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Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder

Smart and stylish cloth holder from Magisso! No tools required - attaches with a magnet on the inside of the sink. Choose between the stylish plastic version or the genuine premium version made from stainless steel.

Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder - Stainless Curved
Stainless Curved
64 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder - Transparent Black
Transparent Black
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

One must not know

written by matsing, 29/07/13

One thing that you do not understand how much you need. Is not it a bit pricey but it impresses in every kitchen nerds;)


written by Lotta, 30/07/13

Ordered the stainless steel, and has received many positive comments on it. It is simple to frame, sleek and stylish. The delivery was very quick and good :)


written by HH, 02/08/13

A simple and convenient, hygienic gadget that seems to work and blend into the environment where it is placed in.


written by Robban, 30/09/13

Stylish, practical disktraseängare that makes you not showcasing the cloth, but to hide it away in discos.

It sends me back

written by Anneli, 21/10/13

The idea of ​​karkludholder is perfect, but I've only works with stainless steel sink and it is not anywhere. Sorry, we could not use it to our ceramic sinks. The magnet is not strong enough.

Super! Thoroughly recommended!

written by Jessica, 18/11/13

Great invention! Easy to install, stylish and avoids shabby rags! A must for every home! + Of style purity and discreet design

Elegant holder

written by BOB, 24/12/13

Cloth Rail is really stylish. A solution that is both hygienic, smart and stylish! Magnetic bracket works great

Magisso magnetic Disktrasehållare

written by affa, 27/01/14

A very good and practical product. Now we have the cloth hanging nicely on this new holder instead of previously when it was hanging on vattenkranen.Nu is not in your way anymore. When we had it on th... Read more


written by Diskhoägare, 03/03/14

Just so stylish! Easy to install, easy to move. You decide where to attach it. Stuck well with strong magnet. The cloth hanging neatly in place. Good that there is a holder for both round and square s... Read more


written by Jerry, 31/07/14

Wherever you hang dishcloth will always get in the way. But now the problem is solved! Super practical and clever invention. Went on about 10 sec to mount it. Recommended!

Works fine.

written by Snille, 12/08/14

Good product, works fine and looks upscale out. Good idea to attach with magnets so that it can easily be moved.

Magnetic Disktrasehållare

written by Carina , 29/08/14

Have checked on this before but thought it was too expensive. Now it was Batte price so when I hit. It works great, is easy to mount even when you have two sinks. Now I do not always have a wet dishcl... Read more

Magnetic cloth holder

written by Rgust, 05/09/14

Is very pleased with the magnetic dishcloth holder "Magisso Magnetic dishcloth holder" and can recommend it.

canon Product

written by Björn, 09/09/14

Perfect solution to an old sourdough. Have waited long for a smart solution. Very easy to install and to use. Nice design.

Simple, stylish, practical

written by Rooz, 22/09/14

A must in every kitchen sink if you want it neat and tidy without any stand-alone device that takes good place. Combined with a sponge holder and suddenly it was much better in the kitchen.

Very good

written by Fjord, 22/09/14

Magisso Magnetic Cloth keeps functioning perfectly. We have a square stainless sink and the perfectly suited for this. Can be recommended if you have a stainless steel sink.

Super Smart

written by Alex, 29/10/14

Disktrashållaren is very clean and easy to use. Love this and it's a great housewarming gift!


written by Sofogel, 27/11/14

The surface finish motsvarer not the high price. Holder function, however great and I recommend it really!

To washcloths

written by Frode, 16/12/14

Absolutely geri. But it was his wife who found out that it could be somewhere else than down the sink where the bar a bit in the way. :)

Smart thing!

written by Carini, 05/03/15

This disktrasehållare is great, you can easily place it wherever you want and it will be held in its place. You do not have to have a wet cloth as soon as you use the tap! The only thing I can think i... Read more


written by Prylflisan, 30/03/15

Will neat to avoid seeing dishcloth when you are done in the kitchen. Will hygienic cloth dries quickly oxå, so it does not turn sour.

Does what it should

written by MucMama, 21/04/15

Lets install easily, keeps well a wet rag. Finally the cloth out there where it drips down to ;-) Only the price is to be criticized. Since we have multiple tabs for different purposes in the kitchen,... Read more


written by KO, 13/05/15

Have not used it yet, my new sink is not yet installed. If, however, tried to put it on my current sink, and it seems to work perfectly!

