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Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband

Handy magnetic wristband for DIY enthusiasts, carpenters and tradesmen!

Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband - Red
65 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband - Navy
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband - Black
2 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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115 reviews

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What is this?


written by Fille, 29/04/13

I bought it and it is good to fit all the same supervisor and good magnet on it and comfortable plus want commend jab coolstuff for quick delivery


written by Monica, 03/05/13

I thought the magnets on this Magno Grip bracelet were going to be much stronger. but I guess with fewer screws and / or nails would do the work.


written by leojuhani, 13/05/13

A functional product, but the cuff is only 2 magnets so I'm a little disappointed. There should be a minimum of 4 pieces.


written by Patricia, 09/06/13

I bought this for my stepfather when he was often doing carpentry at home but is so confused he loses things. It sits very comfortably on the wrist and really fit all sizes. The magnets are very stron... Read more

Super great gift !!!!

written by Mathias, 21/06/13

Bought this for my dad in father's day gift when he is craftsman and often need an easy place to have a few screws and so on. He thought that this bracelet is crazy good and therefore get it 5 sta... Read more

Smart and simple.

written by Amanda., 25/06/13

This was a practical aid for hobby carpenter, assuming it might be wise for any seamstresses too. It takes up little space, but will probably make good use of them. It was a gift to his son, but quest... Read more


written by sheldor, 27/06/13

SuperMagnets in this bracelet deliver what they promise Something place every craftsman fond

Good magnet but a little thick and stiff

written by BL, 13/11/13

Very good magnet. Velcro flap is also good. The bracelet is a little thick and stiff and can quickly become uncomfortable and muggy during labor.


written by Max Kristoffersson, 21/11/13

When I bought this bracelet, I had the hope that it would serve as explained in the description on the product website. It made it really! In my new speaker builds I've used it with at least 10 sc... Read more

Three arms are better than two!

written by Genialt verktøy enhver handy-man, 29/11/13

I've used Magno Grip bracelet to a construction project I had for a little while ago, and must say I am very happy with the purchase. Very nice to have screws attached to the bracelet when standin... Read more

Adheres very well!

written by Ronja, 06/12/13

As this will be a Christmas present so I have not tested it somewhat exaggerated, but to check that the magnets worked so I tried to attach a kitchen knife and a couple of keys on it. They remained ho... Read more

The ideal gift for the craftsman

written by Vicky, 10/12/13

The ideal gift for any father of assembling a shelf on the wall, or cabinet only too happy. great idea

Powerful magnet one I thought

written by Ukjent, 12/12/13

Works great as described. The magnet surprised me a bit, it was stronger than I thought (which is only a plus =). Very convenient product.

Seems great!

written by Karin , 17/12/13

The bracelet feels very lightly on the arm. It was also very adjustable, can make it very small so also suitable for smaller wrists. Think my dad will be very happy with this Christmas gift!

cool gimmick

written by Charlotte, 19/12/13

Did it and found it as a good bet for a fun gimmick to make it even girlfriend. Come to show it at work and so it turned out that all the men felt it was amazing! So I should probably have bought some... Read more

For a carpenter

written by ..., 25/12/13

Bought this to a carpenter and the hen was very pleased and are often used on construction sites but also for home use

Super practical

written by Trsl, 26/12/13

A great tool. The magnet is so powerful that can easily sit screwdrivers and other heavy fast if you want it. The bracelet is very much fit enough for most hand lead / arms / upper arms or where one w... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by Maria, 26/12/13

Looks exactly like the picture and works as it is. However, in no case or box or the like.

Worked better than expected.

written by Nordin, 27/12/13

Easy to apply upper arm. Held last example nail with great force. A little more difficult with larger screws that do not lie flat against the surface. A popular Christmas present, which will certainly... Read more


written by cavendish, 27/12/13

Troubled good, bought this for my dad for Christmas, tricked him first and said it was a modern bracelet, he became a bit chokad but a few seconds later, he listed out yourself :) but works properly c... Read more


written by G.M , 07/03/14

I would use it as a gift. The first thing I heard was: not it is ingenious, finally. So buy it if you want to spread the joy of those who will not have nails and screws in his mouth

better than expected

written by Søren, 11/04/14

Bought this as a gift to my father, after some fuckups from post Denmark of which registered it to a completely wrong address, so it came, however, be well enough a few days after my father's birt... Read more


written by Trill, 14/04/14

Top, works just fine for screws, nuts and even pins. Straightforward and handy case, fits well into substantially all when it is flexible Velcro.

