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LED Shower Head

When the water is cold, the LED shower head glows blue, if it's really cold it turns green, and finally it lights up red when the water is hot. Clever? Clever!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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34 reviews

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What is this?

fun gimmick

written by Lise BS, 06/05/13

It works as it should, however, illuminates the green with me instead of red when the water gets hot. Have a daughter 4mdr are very fascinated by the light and now actually think it's okay to be b... Read more

Saves me wet socks!

written by Espen, 15/05/13

When my son showering do I always have and check whether the water has the right temperature before he will enter. After this is installed I do not have this, he just waits until it is green and enter... Read more

Never more "manual" temperature measurement

written by mike, 07/06/13

it's the perfect visual temperature control, I do wish me turbine to provide power to the diodes (otherwise smart system) made noise less ...

Well ..

written by Odd Arne, 10/06/13

Lysa seems okay and the kids (which I bought this for) like it. But it is noisy and is well not exactly ein water-saving systems. Decent enough.

Now the children without showers brawl

written by En glad pappa, 10/06/13

The light is not very strong, but by switching off in the bathroom before I showed it to our children, the effect was great. The children were wrong-happy over the shower that lit up with colored ligh... Read more


written by Lars, 26/06/13

Easy to assemble. Fun to use. Does not use the battery so it's just a little sound in the shower head when showering. Nothing at all :) 5/5


written by Kött, 27/06/13

Good print, nice colors. But the generator to the lights allows more than a hair trimmer. Does not the world's most cozy atmosphere unfortunately.

Popular among kids

written by oxus72, 15/08/13

As described shifting diodes from blue through green to red gradually as the heat increases. There is a slight delay especially before the red light kicks in while the water heats up the sensor, 10 se... Read more


written by Mikal, 19/09/13

works really well! bought the other "part shower handle" for the even more expensive money that works anyway worse than this, does not sound much compared to others I tested, and the light c... Read more


written by Kimmi, 20/09/13

This was rather poor! Leaking like a sieve! After E-mail Cool Stuff, but nada niks response! Steer away!


written by Apan, 24/09/13

Had ordered this a few years ago, and then I was really pleased. It unfortunately fell down one evening and cracked, so bought a new ... disappointment was complete ... it has two settings, neither of... Read more

LED Lighted Shower Head

written by Paul, 26/09/13

The shower head works perfectly and change color according to how hot the water is .. Is the water cold, so the LEDs in blue, the water is perfect, the LEDs are green and the water is too warm, lit th... Read more


written by Jan, 12/10/13

Lovely with LED light so you can both see when the water has reached the appropriate temperature to go into the bath and at the same time it generates a lot of light if the place is dimly lit.

Loud and low light!

written by André B, 17/10/13

Unfortunately, nowhere near the same quality as the old model of shower head! The turbine is too loud (can hear it right from the bedroom, through the living room, hallway and bathroom through the clo... Read more

For two !

written by Sirspliff, 18/10/13

Real cozy thing it .. Especially if you are two :) in my bathroom is no window and there is no light except the shower handle!

LED shower head

written by Emilia, 28/11/13

LED shower head was easy to install and the colors change smoothly according to the temperature. only I thought that the light would be more intense. Only the LEDs light suihkutellessa is the time of ... Read more

A great shower experience

written by suvi89, 20/12/13

I recommend to try the dark in the shower room, there is certainly a finer shower experience than the lights on. Jazz up the sauna department on this device. In fact, I bought a couple of these Christ... Read more

good gift idea

written by Lena, 31/12/13

my boyfriend was quite fond of it as Christmas and has already confirmed that it works as it should and that he is really happy about it. even considering getting one for my own bathroom :).

Fun gadgets at good price

written by Åsa, 06/01/14

Fun gadgets at good price. The kids love it. Now they put on the shower itself, waiting for the green light and then goes into the shower. Gave one to my sister and they like it with.


written by Angela, 14/01/14

This handle was a hit! The kids now think that it is great fun to shower. Has suited well to two different standard hoses.

Brilliant shower handle

written by Prince, 16/01/14

Good shit! Strap better than the old bulky variant broke. Good beam in this new and biiiig Plus it fits into the holder on the pole fixed to change, it did not do it earlier. Lights never red if one d... Read more


written by Erland Bech-Magnussen, 22/01/14

Hello. The product I bought quite match my expectations. So after we got the spoils. First, there was no light in the acidic standing and groping in the dark. Your delivery times and exchange service ... Read more


written by ML, 17/02/14

Really pleased with this brilliant head, hardly believed it would work, given the price blah but oh so good it is!


written by Nenne, 21/02/14

Decent pressure in it, better than my old although it is of course not up to luxury jets. Not often the colors will switch to red or blue, either, for me. Lucky for me that I like the most green. Extr... Read more

Fun but lets

written by Mega, 07/04/14

Smoothly to avoid check when the water gets warm but it sounds too much. Then I have to write 100 characters to give a review of a shower handle. It's bad.


written by Lisa, 13/04/14

Bought the corresponding LED Showerhead with Coolstuff in late 2010 and was very satisfied until the leaders stopped to light after three years. The new shower handle, which I bought the spring of 201... Read more


written by Tollan, 13/05/14

For a cheap price, we were happy faces - every time we shower. This is a must for anyone who wants to bring color into your life. The shower head works like clockwork, just screwing. Blue when the wat... Read more

Races & purchase

written by Thomas, 10/06/14

Glowing brightly. Clear and nice colors. Feels very easy, and "plastic-like" out. Was a bit afraid that it should break fast since the screw cap to the serpent was plastic, not metal like th... Read more

Not received

written by Øystein Celius, 16/06/14

I'm still waiting for the product but it's been a while so it's hardly sent to me! To fill in with characters, I can say that children are anxiously waiting until it becomes light in the s... Read more

shower handle

written by Vonne, 26/12/14

Hey, was initially a bit skeptical but I have for a number of shower solutions changed its mind. Cosy with lfärgen and a lovely noise of the tap. I am satisfied!

mega bold

written by TRG84, 16/01/15

it is total mega rich, and easy to put in. I can recommend to buy it. It is very funny that the writings color after temp.

LED Shower Handle

written by Gl, 16/02/15

Works great, better than its predecessor, the new State Shampoo with concentrated fewer rays. The lighting along the temperature is correct compared to the previous version. Rinner nothing in the nozz... Read more

Worse version

written by Björn, 17/02/15

This model is unfortunately much less than the last, for two reasons. 1. You have to choose between two types of shower jets - either a similar from a garden hose in the middle or a circle of water ar... Read more

shower head

written by Susi, 21/06/15

The shower is great, unfortunately it's a little growl when she runs. That is why no 5 stars. But otherwise everything was great.

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