No surprises ...

written by Sjöstrand, 24/05/15

It is what it appears to be. No surprise either positively or negatively. installation was simple, just double-sided tape on the magnet to put on the outside sink. In our case, the result was not as g... Read more


written by Svempa, 02/06/15

What a thing :-) right thing at the right place. Now you do not tap to be disktrasehållare which it has been in many years !!

dry dishcloth

written by L.Andersen, 31/07/15

It's nice with a dry rag instead of that it lies in the sink and gets angry and seamy. Even if you change the dishcloth every day can not be avoided.

Magnetic dishcloth holder

written by Øyvind D, 24/09/15

This product I recommend no one to buy. Firstly, it is not magnetic, but to glue / adhesive stuck inside the sink. The glue stick in one day so fell holder, without the ability to attach it again. I p... Read more

Super Convenient

written by Kjersti, 22/10/15

This is exactly what we needed to have the cloth easily accessible but out of sight. It is pretty and practical. Easy to attach.


written by Petpi, 10/11/15

Good serviceable, it has not dishcloth lying where you do not want to have it. You can move it if you want to have it in a different place.

Can not always be placed where you want it ...

written by Ivar, 06/12/15

One must keep in mind that the placement of the magnet on the outside of the sink, requires space to be placed (especially when the protective tape adhesive surface is removed). Can not be placed betw... Read more

Great way to keep her washcloth on!

written by crille, 10/12/15

Magisso Magnetic Disktrasehållare is a good storage for its dishcloth, it appears hardly in this way to store it, it looks the more approachable when dishcloth not hanging there over the faucet or sin... Read more


written by Chaz, 30/12/15

A lot of money for something that you hang dishcloth on but you get what you pay for. Workmanship of the box to finish and sits as a mountain. As the concept is brilliant. An annoyance in everyday lif... Read more

Works but not so exclusive, in fact, that I thought

written by Morten S, 04/01/16

Works fine, do not expect it to hold 2 dishcloths. Seems a little cheap for the price, but still better than the alternatives I've seen.

Very stylish and practical

written by Cj, 06/01/16

My best purchase on coolstuff. It was very stylish and practical. Do not have to have the cloth on the faucet now.


written by Lasse, 18/01/16

Köpte2 pieces in stainless steel. Great and also works on our ho granite, strong magnet. Very Satisfied / Lasse

Good product, just as expected

written by Michael, 24/01/16

It works very well, I was a bit worried that the magnet that hold the Cloth Rail would be too large to fit on the outside of the sink, for it is the right tight to the cabinet it sits in. The magnet s... Read more

Magnetic and wonderful

written by OL, 15/02/16

Kjempefin invention, where you avoid drilling or puncturing in the sink, and get hung up washcloth down the sink.


written by Cicki, 22/02/16

Awesome nice and practical, it is also hygienic as the whole dishcloth can float freely and dry, incredibly easy to assemble. Attracts attention, several said that they want to buy a similar one.

Wettexduken in place

written by Ulla, 07/03/16

So ... finally, we no longer tantalize us to have wettexduken hanging on the crane. And while the kitchen was suddenly fresher ... ;-)


written by Mia, 29/03/16

Fantastic product! So smart and nice to get away dishcloth in the sink! Easy to install and looks great!


written by L.B., 18/04/16

A very good thing. Stylish and good quality. Perfect for hiding dishcloth in the sink. Recommend it gladly.


written by Uffe, 13/05/16

A great thing to dishcloth. Anyone who has seen it wants to have its own! Easy to install and move on ..

Stylish and practical!

written by Anna, 17/05/16

Very happy! Usually hung or placed dishcloth in slightly different places around the sink and leave marks and begins to smell because it does not dry. With carrier has its place and everything "f... Read more


written by Leena, 18/05/16

Dish cloths often hangs over the faucet and there is sooo ugly !!! Have long wanted to have a disktrasehållare and finally bought this amazing gadget, which was as easy as ever to get in place. Did no... Read more

Smart and stylish holder

written by Anders, 20/05/16

This product was easy to put in place, and is very easy to keep clean. It is a wet washcloth easily accessible where it belongs - in the sink.


written by Tove, 15/10/16

good and quick service, fits neatly in the sink. do not have much more to write about the product.

