetables. On the whole,... Read more

Good thing to have but

written by Maria, 16/08/16

Great to have the kitchen but I will no more shopping from coolstuff. Bought as a gift to another delivery address and the package is a delivery note with price! Lousy and this remark after another ti... Read more

KitchPro Digital Kitchen Dimensions

written by christina Vesterlund, 28/01/17

Jättenöjd.Fungerar good. easy to rengöra.lätt to weigh with. takes up little space. relatively billig.har used it several times


written by Prid, 04/07/17

Bought this as a gift - the person was very satisfied :) The 2-in-1 feature is very impressive, I have to say.

Works well

written by Espen L, 02/02/18

Decent solution. A bit difficult to reset as it is very sensitive. Displays some gram errors after some tests with water and the like. Or else ok. Large + for disassembly and washing machine.

Super Good Weight

written by TC, 26/03/18

I am VERY happy for my weight. It works optimally, and it's a very good product. I have recommended it to family and friends

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