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KitchPro Potato Twister

Add some liveliness to any meal with some fun-filled potatoes! With the KitchPro Potato Twister, you can prepare some cool and tasty crisp potato spirals - for dinner or served as a snack!

KitchPro Potato Twister - KitchPro Potato Twister
KitchPro Potato Twister
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written by Stefan, 19/11/16

Good quality, cut the potatoes in perfect spiral that is easy to pull out on a spit. We are very pleased with the product!


written by Lotta, 22/05/17

Great! Easy to use, easy to clean. We are excited! The result will be fantastic.

Simple and good

written by Thedor, 19/06/17

Just like the movie, easy to use and gets really good. Please pan with butter and garlic if you want them in the oven. A little fling salt and pepper on it and you have a luxury potato. If you want to... Read more


written by Maggan, 13/07/17

Very happy with the product, it was simple and the potato was perfect. I was really pleasantly surprised.

Cool type

written by Jacob, 16/10/17

Was a good result after a small pill. Takes a lot of space in relation to how much value it provides. Used once and does not feel like it will be used many times, but it's a bit fun with fun produ... Read more

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