The Magnogrip "Gript" everything

written by Bob der Baumeister, 16/06/14

I bought the Magnogrip as a gift. The product holds exactly what it promises and is for all home improvement a perfect companion to not permanently lose nails, screws and other magnetic small parts wh... Read more

Very convenient

written by sj, 23/06/14

Really good invention was a gift for Father's Day and arrived class !!! The build quality is great, all in all highly recommended for all craftsmen!

Grip Magno

written by V.E, 11/08/14

Good magnets, but a little too far bracelet becomes very thick around the wrist otherwise very practical

Christmas gift for dad.

written by Solomann, 25/09/14

Bought this Magno Grip bracelet on Friday 19 September and got it delivered Wednesday, September 24th. Delighted with fast delivery. Bought it as a Christmas gift for my dad who works as a carpenter a... Read more

What a thing

written by Cilla, 14/11/14

when I just plant one meter since you were born and always have a ladder balancing on when it should be screwed, this is a brilliant invention !!

My brother likes!

written by Hanna, 17/11/14

I bought Magno Grip the bracelet to my brother who is studying to be a carpenter last year of high school and he thought it was great! The rest of the class was a little jealous of the bracelet. I mys... Read more

Super Caretaker gadget!

written by Therese, 17/11/14

Super helpful and fun gadget to janitor man who rotate a bit too much with screws and nails! He was very happy and use it when needed

End in search of screw you lost.

written by Snekkern, 17/11/14

Works as expected. Final searching for screws on the floor! Nice when mounting chores racking, electrical components.

A little more and stronger magnets

written by Katta, 20/11/14

Works well, but could have been one magnet and happy little starkarere. Use it when I sew and has pins on.

Really good bracelet

written by Malin, 21/11/14

Work just fine, and very efficient. It has a free hand when screws and nails. My partner is very happy

good Christmas gift

written by Eldis, 24/11/14

A good Christmas present for the infinitely difficult man when it comes to gifts of various kinds. Most often, it usually works "things" work.


written by Caroline Holst, 26/11/14

It works and is good :) The quality is good and lasts a long time, the magnet is strong, making the screws do not fall off the head! :) Buy one;)

Currently, item approved

written by Johan Mikkel, 08/12/14

I have not received the item, very much yet, therefore the provisional approval. But believe it will "work" what the price suggests.


written by M. Schpttes, 11/12/14

Bracelets are sufficient for domestic use, and we had more magnets hoped. Delivery was fast and reliable, no problems with the purchase.

good magnet

written by Karsten, 11/12/14

It works fine, the magnet is strong and holds firmly to even the large screws, but you must have more than 10-15 screws to the roof, you should probably take the entire box. :-)

cool stuff

written by Gitte ma, 15/12/14

Super nice and quick service, fast delivery .... and completely satisfied with the product, it has been used extensively ...

Grip Magno

written by Fia, 18/12/14

Easy to use everywhere! Make it easier to keep track of things such as screws, nuts and other magnetic stuff! But one must be careful not to get caught in things that actually should remain consistent... Read more

Good helpful

written by Evina, 18/12/14

Bought this for my son who "pysslar" much but would be good to have myself when I will screw anything and avoid having at least 3 hands then. Think it is too expensive about half the price w... Read more

Super strong!

written by Therése, 20/12/14

I actually bought three Magno Grip, one for myself and two of my father and father in law for Christmas. My Magno Grip is great! It has really strong magnets that can even hold up a screwdriver. :) It... Read more

On the arm rather than in the mouth

written by L, 21/12/14

Hope it works for my handy father who has always nails o screw in your mouth ... we'll see if he uses it or if they end up in your mouth anyway out of habit!

Against the screw-Chaos

written by Malu, 22/12/14

Who holds the screws / nails and other elements sure to hand for the handyman? By Magnogrip he has everything within reach. Give away the part, although only for Christmas, but can say that the magnet... Read more

magnetic bracelet

written by oddegutt, 22/12/14

Nice bracelet for the carpenter literate! Just put nails, screws etc.på bracelet and you release VOG searching his pockets for more.

