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Lishinu Hands-free Dog Leash

The Lishinu dog leash leaves your hands free! Attach it around your wrist and you can control your dog hands-free, while you are jogging, carrying grocery bags or tie shoes. A movement of your arm activates the automatic lock so you are always fully in control of this hands-free leash.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Handsfree dog leash

written by Lisa, 18/05/16

Is very happy when you have both hands free and easy to use leash, however, is my dog ​​afraid of when to make a motion to stop the dog and it sounds so we do not, the length is the 3 meters so you ha... Read more


written by colin, 28/03/17

For hikers and floor runners with a dog Taum have already presented all the joys and will recommend you. The reason was, but ever lost this dog leash, then searched month, my happiness 'COOL STUFF... Read more

The hike is not only enjoyable again

written by Lorina, 02/05/17

We have two dogs, so I ordered two of the linen. When walking or jogging with your dog, it is a wonderful way hand free to travel with dog. But caution in dogs with spontaneous euphoric desires, it is... Read more

top Flexi

written by Sara, 18/09/17

The product is fully consistent with the description given to it. It's a little bit to learn that there were buttons on the headset itself and the stop was done by hand, but it quickly remembers i... Read more

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