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Yogurt Cup to Go from KitchPro®

Practical cup to go for both yogurt and granola makes a snack into an easy break when you are on the go!

Yogurt Cup to Go from KitchPro®  - Yogurt Cup To Go Red
Yogurt Cup To Go Red
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Yogurt Cup to Go from KitchPro®  - Yogurt Cup To Go Green
Yogurt Cup To Go Green
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What is this?

yoghert cup

written by Jeanette, 09/09/15

Content with yoghert Cup. Decent size, a little less with the spoon. It could sat a little better on the belt

Sensible product improvement opportunities

written by Richard, 11/09/15

Good size, easy to take with you, for example, job and easy to wash. Unfortunately, the plastic feels a little "cheap" and fragile, would have liked a better plastic in this. Included stages... Read more


written by Emily, 14/09/15

Good idea! Unfortunately, the lid is not really tätr so I must have it in a plastic bag to put it in the bag ...

Mug with scratches

written by Azita, 23/09/15

I got a mug with scratches. When I emailed customer service about the desire of the complaint, I received no response. Poor service.


written by thore, 30/09/15

Ok machine with tasty popcorn, just one is careful instructions. There follows a measuring spoon with (measuring cup) with content 1/4 cup (American goal). Authorization is to use between 1 and 3/2 (1... Read more

Value for money

written by Amanda, 30/09/15

A real lifesaver. Easily worth adding 20 crowns more for the extra place in stages (cheaper variant has not this). Uncomplaining!

totally OK

written by Meaty, 05/10/15

Great little "gadget" but I can not give it better than 3 stars as the sometimes leaking yogurt and therefore must always be kept in a bread bag.

Great for "overnight oats"

written by Kim, 12/10/15

Dishwasher-proof plastic and silicone cups that are perfect for "overnight oats" and not least to vary the lunch box.

Super satisfied so far

written by Sammy88, 26/10/15

Has not used it since it is a gift, but it appears to function as it should and is in good quality and great color!

Disappointed with the quality

written by Pernille, 01/11/15

I was so happy for this product when I received it because it's a super smart idea. However, I am disappointed now, as the only two times have been in the dishwasher (as it says that it can tolera... Read more

cool idea with a small flaw

written by Nessie, 17/11/15

On and super for themselves -. Especially if you like yogurt with granola eating example. The cereal is not completely mushy, has his spoon equal to it and of course the yogurt itself However, there i... Read more

Fine but no wow product

written by Linda, 07/12/15

When I packed up the mug from the packaging stages fell from its holder directly. The piece had them well have to work a little extra on. But one can solve yourself with a rubber band around. ;) The c... Read more

Not dishwasher !!

written by Tommy Siim, 08/12/15

Please note that this product is not dishwasher safe, bought 4 paragraph 2 of them were destroyed first time in the dishwasher

Good quality and easy to carry

written by Pernille, 14/12/15

Super Fine cup that fits perfectly into a cup of yogurt with muesli! Easy to clean. If I had to say anything negative, so had to spoon well ha 'been a bit longer, since it is difficult to reach to... Read more

Really good

written by Camilla , 17/12/15

It is absolutely amazing! I would you say that the spoon does not get in the rubber holder that is made for it, but otherwise super good!

good product

written by TheHawk, 03/01/16

Very happy with this purchase. Easy to use and easy to clean. Using this mainly as either breakfast at work or snack later in the day (when of course stored in the refrigerator at work). Recommended!

Practical yogurt cup

written by Emsi, 18/01/16

Yogurt cup is very convenient both in size and design. You can even choose both quantity and taste of both yogurt and any topping. The cup is secured in sack / bag and spoon firmly enough on the cup. ... Read more


written by Kt, 22/03/16

Good and convenient, but it's very hard plastic and are a little afraid that it is easy to obliterate, and the lid is not quite easy to get attached properly.


written by Maria, 18/04/16

After the first time in the dishwasher, there came water into the cup, between pages. Which it should not as it stood could come in the dishwasher. Is extremely dissatisfied.

good enough for my snack

written by Milla, 03/05/16

muesli and file / yogurt, small snack fits well with this. spoon to disagree on klogreppen and thinks stages is small. but otherwise fine with the cup, also dropped it on the floor (from the knee abou... Read more

The top cup!

written by Anna, 17/05/16

Includes file or yogurt to work every day and has long been looking for the perfect jar. This mug IS IT! You must bring a proper portion without the cup is too large in the case. The small reservoir o... Read more


written by Pemp, 12/12/16

Bought this as a Christmas present for my sister, has not taken out from the packaging. Good idea ..


written by Ella, 12/12/16

Looked smaller the image, but it holds more than I can eat and great to get along muesli or the like in the cup at the top.

Larger than imagined.

written by Katrin, 19/12/16

Prima suited to take cereal to work. The lid and the cup appear smaller than they are in reality. 4 tablespoons of cereal a passenr.

Well seperations system

written by Peter Sørensen, 24/03/17

Have tried it for 2 years and have acquired me 2 new of the same model. Is tilfrids with that they are made of light plastic but they are not dishwasher. It is fine enough.

Did not get both my things

written by Sandie, 18/05/17

I only got a yougurt cup but had ordered two cups .... In addition, the product is fine and efficient


written by Helene , 17/07/17

Keeps close and perfect size - is clearly recommended to others. Can also be used without the top cup on without problems

Very happy

written by Pædagogen, 07/09/17

Super happy for a cup that is used every day, easy to transport, is close and looks nice when it comes with my breakfast in the refrigerator on work and waiting to be eaten. Has received great attenti... Read more

A totally OK purchase

written by Frida, 27/09/17

It stays tight and is easy to handle. However, the vagina does not want to remain and the space in the lid is very small in relation to other space in the container. But it does, and I am still satisf... Read more

Love it!

written by Sanaz, 09/11/17

Very useful! Keep tight and fit perfectly. Easy to clean and do not weigh much in the bag.

KitchPro Yogurt mug

written by zitaz, 24/12/17

Smooth to take part in the job to get in or to send the kids on a trip.

Super good and efficient

written by Maria, 21/02/18

Have used it every day since it arrived. Mega efficient for breakfast on-the-go and at the same time very nice


written by Mia, 05/03/18

Misleading information that it can withstand a dishwasher, ØV was happy with it, but already after the first trip at low heat, the small cracks in the bottom and water got into the sides. The product ... Read more


written by Åsch, 07/05/18

I have my instant coffee when I'm out on the lake or the woods. It works well but the vagina does not want to stay.

Very good

written by Anette, 01/10/18

Very good mug with space for musli or fruit in the lid. The spoon holder could have been a little better when spoon loosened when I had it with me.

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