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MaKey MaKey

Attach MaKey MaKey to your PC via USB, and use the associated alligator clips to attach to almost anything you want to use to control your computer! Why not make a banana piano or play Super Mario with play dough?

MaKey MaKey - Makey Makey
Makey Makey
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Makey Makey

written by Christian T., 21/04/13

Hi there! Makey Makey'en is a HUGE fun toys that do not require it great for learning how to use it. I am 14 years old and I have had much enjoyment from it in the short time I've owned it. :)... Read more

Perhaps the world's most fun tool!

written by Matti, 01/07/13

A lot of fun, and useful, tool / toy. The idea that in a concrete way, linking the digital with the physical is wonderful.

Everything arrived safely

written by Zachert, 15/10/13

The product has been well received, quickly and safely. The object itself opens up a wonderful creative leeway!

Husband Keys for Everyone!

written by Chjika, 23/10/13

Works great as an aid to the World of Warcraft, including if the mouse buttons are too slow! Aluminium foil is the shit! Note Costs more time than money

Makey Makey in music

written by Musikklærer, 27/01/14

We have spent Makey Makey in music in school, and the students love it! Stimulates creativity and understanding of tones / notes, as well as artistic and natural science.


written by Jesper Thomsen, 23/06/14

When I received my Makey Makey I got tired of it after 15 minutes. It works well enough perfect, but I realized that the most can only be used for musical things, and I'm not very musical. And the... Read more


written by OFFIS , 16/02/15

The Express has worked perfectly. It was much needed items and we were very pleased with the quick and smooth Lieferung.Suuuuuuuper!

MakeyMakey with Scratch

written by informathe, 12/02/16

MakeyMakeys make you want programming - with Scratch Game Controllers from bananas, plasticine or aluminum craft, while the same thing to learn about circuits and conductivity and have fun. So compute... Read more

Makey Makey

written by Mayahjo, 04/04/16

Will be playing many hours with this new gadget


written by Rikke, 31/07/17

I bought it for my cousins ​​at 6 and 10 years. They think it was very enjoyable to find things we could use to play. It's probably nothing they want to play again because we got tested a lot of t... Read more

Makey Makey is fun

written by me.dien.marcel, 29/09/17

Just a great part of this MaKey MaKey. Just to playfully practice topics such as electrical engineering and the construction of circuits with kids.

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