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Make Your Own Cream Cheese - Lékué

With this kit from Lékué, all you need are two ingredients to make your own cream cheese in the microwave oven! Flavour the cheese with herbs or perhaps a little garlic and you have a new favourite sandwich spread!

Make Your Own Cream Cheese - Lékué - Make Your Own Cream Cheese - Lékué
Make Your Own Cream Cheese - Lékué
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What is this?

Make your own cheese

written by Lyckost, 14/06/16

The instructions indicate that you should use the milk to make cheese. But Swedish milk is not enough fat, to get a good result. I used 7.5 cups milk and 2.5 cups of cream. And I managed to make a goo... Read more

Excellent fresh cheese

written by Níbia, 09/03/17

Fantastic! I have used this to make the cheese quite often, but I have to mix the cream and milk to get a decent amount of cheese. But I'm very happy with the product.

Works fine

written by Trine, 19/06/17

There was no manual in the package, as it should do. Therefore, had to find recipes and procedures online. The only thing you need to make fresh food (really cottage cheese) is a plastic bowl and a do... Read more

great product

written by ThomasLee, 10/10/17

Great product. Works very well. I'm really jealous that I gave it away and did not keep it myself. Do I have to buy one more time?


written by Anna, 06/07/18

Saw that other reviewers were not satisfied with the amount of cheese. We used Arla's Milk Milk, which has a natural fat content of 3.8-4.5% and is delighted with the result ☺ Ar

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