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Veggie Chopper from Kitchpro®

Here is the vegetable cutter that with a single tap makes dip-friendly celery sticks or potato crisps. It gets easier for you to cut, easier to wash and most importantly - easier to indulge!

Veggie Chopper from Kitchpro®  - Veggie Chopper
Veggie Chopper
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Super sub!

written by Marc , 15/07/15

Have done for a party vegetable sticks with dip, was super easy and fast. Highly Recommended.

Cuts super good!

written by Andi, 27/08/15

That part seemed needed, because the blades were rusty and still stuck any remnants of it. Have only thought about whether I should send it back, but then cleaned well and am very happy with it now. C... Read more

straightforward case

written by Ruth, 15/09/15

Roast a bulb portion root vegetables, and then make this job a little faster. Wish it was perhaps designed in a slightly different way that made it withstood more weight.

Just okay

written by Anton, 01/10/15

Agile but small för Tjock "ram" runt rutnätet as Brömsen när man ska Skara många bitar samtidigt ...


written by Frida, 05/10/15

The top grönsaksstavs organisms. Large enough to get into a lot of potatoes if you want to make french fries, cut good and easy to clean. I am very pleased! It becomes very dips spirit forward.

Fine Veggie Chopper for money ...

written by Sanne, 21/12/15

In the 2 weeks I have had Veggie chopper, it has worked flawlessly. You can feel that it is not of the same quality as the best on the market, but it can not be expected, as cheap as it is: o) All in ... Read more

works fine

written by Tommy, 28/12/15

Pieces smaller than I expected. Thought this could create poles of different vegetables, but it shares much thinner than that. Some vegetables are the hard to use, such as onions. Overall, it works fi... Read more

Smart o single

written by KS , 28/12/15

Do their job. Easy to wash in the machine. Few parts to keep track of. We are super happy. Can really recommend this. Now it will be that you choose to dip vegetables instead of chips when it suddenly... Read more

Quick Pick

written by NG, 29/12/15

Stop with the chips on the sofa! Get yourself a vego-notch and get the perfect vegetable sticks in dip format. Mumsfillibabba!


written by Malla, 20/02/16

The pieces will be very uneven and it is difficult to share the hard vegetables. It works but it's harder than I thought.


written by Keittolars, 18/03/16

Very easy to use and handy contraption. Ideal for eg. Making French! Worth the price!


written by Maria, 28/04/16

Fast, easy and convenient. Worked also with onions was really good and a great start to the hack. Happy fingers of cucumber!


written by SA, 22/06/16

Fast and easy way to make the rods. Has so far tested cucumbers, apples and pears, which worked well ävom if you can take in some of the "hard" stuff. Slim design in four parts that make it ... Read more

Arable enough to recycling.

written by S, 01/12/16

Has tested this several times and have so far only managed to spell even one carrot (that I first had to split in half), and this by hanging the tool and take in with all my body weight to the blades ... Read more

Not good

written by Elin, 12/12/16

One disappointment again. The idea was good but the parts do not really fit together as "the grid" cut off some of the plastic when you press it down.

practical cutter

written by Adrian, 28/02/17

Practical cuts of carrots, potatoes etc to chips size, works perfectly! Used it 3-4 times and to more than 4 adults each time, so it seems to be sturdy enough!

I would not recommend

written by Eve, 25/04/17

This was a disappointment. Difficult to use, vegetables do not stay in the right position and after a few trial once went into the bin.

Good idea, horrible product

written by Tommy, 13/03/18

Worst i tested. You can get in and beat like a maniac (even if you turn the knives in the right direction). If I do not misunderstand, maybe you should cook the potato first ?. If you do not put it in... Read more

Not exactly what it's about

written by Sandra, 14/05/18

It is not easy to chop carrots. The leaves are not sharp enough. Lover a little more than it holds. It may be I'm going to practice something more.

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