Magic Egg

Water the egg and it soon hatches by itself and a magnificent plant emerges with your message, "I Love You"!

Magic Egg - Magic Egg
Magic Egg
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A little disappointed

written by Rebecka, 14/05/13

I bought this for a friend's birthday present, and I do not think it's happened so much, it is a little disappointed with it.

Magic Egg

written by olssonovic, 26/06/13

I bought the Magic Egg to my boyfriend on our 1year day. It was appreciated very much because we did not have as much money as each is a perfect gift! However, I do not know if we've taken care of... Read more

Just a loose Bean

written by Norah, 13/07/13

Gave it to the mother as a birthday present two days ago. After one day had the egg hatched and the little bean looked out, but since it did not happen much after I helped by stripping away some of th... Read more


written by Fabi@FR, 04/09/13

I'm excited! =) It took a while but until it is then slipped it now grows even nine months and still looks great! The plant has beautiful leaves and grows very fast! Can I recomand every time sear... Read more

magic Egg

written by tameli, 09/10/13

The minimum temperature was increasing 25c. The cabin less than 21, so was looking forward to the summer. I hope to redeem the expectations and maintained until then.

magic distant

written by Glowzor, 07/11/13

This was the second magic egg, which I bought Coolstuff. The first was a gift poijaystävälle, but it died. An egg does not become the promised Tekstil magazine which was really big disappointment. Alt... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Gartenfrosch, 04/03/14

Hello, have given the egg to my wife for Valentine's Day. Should just something to be original, rather than to give only flowers. It is positive that the egg has described cracked the egg shell, a... Read more


written by Lina, 07/04/14

Found it like mal ne nice idea someone of plants will be thrilled I'll give it to my mother for Easter.

5 out of 6 eggs were super.

written by Carina , 08/04/14

I ordered 6 Magic egg, and gave it as gifts. One had trouble getting out of the brown shell around prayer, not eggshell. So when we with great difficulty got tampered with the dried and tight brown sh... Read more

Perfect as a gift

written by Elin, 11/04/14

It is actually a bit curious when you read about the product and once it lands in your mailbox, you can not wait to see if it works! Really exciting and perfect to give away.

Mothers Day Gift

written by Nana, 06/06/14

Troubled fun gift to give away. My mother was waiting with bated breath to see what was in the egg! Will certainly buy again! How sweet anywhere. All of this was waiting for update with pictures from ... Read more

Did not work at all.

written by Rasmus Söderlund, 11/11/14

Bought this magic egg for my girlfriend hoping to see a little joy from her part. We did exactly as described and no flower even came up. Not happy at all ...


written by Bellatrix, 14/11/14

Did not work at all. The egg hatched after an hour - but it never came up any plant. Felt very sad ...

Did not the way I want

written by jini, 19/02/15

Have given away and made it as directed by the egg, but it did not work. Therefore, I am very disappointed. :(

There you go

written by Ludwig, 26/02/15

After being poked away the shell so you could see what it was standing on the bean, but it never grew more after that.


written by Ylva, 02/03/15

Funny thing! but ... Still have not started the bean sprout and it is now 14 days since the egg was laid in the wet. Burst up made it almost immediately, but as I said, someone seeding has not yet bee... Read more

Seedling comes out!

written by L.M., 09/03/15

... The egg was a gift and the surprise worked. Meanwhile, the seedling has come forth and is studious nurtured and molded by the recipient.

great gift

written by Justine, 13/03/15

all carried out according to the instructions, has perfectly worked my friend has mega pleased, especially as the text and the small herzchen on the plant was visible

boring seed

written by cissi, 09/04/15

Really can not recommend this product. The germ was not developed and I had to knock holes in the shell, in the low a seed with the message on .. certainly not what I had expected.

Nice gift

written by J. Becker, 05/05/15

I gave the egg my husband (42) for Easter. It's also really risen rapidly and grew a small plant therefrom. For that matter, I was very skeptical, but it worked great. The "message" I ha... Read more

It grows

written by B, 22/09/15

The hood has quickly resolved. Then grew first 3-4 days the bean to himself. And now after we took the hat from the bean from because they already wanted to fall, you could see the inscription. Hope i... Read more


written by nm, 02/10/15

Yes there is not much to say than waiting for then to grow to itself but it is moving forward and will be fun to follow. It is a fun gift that you have run out of ideas


written by Gruvpaddan , 09/11/15

Bought the egg for my boyfriend on our third birthday. And the egg / plant have reacted exactly as it is described! However, the text "I love you" is not so clear, a little pity, I think. No... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Liisa Westerlund, 05/12/15

Seems to be a cool thing. It will be a Christmas present for my son so I do not know yet how it will be. Magic egg're both price friendly and fun presen.Och if it grows as promised, it gives joy l... Read more


written by Malla, 20/02/16

The egg burst, the bean was black, since it has not happened so much more! The box was very revealing, so I removed it and just hit the plastic container with the egg in the + instructions on the piec... Read more

magic Egg

written by Taina, 22/02/16

I gave one to my mother magic egg, and he brings latexes "I Love you" can already be seen mut I do not. But let's hope that soon I too will appear. has already kuoritunut and planting al... Read more


written by Ida, 23/02/16

The product was great! I bought it all hjärtansdag gift for my mom and she was thrilled! Growth has come from an egg, but it is on good roads to arrive!


written by Sonnenschein, 11/04/16

I bought for Easter egg for my friend. After 24h in the water, nothing yet had done as described. Took about 3 days. The eggshell was very thick. Then a thick bean seeds broke out. The message "I... Read more

Magic edge

written by Asta, 12/04/16

Bought 2 Magic egg and none of them came up. Watered them, and when the egg hatched yet so dried bean that would sprout up and became nothing. So disappointed! Clearer instructions might have helped, ... Read more


written by Martin, 17/04/16

The egg cracked in the first days. It was in a big way what happened, even though it brought the water. The seed started to go moldy after approximately one week

It will...

written by Kimbärli, 18/04/16

The shell has risen after a few hours and a few days later is the seed to see ... If it is still growing and there is a magnificent plants, I am veeeery happy and would also give 5 stars :)

A cool and fun gift!

written by Philip Poppe, 02/05/16

Bought this for my mother and also my sister who both love plants and both appreciated the high. They have not used it yet, so we do not know the end result, but this is a perfect gift for people who ... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Johnny Olsson, 13/06/16

Hey! We bought a Magic Egg and followed the instructions but it does not work. Called you and asked for another egg and needed the order number that we have not left. Can you email the order number to... Read more

Cool idea

written by Nici, 28/02/17

I thought it would be a cool idea to give something for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately this turned out to be a total letdown. We did it exactly as directed and still there is no match. That you ca... Read more

Magic edge

written by Ullakajsa!, 11/04/17

Everything was great !, Will come back! Cheap and good goods. Fast delivery good contact! Nothing could be better! Good that there is something that is Bode cheap and good!

it did not grow!

written by Darin, 29/03/18

The instructions are different between the box and the leaflet, which is confusing! Either way the magic did not happen, it has been 2 weeks since we started watering it, and it's still just a dry... Read more

Does not work!! Unbelievably boring

written by Linnea, 10/04/18

Bought this egg as an Easter present to my partner, but it does not work. The egg hatches after a couple of hours but more does not happen. The bean begins to mold. It's incredibly bad that there ... Read more

Magic egg

written by Linn, 26/05/18

It was very bad when it never began to grow even if you did exactly as described. The shell was hatched but it never began to grow a plant.

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