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Metal Straw from KitchPro®

Make the ordinary luxurious or liven up a party with some lovely straws made of stainless steel. These smart metal straws can be reused again and again. Clever and environmentally friendly!

Metal Straw from KitchPro®  - Metal Straw (4-pack)
Metal Straw (4-pack)
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Away with plstskräp

written by Andreas, 10/03/17

Go pro, step up your game (save the environment). Strange feeling if we would bite into the metal, but luxurious and large straw.

Very happy

written by D, 26/03/17

is very pleased with these even though they are in metal. These straws will stay long and there is no metallic taste when used and they are not heavy so if you want to drink from a can or small glass ... Read more

3 good and one bad ...

written by Marika, 29/03/17

The liquid is experienced colder than with ordinary straw, which is positive. Picks also adult points with metal instead of plastic, which is most reminiscent of children's parties. Then I will no... Read more

Perfect for carbonated drinks!

written by SaraOtto, 12/03/18

I who drink a lot of carbonated acid really like the straw left in the glass / bottle. Common straws in place tend to float and fall down on the table.

There is a straw

written by Martin, 29/03/18

There is a straw. You put it in a liquid and you can drink it. It's nothing more complicated than that.


written by potatis, 10/04/18

Popular with the girlfriend. Suitable for all glasses and drinks. Comes with strainer brushes for cleaning which is amazing.

Eco-friendly straws

written by Mia, 29/06/18

Very good product. I like the straws in stainless steel and thus both non-toxic and environmentally friendly when using them again and again. An extra plus also for the brush supplied so that you can ... Read more

Very happy!

written by Lisa, 26/07/18

Have long wondered if I would order either straw in metal / glass and now I finally did it :) Really happy with these straws, since they can be used to everything without having to think that another ... Read more


written by Cecilie Carlsen, 31/08/18

Fine alternative to plastic, easy to clean and practical to carry in your bag while on the move.

Never more common straws

written by Carro, 13/10/18

These straws really add something extra. The drink is much nicer and cooler than with ordinary straws.

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