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KitchPro Pizza Oven

Make your own pizza or bake a frozen one in our KitchPro Pizza Oven. The oven has a ceramic baking stone and dual heating elements. Your pizza is perfectly baked with a wonderful crispy crust in about 10 minutes.

KitchPro Pizza Oven - KitchPro Pizza Oven
KitchPro Pizza Oven
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Pitzaugn new model

written by Korken42, 22/11/17

I have tested the oven once after I got home it and it worked as I had thought. That the instruction was in Swedish was a simplification of everything and that there were also recipes for a number of ... Read more

discount code julen2017

written by Ellinor Kolnes Aarflot, 10/12/17

Hi! Did not get a discount of 10%, so not even when the discount code should be set. This discount was for this weekend, therefore, refunded $ 99, - which is 10% of 999-. Thanks in advance. discount c... Read more

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