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LED Beanie Cap

The LED Beanie is the cap with a built-in forehead lamp that allows you both to see and be seen in the dark! Lights up with three intensities and is perfect no matter whether you are hiking in a dark forest or trying to find something in a dark storage room!

LED Beanie Cap - Grey
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
LED Beanie Cap - Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Led Beanie hat

written by Maria, 12/12/16

I love it! It is unique and I use it every day when I'm out with the dog. Very fatter than running around with a headlight

fin trade

written by Mebsi , 12/12/16

Can definitely recommend to trade with. Fast delivery Super good cool stuff

Super product

written by Kim N, 12/12/16

The product lives up to expectations, practical and smart in the winter darkness. We bought one for each. Benefits eg: to be able to see, to be seen, 3 brightness can be adapted to use, comfortable to... Read more

Dad gave two thumbs up!

written by Klara, 16/12/16

Bought this hat for dad for his birthday. He thought the light was a fun thing but liked the hat most of it was so amazingly comfortable. He uses it all the time now. The battery was not too long and ... Read more

Hue with joints

written by Tove, 20/12/16

The order came lightning fast and caps, I think becomes a hit for Christmas. The whims but they shine far and wide. Should be used to find firewood in the dark woodshed and to cycle with.

Any dog ​​owner's dream; O)

written by Joane, 28/02/17

As a dog owner goes to the also out when it is dark, and as a responsible dog owner collects also up after his dog. Tend to stand and potter with a small flashlight in one hand and bag in the other ..... Read more

Hat with LED

written by Tompa, 06/03/17

Really smart and as easy. Gentle pressure in the boiler so it shines bright and wide. In addition, 3 different brightnesses. Pergekt when you have 2 dogs to walk mef

super happy

written by Nöjd!, 07/03/17

Bought this for my boyfriend who run much of the track in the evenings. He was always complaining about having to hold the phone as a flashlight, and when his birthday was approaching so I found this ... Read more

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