Just what you wanted

written by Martin, 12/11/16

After reading the other reviews, I chose to order. Was not disappointed. It's just so good looking and easy to install as many say.


written by Sa, 16/11/16

Magisso Magnetic Disktrasehållare is absolutely wonderful. I have bought three pieces. 2 I give away for Christmas, but I myself have mounted. That's fine and good in the sink and I do not dishclo... Read more

Magisso kitchen cloth holder

written by sirpa, 12/12/16

I bought a few years ago, kitchen cloth holder housing at the fair, absolutely wonderful invention, not any more "rag" when hanging from the faucet turned on, when the reservoirs välissä.SII... Read more


written by Vivvi, 14/12/16

An incredibly good product that I have purchased many times, especially as a gift in addition to myself. Can highly recommend this product.

Really bad

written by M, 24/12/16

Recommended absolutely not. This was completely full, complete useless. Kept not the weight of a small cloth.


written by Kirsi, 11/01/17

A small, but such a good invention keittiörätille, which was always wet before this all over the place rytyssä and dirty. Mounting really easy and it may be a little wobble when the rag to put on, but... Read more

Magisso - Magnetic swabs holder

written by Bree, 25/04/17

Am thrilled. As someone once made thoughts. Product is very high and does exactly what it should: it allows to dry the rags, without you have to put away him. The whole is not visible (at least not in... Read more


written by Kicki, 05/06/17

Hi I missed instructions on this product, very good when you came to it. I really did not understand how I would do :-(


written by Jonas, 08/06/17

I bought a disk drive holder. It was short delivery time and the product worked as promised. Now we do not have to see the shower room ..

Very straightforward assembly

written by EP, 04/08/17

Very easy to attach, on our laundry we did not even have to use the double sided tape that was included. Hanged a couple of weeks now without falling out. The garment hangs well along the edge of the ... Read more

Rag cleaned up

written by Black forest, 04/09/17

We already had something similar plastic with metal sheet and suction cup. Since we were not so satisfied for hygienic reasons. Therefore the part of stainless steel with magnet. Holds very well and i... Read more


written by Disktrasa, 18/09/17

Urkass. It does not fit at all in the Ikea sink we have (black). It's hanging hot and as soon as you rub it drops it! The fact that you can not return with the words "does not work" will... Read more


written by Jonas, 19/09/17

Canon Product! Stylish, practical, looking exclusive, solid quality. Coming warmly.

No longer on the bottom of the sink.

written by Tord, 21/09/17

The holder works even better than I thought. It is definitely worth its price. Now I do not have to pick up a wet cloth from the bottom of the sink several times a day.

No longer on the bottom of the sink.

written by Tord, 21/09/17

The holder works even better than I thought. It is definitely worth its price. Now I do not have to pick up a wet cloth from the bottom of the sink several times a day.

Magisso Magnetic Disk Drive Holder

written by Malin, 02/10/17

Works top, good quality on the steel. Get the praise for the cool ride! :) The magnet is strong.


written by Carina , 06/10/17

Smartest little thing I bought in a long time. Sounds the disaster sound without being visible. Super easy to "mount", maybe a bit in the most expensive layer though. I am satisfied!

Bad magnet

written by Louise, 10/11/17

Nice but with a weak magnet. We have a thicker sink and the magnet does not work out. Animals for the simple construction.


written by Bodil, 14/11/17

A great hanger so you do not have to watch the shower. Hygienically also when you do not have to hang the cloth over the crane. Easy to mount without having to make holes somewhere

Magnetic disk drive holder

written by Siv, 12/02/18

Works perfectly. I turned the magnet wrong to begin with, but it still held the bracket in place! But lower the price, you may sell more for the kitchen.

looks good and is practical

written by J.M., 16/02/18

The holder looks good, is easy to install and very practical: movable, the dishcloth can be hung on it and let it dry well.

Super good!

written by Ananasen, 09/03/18

Easy to put and work perfectly for the shower room. Has also clipped the disc fungus without any problems. Bought it in plastic and it works great so you do not have to buy the stainless steel if you ... Read more

A good product!

written by Affe, 29/03/18

Have seen this just over a year. Be in doubt about the price. Works perfectly. My wife who was skeptical from the beginning has now changed his mind and loves it.


written by trött på trasan, 16/04/18

Now you do not see the sink on the bench or hang over the faucet more so nicely. Small even reaches the trash without any problems.


written by Mette, 21/08/18

The idea of ​​the klarkludholder is good, but this is lousy. The magnet does not work properly, it is weak and can not hold. The design is also not particularly exclusive.

Works well

written by Martin, 23/08/18

Something expensive product, but it has a strong magnet, has a good function and seems durable. Can recommend this!

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