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Litter Kwitter

Litter Kwitter is a toilet training kit that teaches your cat to use the toilet in under 8 weeks. You do it by gradually changing your cat's behaviour step by step.

Litter Kwitter - Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
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What is this?

Cool idea

written by Fivecats, 19/09/13

Since I have 5 cats and the corresponding amount of scattering need and logically have also scattered crumbs in the entire apartment, I find the "Litter Kwitter" a brilliant idea. At the mom... Read more

Kisu toilet

written by maija, 30/09/13

Not really, there is not yet luonnistunut will use the toilet. Kakkakökkäreitä have appeared a bit in the wrong places. But do not lose heart yet - practice makes perfect

Good, but difficult to clean

written by Lena, 14/11/13

A very good product, but I still have two complaints: It fits on the toilet seat, but LK is round so it will be a gap at the back. It still works. The insert part is difficult to keep clean because th... Read more

We'll see!

written by Annie, 02/01/14

Is now the orange stage. So far it works okay (except for two occasions) and we keep our fingers crossed so that the cats can manage the entire training process. Good quality material of the product i... Read more

works date

written by Hanna, 08/04/14

My cat is still protesting (three weeks of use) so that he "screams" before he has to do number two on LK, but he goes on as he screamed in before. We are currently in the red stage, therefo... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by M.J., 10/09/14

An ingenious part! My cat adopted it immediately and we are in the final stage! Can I recommend to everyone cat owners! MJ

Passat not

written by Robert, 03/11/14

Like many people noticed it does not fit on a standard Swedish toilet, the pictures are misleading for a loo in Swedish households are somewhat less. Litterkwitter does not work if it does not fit per... Read more

More cats? Buy "Multikatkit"

written by Sasja, 09/01/15

As Tanya "Not Litter Kwitter" writes, it's hard with two cats. I myself have two cats, and they will not use the orange with the first hole. In the beginning, ok, one peed up there, and ... Read more


written by netter, 19/01/15

Works great cats took right away. Be nice escape drag home heavy sand and feels cleaner to avoid lots of gravel each year.

The use of cattoilet.

written by Litter Kwitter 3-step cat toilet, 06/04/15

I have been asked to write about cats toilet as I købte.Min cat will not at all use this as dsv. I can only be negative. Please Marianne Hansen

Much sand on the floor to nothing

written by Sara, 10/04/15

I am completely satisfied with the litter kwitter so far, is only on the red stage yet but there have not been any problems :) The only annoying is that you have to change the sand every day and kitty... Read more

My cat did not like it ..

written by Johanna, 16/06/15

Do not think it was worth the money fterslm to kattsandwn went down the toilet and I did not get my cat to walk on the box .. Tried with a kitten and two who were 5-6 years old ..


written by Marjo, 30/06/15

I'm very satisfied. Delivery fast. Price performance super. And function properly. It must be said, one must also give the cat time and be patient. But it works.

Wider choice of toilet-bowl compatibility!

written by MI, 11/01/16

The product does not otherwise complain about, but it did not fit our the toilet. with two cats challenging when met so quickly ..

Litter Kwitter

written by Larap152, 29/01/16

Stable product. Very fast delivery. I am sure that it will work! The Kätzen use it quite nice :-)

Works supert!

written by Tess, 20/09/16

Fantastic product! So nice to not litter everywhere and you do not smell the litter box nowadays. In the beginning, the product is a stress factor, so you have to tread carefully. It took three weeks ... Read more

Living up to expectations

written by Marlene, 12/12/16

I am completely satisfied with the product. Was unsure about the fit, but it will be fine. It is easy to take on and off. If you follow the manual should your cat probably learn it. But was at least q... Read more

Litter kwitter

written by Cristian , 13/12/16

Easy and smooth. So far it works fine. Julis is in the first stage and it goes well. Today we'll switch to ring No. 2. I think it will be great in the end. Thanks for the deal C

Smart idea

written by Emma, 13/12/16

Was really curious when I got home but this suited sadly not our toilet. But otherwise great if you want to avoid cat litter.


written by Jean, 14/12/16

The product arrived very quickly and I was very satisfied with the application not got my cats on the first step out and I had to keep coming back to the origin, I am inclined the goods to send back t... Read more


written by Jean, 14/12/16

The product arrived very quickly and I was very satisfied with the application not got my cats on the first step out and I had to keep coming back to the origin, I am inclined the goods to send back t... Read more

Delivery all the best

written by AB, 16/05/17

I've been testing for an ample week. I have the normal litter box still stand. The training stile is however used by my two with. Let's see how the whole developed further.

seems promising

written by Thomas og. , 29/05/17

Your cat must be a very young kitten, so be aware of it as early as possible. You must make sure that every time it has been soiled or dirt it is cleaned. Cleanliness is an important fact


written by Fliegepotsdam , 29/07/17

The litter Kwitter was immediately accepted by our cat and works great. For young cats only to be recommended.

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