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KitchPro® Kiwi Slicer

Kiwi Slicer helps you to cut kiwis into perfectly-shaped pieces quickly and easily! Make a large and nutritious fruit salad with kiwi fruit!

KitchPro® Kiwi Slicer - KitchPro Kiwi Slicer
KitchPro Kiwi Slicer
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What is this?

not recommend

written by Jenna, 12/12/16

Nothing I recommend buying unfortunately. For it to work perfectly you need to have perfectly round kiwis, otherwise it cuts through the shell. And when you draw around it becomes more of a kiwi mourn... Read more

For rough to manage kiwi

written by Kalle40, 16/12/16

It will lubricate and it does not take the entire kiwi, easier to just take an ordinary table knife and pull easily over skin that is not broken kiwi. Plastic knife that comes with is not very necessa... Read more

Kiivileikkuri: Him, who already has everything!

written by Mimmi, 27/01/17

I bought a funny gift "to him, who already has everything." In principle, the functional thing, but without it stacks up. Must have pass life-sized kiwi fruit, in order to get to the bottom ... Read more

KitchPro Kiivileikkuri

written by Sartsa, 09/05/17

Cut only a very soft kiwifruit.

Super good!

written by Erica, 11/12/17

The kiwi slicer was super good, went very easily and quickly to scale and share kiwin. This I will use instead of a knife that only takes a lot of time.


written by elin, 11/01/18

totally useless product. 1. Too big to get into a regular lr even a bigger kiwi. 2. For coarse / dull steel threads that do not get through the pulp without mowing it. it's getting mushy o most of... Read more

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