Too expensive!

written by mcbegge, 24/12/14

Good gift idea for practitioners - men and women! The Magnogrip works well and is helpful etc. in many activities, decorations. Was delivered promptly. However me the price seems clearly too high !! D... Read more

Super Smart!

written by Sunniva, 28/12/14

I was very happy with the product. It was incredibly smart and worked sublime. It closes with Velcro so it fits all.


written by charlotte, 29/12/14

It's good enough smart! Moreover, it is strong enough to keep a bunch of keys :-) so now there are no more excuses to keep screws and nails in your mouth.

Magno Grip Bracelets

written by MægiJ, 31/12/14

Very satisfied. The order came during a week and I was a bit scared considering the quality, and since it was the first time I used since. Was also unsure how strong magnet on the bracelet was, but it... Read more


written by Martin, 01/01/15

Gave this to my father for Christmas. He was very pleased when he crafted and arranges much at home. We tested it out and magnets are extremely strong. They can keep scissors and knives in place so it... Read more

Super good

written by Johanna, 01/01/15

Really good tool when to unscrew anything! The screws / nails firmly and it helps considerably when to take a screw! Super

Online shopping

written by Ante , 01/01/15

Fast and good service :) Good product. Lightweight and summary pages. Easily accessible. Fast shipping. Generally satisfied.

Fully satisfied

written by helpme, 05/01/15

I have the above. Product given away at Christmas. The surprise was great and the joy even greater. Each recipient was this bracelet fully practical. Each time I would recommend this product further a... Read more

Magnor bracelet

written by berit, 05/01/15

This year by far the most successful Christmas :-) Ordered 6stk and thought it was going to keep to myself too. Result: I'll book 6 as soon as I'm home again. Fight Smell "dings". No... Read more

Magnetic Bracelet

written by Opa Oli, 05/01/15

Magnogrip - magnetic tape The purchase was made as for example screw / nail holder as a gift and for their own use (3 for 2). - The band itself makes a robust and lasting impression - with a sufficien... Read more


written by Tezz, 06/01/15

Perfect Christmas gift for my lilebror with screws nails and nuts in your mouth otherwise. and so it was nice having thought little brother (27 years)

Gag Christmas

written by tamu4, 06/01/15

For men, it is sometimes difficult to find something beautiful. But this Magnogrip wristbands are with my husband and two Schwagern arrived safely. At the next opportunity I'll rummage again with ... Read more

very fine

written by Eivind, 07/01/15

Nice cause this, hang a frying pan to it if you need help in the kitchen. Otherwise it works fine for nails and screws.


written by vier, 08/01/15

super part, can be adjusted well. Strong magnet, no problem for nails or screws, and even a pair of scissors or wrench hold it ...

Can you do ..

written by Gary, 14/01/15

but you ..must not. The gift is good buffer starting, however, has less the price-performance ratio polka dots. Who bestowed a real man by man, could thus be faced that the donee the bracelet can not ... Read more

written by Pählke, 28/01/15

Super product, but could have more magnets.

estimated gifts

written by Maya, 09/02/15

Buy 3 pay for 2 could not come at a better time than when I needed to buy gifts. Manogrip to my husband, my brother and amazing enough one to myself;) Great, practical and cool with several colors to ... Read more


written by Joel, 24/02/15

It does its job, had wished that the surface with magnets had been larger, sits 4 magnets in the band had wanted 6 or 8th

Very satisfied

written by Wasserhahn, 28/02/15

Order was fixed and easily across the stage, delivery took place quite quickly. Goods are of good quality and the donee has also very pleased :)

few words

written by J-S, 21/05/15

cool stuff is with its products, as gifts. Unfortunately the product Magnogrip is probably not self-explanatory and there is also nothing here. The gift recipient was certainly overwhelmed with the pr... Read more

Grip Magno

written by karelo, 04/06/15

Gave it away as a present, so I do not really know how it worked. Seems to be a good thing and would consider myself to have one on me at the sewing machine ...

The drug prolonged the problem

written by Ali, 31/07/15

True necessary contraption. There is no need anymore to keep his mouth screws or nails, and on the other hand is no longer trouser pockets wearing out the screws that do not fit into the mouth.

