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LuminAID Halo Solar Light

LuminAID looks like a flat bag, but just blow it up and place it in the sunlight for a few hours and you get a super-environmentally friendly lamp! Perfect for camping or during electrical outages!

LuminAID Halo Solar Light - LuminAID Halo Solar Light
LuminAID Halo Solar Light
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What is this?

usable lamp

written by JGO, 28/12/15

it's a great lamp to be used in connection with the festivals this summer and it is unsurpassed, because the sun makes sure that there is light to use and it takes up nothing.

Holds more than it promises!

written by Linda, 20/01/16

The light loose more than 12 hours after charging the energy situation! Have now fine beacon at night to my horses in lösdriften. Host their money.

Surprisingly bright and sooo convenient!

written by Vannu, 15/03/16

The lamp is a marvel! Space-saving, can be even with typical German weather behind the window pane even charge and is really bright! I got in a car and will now forgotten at dusk when loading anything... Read more

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