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KitchPro Meat Tenderizer

With needle-sharp knives, the KitchPro Meat Tenderizer perforates your meat and turns a tough and unremarkable piece of meat into a much more enjoyable steak!

KitchPro Meat Tenderizer - KitchPro Meat Tenderizer
KitchPro Meat Tenderizer
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What is this?

meat more tender

written by Kim , 17/08/15

It works as intended. The meat will be more tender and marinade sink into the meat better. A good buy, easy to clean.

tenderize steak!

written by poulino, 21/12/16

Bought a couple of weeks ago 3 pcs tenderizers. After neighbors and relatives had seen them, I have today kl.1031 received additional 6 pcs for handouts. They were ordered yesterday afternoon, so we a... Read more

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