For weak magnets, disagree screws remain.

written by Sam, 21/08/15

The magnets in this band is unfortunately too weak to hold more than a few screws are left at a time and you also happen to make a bit hasty movement of the arm can be cold expect to have everyone on ... Read more

Just great !!!!!!

written by Bussi, 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

Top Smooth

written by Kerstin, 18/11/15

Very smooth "bracelet". Perfect to wear when working at home and you do not have to carry around the box with nails and screws. The magnets were great and the nail attaches perfectly.

Grip Magno

written by Teo, 20/11/15

Went easy to order, quickly came in the mail and it was kept constantly updated on where the product was. Dad seemed pleased with the gift so I'm happy! :)

Father's Day presentet who took the prize

written by Ejlutt, 20/11/15

My husband, father of our children! Was soooo happy for that magnetic bracelets and used the same day. World Father's Day here! Would highly recommend it as a Christmas present to our handy men.


written by Epi, 23/11/15

Could be a bigger space tarttumapintaa. But the works. Complete lahjaturhake teeseitsemiehelle.

Grip facilitates Magno

written by Aggan, 26/11/15

I bought Magno Grip to my husband because he often screws and nails. He thought it was good when it helps to have screws and nails of the bracelet than searching the pocket. A smart product!

Super satisfied!

written by Ida, 14/12/15

The magnet is very strong! First thing I did when I got home, the right to put the kitchen scissors to it and it sat substantially. Will give this to my father for Christmas and can guarantee that he ... Read more

everything was great

written by Adina, 23/12/15

Bracelets as described, shipped quickly, very practical-thank you;) now I can give two and keep one :)

The husband is satisfied

written by Jasmine, 23/12/15

Christmas tips for those who like to do carpentry. Also bought gloves that have the same function. Very good.

2 for three :(

written by Tirdrey, 24/12/15

I totally missed that it was 2 for 3 :( Ordered two .... Had appreciated if you got a reminder that it was 2 for 3, otherwise a clever bracelet that will be useful both in the stable and when renovati... Read more


written by Kathe, 27/12/15

Super arrived as a gift, also works perfectly .......................................... ...


written by jupp, 27/12/15

fast shipping, good, best offer gladly again.

Perfect solution

written by Unbekannter Verfasser, 28/12/15

The bracelet is unexpectedly light and yet hold strong, beyond avoiding the optimal solution to the taste of machine oil, since you no longer have to hold in the mouth the screws.

Good product :)

written by Elin, 29/12/15

Bought it as a gift, you have not directly tried it myself. But strong magnet and seems to be of good quality! He who received it was very happy for it anyway;) Very good magnet that said, are also cu... Read more


written by Herta, 30/12/15

the surprise for my nephew succeeded. Thanks to Facebook ad I am entering-Cool Stuff you have real practical things :-)

Grip Magno

written by Carina, 30/12/15

We always have lots of small projects. With millions of bolts and nuts. The man responsible for most with the mouth full of nails etc. It will not have him now, with this bracelet. Perfect thing to th... Read more

Good magnet!

written by Stig, 31/12/15

Sitting good arm, and magnets are good! Dog could magnets have been even strengthens, but so far nothing fell off when I've used it :)

Very satisfied!

written by Rakel , 31/12/15

Genial gift for the handy man who has just about everything :) My stepfather got this for Christmas were very pleased

Absolutely perfect for DIY enthusiasts!

written by Anonym, 01/01/16

Gave this smart thing to dad, little brother and father-in Christmas and it was wonderful to see what a relief it was on their faces. They really thought it was a smart thing for example whether to li... Read more

For expensive for the quality

written by N., 01/01/16

The product is too expensive in relation to quality. In addition, the magnet surface ALT too small. There should be several magnets in the product.


written by monlie, 04/01/16

This bracelet is essential for any craftsman, because keeping the annoying BOLTS IN MOUTH has hereby ceased. War for my husband for Christmas, he has tried the same. The screws, nails hold firmly to t... Read more

Finally neat and tidy!

written by Pernilla, 04/01/16

Bought Magno Grip both for me and the husband. I do not have to have the needles in my mouth when I sew and her husband do not have to look in his pockets for nails, screws and bits! Really good produ... Read more


written by sipuli, 04/01/16

Good and useful gadget to have in the car, he thought that got two :). Mobile remains even upright. Totally worth the money.


written by Heyden89, 05/01/16

The bracelet keeps what it promises. My dad was excited and was happy animal. The magnets are stronger than one probably. thinks the 1st moment and even bits and galvanized screws adhere easily to the... Read more

