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Lace Anchors

It's pointless to tie your shoes! Lace Anchors help you to keep your shoes on without a knot, which means that you never need to tie another shoe lace. Simply let your foot slide in. Comes in sets of twelve anchors!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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17 reviews

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What is this?

The best thing since sliced ​​bread!

written by Marie, 23/10/13

My shoes got crazy very comfortable with Lace Anchors! Inge more trouble with the laces going up or having to tie the shoe 100ggr because it has stretched itself.

Laces Holder.

written by Bente, 18/11/13

The most brilliant idea I have long set.mine boys were very begejstrede.jeg have a boy who has muscular dystrophy and has always struggled with the laces, so this is wildly well. and super fast servic... Read more


written by Asajoh, 03/06/14

Works great and I use them on my tennis shoes. Nice to be able wood in the foot and avoid tying shoelaces.

cool thing

written by joerg, 24/06/14

Works well, but n 'shoehorn should then have at hand the future especially with narrower shoes. But- comfort is cool!

Works as it should.

written by Dennis-205, 12/07/14

The anchor is easy to put the shoe and is securely fastened. Have used them for a few weeks now and it just works!

Works just fine!

written by Jonas, 09/09/14

Was a little fiddly at first, and out of habit, it becomes easy that I untie the bow I made the rest of your shoelaces when I take from me, but the lace Anchors works great.


written by istad, 09/10/14

Bought Lace Anchors and were collectively reflects the light skeptical at first, but it turns out and work. Recommended for people who use relevant shoes :)

Fixes mess with strings

written by Annika , 23/10/14

Works perfectly both for the child who wants to wear shoes with laces, which can not be tied and the old man who has difficulty tying shoelaces. A little tricky the first time you lace up but there is... Read more

good product

written by Johan, 23/01/15

Thought already purchased when they were on Kickstarter, but missed it. I was real happy when they turned up at Coolstuff. Works perfect.

Then j * vla good!

written by Mekarent, 14/05/15

These are cruel, works just fine! Nice not having strings that go up and it will be so stylish but tied :) Then you can even pull the strings the way you want ..

Very satisfied

written by Richard, 03/09/15

Simple to "install" and fulfills its function very well. Really easy when you get on and off of the shoes a few times during the day so you do not tie each time. And makes the shoes so much ... Read more


written by Lotte, 04/02/16

I can only recommend this product. The shipment has unfortunately lasted a day longer than promised, but everything else was top.

Then the world has been waiting

written by CoolstuffFrischling, 05/02/16

Good product, clear recommendation. Loose shoelaces thing of the past. :) Fast delivery, no problems.


written by even, 07/03/17

So delicious have to think about it to tie the laces, but still have them! Need a shoehorn, but it's still more comfortable and faster than to contend with laces. And then you see it a little swee... Read more

Just OK product

written by TH, 15/05/17

did not have cost much so I had to try. Initially awkward, but when you got used to working product. On 5 and 7 year old boy now. Came to mind that the ordinary node stringing / kegässä could run the ... Read more

Love this

written by Anna, 11/10/17

At last these little things came into my life. Imagine that I have lived so far. So simple, so good and they really do their job.


written by majsan, 16/12/17

what is this humbug shoelace does not work? Do not see that you have to have a string of ropes No one in my city knew what it was like watching movies from the usa where it showed that you would have ... Read more

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