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Pizza Oven from KitchPro®

Make your own pizza or bake a frozen one in our KitchPro Pizza Oven. The oven has a ceramic baking stone and dual heating elements. Your pizza is perfectly baked with a wonderful crispy crust in about 10 minutes.

Pizza Oven from KitchPro®  - Pizza Oven (EU Plug)
Pizza Oven (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Pizza Oven from KitchPro®  - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Pitzaugn new model

written by Korken42, 22/11/17

I have tested the oven once after I got home it and it worked as I had thought. That the instruction was in Swedish was a simplification of everything and that there were also recipes for a number of ... Read more

Simple and perfectly ok

written by Helena, 26/12/17

Great bottom! The difficulty was to get the pizza to the oven properly without losing stuff or burning. I would recommend that you have a wide bread tray at hand. Quick and easy!

KitchPro pizza oven

written by Josefine, 15/01/18

Practical table model, easy to use! Usable both at home and for associations and teams that will serve nothing but sausages!

best pizza oven

written by Peter, 07/05/18

Since I'm a pizza lover but lacking a "real" pizza oven, I bought this at a chance. I'm very pleased! I have tried to cook freezer pizza directly from the freezer, thawed and bought ... Read more


written by John Wilhelmsen, 11/06/18

After getting a little more familiar with the pizza oven, it became good. Can quickly get fired if you have high heat. Plus for stone plate that can be used on both sides.

Pizza like in Italy

written by Sara, 25/09/18

Was excited about the result with was not disappointed. The pizzas are super delicious and perfectly crispy. However, keep in mind that you have to make thin pizzas. If they get too high or are they t... Read more

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