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Stuffed Burger Press from KitchPro®

Do what the Yanks do and beef it up with stuffed burgers. This stuffed burger press will help you to easily create delicious hamburgers with different fillings!

Stuffed Burger Press from KitchPro®  - Stuffed Burger Press
Stuffed Burger Press
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Funny idea but unfortunately poor quality

written by Maxi K. , 29/12/14

Funny idea, but unfortunately I had to return the product back because the quality did not meet my expectations. The hamburger press is made of cheap plastic and assembled. In my opinion, the product ... Read more

KitchPro Hamburger Press

written by Bengt, 05/01/15

Hello. I can not write a review, because I have not tried it yet. But I think it is great, so it gets a fifth in the ratings. Seems sturdy and easy to clean. (I have to eat my "purchase burgers&q... Read more

Estimated Christmas :)

written by JV, 13/01/15

Much appreciated Christmas gift for one who likes different things. Will buy more to the more familiar :)


written by JV, 13/01/15

Homemade burgers taste so much better than store-bought. Fill our burger with a ripe cheese. Hamburger press is widely used in our household.

Missing Plug

written by Daniel Hede, 02/02/15

The lack of a base plate for one of the molds which resulted in the product can not be used at all. Disappointed.

KitchPro Hambugerpress

written by Rikard, 07/04/15

Works great, a little plasticky but serves its function well. If you have bacon o cheese filling must not forget to fry the bacon first! As a flavor enhancer is a little shredded ciliated perfect!

Hamburger pressure

written by Sussie, 13/04/15

Exelent .. This we will use much forward to grilling this summer ... :-) Simple and useful.

Delicious burgers / steaks

written by Joen, 21/04/15

It was fun to get it into the door. Immediately were cut all sorts of vegetables and spices to put into the center. It requires just a little training to use it. But otherwise a great product.

nice to have a burger lover.

written by pamp, 07/05/15

Much searching for a hamburger shape, then showed it suddenly dawned on cool stuff. Do you like hamburger and stock they recommended this. Easy to clean and easy to use.

Canon accessories in the kitchen !!!

written by Hamburgular, 15/05/15

Awesome great accessories and burger with stuffing is amazing! A little grated cheddar cheese and a little chilli and onion so it will be perfect !!!

makes grandiose Burger

written by Simon, 17/05/15

I tried the burger press, unlike the previous speaker. In Birthday continuous use I have made almost 50 stuffed burger, so that the processing can not be so bad. Clear it is still plastic, but still s... Read more


written by jesper, 21/05/15

it is in plastic, but cruel najs and easily manageable, very good to withstand dishwasher too. you sit and think, so !! can also do the standard burger with it.


written by Sara, 29/05/15

Worked great and minimizes smudging. The only thing is well that you can not do fat burger. Simply insert too much ground beef was not pressing, so good.


written by Kenth, 04/06/15

Finally, one can make burgers without them falling apart. Three different choices, and easy to get off the burger. Good price for this when it makes 12 cm burger. Thoroughly recommended

Do it properly in a simple manner

written by Richard, 10/06/15

I find this product in relation to price, gives a lot of money. While simplifying the it to make a hamburger, but the important thing here is the ability to create "like" sizes, try to fill ... Read more


written by Christer, 12/06/15

Utrulig satisfied with the hamburger press. It comes certainly. Ein can create amazing sliders, or my favorite, burgers stuffed with Much jalapenos, cheese, minced Lauk, and the like, work. Here, only... Read more

Simple stylish burger

written by Lena, 06/07/15

Simplicity at getting to fancy burgers with this thing. Takes little space and is easy to wash.

Really good!

written by Bosse, 13/07/15

Have tried a turn with stuffed burger. Jalapeño and cheddar was yummy! However, had like to have seen a little more durable materials than plastics. Expects that it will keep a few seasons, but the pl... Read more

Kichpro hamburger press

written by Janne, 01/10/15

Have already used and are very pleased shipment arrived on time supplied good description easy to clean and can withstand even the dishwasher. Two sizes were good thanks


written by plasticpadding, 13/10/15

thought it was metal åtminstone..tji got jag..står nothing about it in the product description either!

Hamburger pressure

written by Christoffer , 21/10/15

Hey it huh constructed of a material that feels like it lasts a long time. :-) Easy to wash. It will be a good pressure in it so it becomes a good combination of burger :-)


written by Lotta, 04/11/15

Smooth small thing for us who like stuffed "burgers"! We learn not to eat fewer of them now if you say so!

slightly sticky

written by Vilde, 26/11/15

This one I've been wanting for a long time, and when I finally got to try it out I was slightly disappointed. I used chicken mince burgers mine, and it is possibly why the dough was so sticky. Muc... Read more

Pro I would omit

written by Knuff, 03/12/15

Cute gimmick, which is sufficiently processed for the money. Anyone wanting to squeeze a few more "Hamburger", should be what others access. But for us absolutely sufficient and therefore pr... Read more

Grim filled burger

written by Pontus H, 14/12/15

Perfect for making ostfyllda burger. A little mozzarella and jalapenos in the middle is amazing burger. Even smooth when you can let the kids join in and make their own burgers simple. Is really excit... Read more

stuffed burgers

written by peter m, 14/12/15

With a little practice -særdeles good. Finely shaped stuffed steaks. The small press ring is a little redundant, but OK

Really good press

written by Oex, 14/12/15

Really good hamburger press. Feels fairly solid although it is of plastic. The favorite was making burgers with filling (eg feta cheese and spices).

