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Massage Roller

Roll, roll, roll away your frown! This massage roller is extremely easy to use and reaches everywhere. Just roll it over your tender muscles and get a deep and soothing massage that stimulates blood flow. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage!

Massage Roller - Massage Roller
Massage Roller
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Cannon in every way !!!

written by M.M, 24/12/16

Really nice !! Just roll over the back with the desired pressure. Hard to run on himself, better if someone else is driving, or driving on someone else. Works with or without clothes;) No friction so ... Read more

Really good!

written by Patrik, 12/07/17

It's really good! Have problems with the back / shoulder blades and run with it twice a day and it loosens knots and makes mobility much better. Easy to use and no moving parts except the ball so ... Read more

Thumbs up

written by Anita, 27/07/17

Until now, I have only used it once and I think it works well :) so can really be recommended.


written by Mallimalli, 19/09/17

Easy to work with and wonderfully fun! It was a present for my mom and dad and they loved it! Even I use it when I'm visiting; P

Massage Roller

written by Evelyn, 25/09/17

Much harder to feel about the person where there were knots, better to use hands. Much nicer to be massaged by my hands (if so, my boyfriend will feel better, like this if you go to someone you do not... Read more

Absolutely top product

written by Tommy, 13/10/17

Massacre that is awesome. Works top. Easy to carry and take small puddles. Highly recommended

Very good!

written by Maria, 06/12/17

I was very pleasantly surprised by this little ball. My companion always tries to mask the massage sessions by blaming it "hurts the thumbs" - with this amazing manicure he can not escape an... Read more

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