Grip Magno

written by Michaela, 06/01/16

Bought 3 like this as a Christmas present for my sister's boyfriend who is a carpenter. He seemed to really appreciate them. However, it was buy 3 pay for 2 on this product, but sadly I did not ge... Read more

Never thought that this is so meaningful !!!

written by Bine, 07/01/16

Without Nonsense, this is a great investment! Whether record on the circuit or in a different position, previously nails or screws on the bracelet and losgehts. Top! Each craftsman or in my case Hobby... Read more

Smart & Handy

written by ThaiLambo, 13/01/16

Cheap price! Smart extra gadget for the "artisans" We tried to attach a large kitchen knife and it sat as a mountain!


written by Petra, 15/01/16

I can not say about the goods, except looks good. Is a birthday present and has not yet been handed over. The delivery was fast, even though so many holidays were. Respect!!


written by Anne, 18/01/16

Avoid having spikes in the mouth but readily able to "hang" the judgment of the bracelet. Or other things that are magnetic.

Valentine's Day gift

written by Kathi, 27/02/16

Superpatches Practical magnetic bracelet ..... in the forest near Hochsitz work Fast Shipping No screws or nails are lost

Very happy!

written by Jenny, 03/03/16

Bought it as part of a gift with a carpenter's theme, to Dad when he filled years. The magnet is really strong and holds large kitchen scissors at home, so that it will withstand little screws / n... Read more

Weak magnets

written by Ml, 26/04/16

Everything was good except that the magnets are quite weak. slightly larger than a standard screw from falling only by ... - weak magnets + fast delivery

Smooth but a little too big for me

written by Andreas, 25/05/16

Great magnetic, however, not all the way around when the only right on a small piece on the right big on the wrist but work great otherwise

smooth product

written by Helena, 16/06/16

Bought this for my husband, and was thoughtful if it would last around his wrists - but that was no problem. Recommended!

Superb you will not have to look ....

written by Lalla, 17/08/16

Simple gadget that facilitates both sewing and carpentry while !! Thoroughly recommended!


written by Michelle, 25/08/16

Magnogrip is super cool. The magnet is strong and it brought joy to the recipient. I highly recommend it to others who are about to be teæt that screws into the pockets.

Good Magnet!

written by Mikkis, 01/09/16

A very good magnet! Bought it for my boyfriend who always lose the screw as we build here at home, now you avoid stepping on the screw. The magnets are strong and keep the screw. :)

Keeps its promises

written by Lisa, 04/10/16

Nifty case that does exactly as it promised that it would; fit strength of the magnet and smoothly attach it.

Had to buy my own, there is no need to take the man Manoa

written by Kirsi, 08/11/16

Just great when your hands full from the ladder and should be exchanged drill bit, hand screws and nails in the lie. A few may be at least a degree of certainty to come along;)

The top

written by Squiqee, 17/11/16

Good gadget for those who "Tinker" a lot. Lives up to the description. We are very satisfied. Father was really happy on Father's Day!

Cool idea!

written by Moppedsebi, 15/12/16

Who tinkers often times, knows the problem: What to do with the screws or nails? Just who times standing on the ladder, at the top, some would screw up at the ceiling, you will love this part! Cordles... Read more


written by Moa, 21/12/16

Super good! Fast delivery about 2 days only and Dad will love it as a Christmas gift. It had great magnetic field. # Satisfied :)


written by Joane, 28/02/17

Instead of being stuck with nails and screws in his mouth, and at the same time give instructions, then this as just brilliant.

Positive evaluation

written by Bernd, 30/04/17

Hello, we are very pleased with the progress, ordering, payment and delivery. Product is OK. Very useful, because our son needs something! Again and again! Regards Bernd

Just tried but great!

written by Dominic, 04/05/17

Magnetic force: I had the band times briefly at the arm. A metal scissors (larger than a nail scissors) could hold it, even with shaking. :) think that it will work great. Comfort: I've only worn ... Read more


written by Miri, 02/10/17

Really lived up to expectations. Very good magnetic grip on the bracelet. Absolutely wonderful as a gift

This year's Christmas gift

written by Liselotte, 19/05/18

Bought for Christmas gift, to any handy men in the family. They love it and do not have to look for screws in the pocket anymore.

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