Decent gadget, but the burgers are a little small

written by Troglodytt, 15/12/15

Works great to make nice round burgers, both regular size and mini burgers. Typical size is a bit small for the big hamburger sandwiches. Plus for the opportunity to create stuffed burgers.

Delivering what it promises.

written by Lars P, 18/12/15

It will be some great steaks when you make them with stuffing, but the stuffing means that they can be made crispy and not so easily be fried dry.

Functional but plasticky

written by Marcus S, 26/12/15

Bought it as a Christmas present but thought it was too plasticky to give away. Bought a new give away and keep this as it looks to be functional and fulfill its purpose. But as a gift, no.

Versatile and good

written by H, 28/12/15

Very flexible, versatile and lättrengörlig. Highly recommended for the paltry money it cost.

hamburger press

written by Mfh, 30/12/15

Very good quality, and really is a must in the house, show you love to make at dwelling hamburgers. Highly recommended.


written by Jojo c andersen , 01/01/16

Good quality product, my sister was very happy With it, in Got here for AS a Christmas present and Got it Also for my mother and she was happy and Also Like it so Much


written by Robban, 04/01/16

The title says it all. I have no negative points about this being, other than that I wish it was just a bit higher, so you can create really big monster burger: D

Hamburger Press

written by Mats, 05/01/16

Bought three hambugerpressar Christmas. One for myself and two hamburger-loving friends. Easy to use product that does exactly what it promises. Do not put too much in the middle of which you may not ... Read more

Did not get what I ordered

written by Lisa bergwall, 05/01/16

Would get three products and pay for two, received two and paid for two. This makes you feel cheated.

Fine small steaks

written by Marie, 11/01/16

Bought this for my girlfriend as part of his birthday present. He loves to experiment in the kitchen and doing many fun dishes, so the gift was the right person for him. He has already put many plans ... Read more

Prima pressure!

written by Danny, 22/04/16

Very smooth pressure to make the burger that is finer than factory-made. I have tried to fill with a lot Dröse with different things and surprised myself with the burger world class! Cruelly!


written by L, 17/06/16

Have not been able to understand how to do, when to do stuffing in a hamburger, so the small portion is still unused. Do not "close / open" standing on it when it does not seem to go to lock... Read more

KitchPro Hamburger Press

written by Nettiz, 12/09/16

Super Useful when you're lazy (which I'm 100% of cases). Works like a hamburger press to be even if it is a bit plasticky.


written by Tommy, 11/10/16

Have tried several models before, but this did the job superbly. I like the variety that one can do classic burgers, stuffed burgers and mini burgers. The best thing about this is that the "botto... Read more

Very happy!

written by Karolina, 12/12/16

Obviously, it tastes the best with fried donuts, but this is so much faster and easier. Absolutely affordable! There are good recipes for minibuses on MyTaste.

Simple and fun!

written by Billy, 12/12/16

Easy to use, easy to disassemble and easy to wash. The burgers are absolutely perfect, and really good to fill them with various.

Fun idea ..

written by Jimmy, 14/12/16

..but bad product, plasticky and mince easily get stuck in the mold gladly follow up. One may as well use a glass and tap holes.


written by Sepehr, 22/03/17

Exactly one along which stands on the site and prompt delivery. I am very satisfied to trade at Cool Stuff and recommend it to others.

2 approved by 3.

written by Bsson, 15/05/17

Hi, I bought 3 pcs and gave away. 2 did their job. 1 of them put together and did not go apart. The product is so cheap so I can not complain. I recommend the hamburger press if you get one that works... Read more

Pretty satisfied

written by Anne-Sofie, 19/10/17

Good quality Low prices Fully delivery up to expectations Fast delivery Has nothing to complain about Quite satisfied Could not wish for more

Great steaks in two sizes and maybe with filling

written by Astrid, 05/02/18

I gave this a gift to the girlfriend and besides he thinks it's easy and fun to make steaks with, they get a perfect size. We have tested both sliders, ordinary burgers and filling and everyone is... Read more

Hamburger Press

written by Jan, 26/03/18

Works very well to my burgers. Just filling up and squeezing out. The smaller shape is the perfect size to hold the oven in the oven

Fast delivery and even faster replacement

written by Ole Stander Morville, 26/09/18

The first one I got was defective. I called in and said it and the day after there was a new ten pickup. Hurray

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