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Message Pills from Spralla®

Open the message pill to find a note inside. Write your message and leave the message in a pill where someone you love can find it!

Message Pills from Spralla® - Message Pills from Spralla®
Message Pills from Spralla®
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lovely gift

written by Jeanette, 18/04/13

incredibly sweet pills to add a sweet note inside, then I would remind them that stårmeg closest about how much I love them <3

Love without side effects

written by elverhøj, 19/04/13

I bought love to play with cool stuff. They should not be consumed, but given away to others. I am very happy because they look like "real" pills, and their quality and durability seems good... Read more


written by Monica, 07/05/13

is very pleased with the product. It was a gift for my best friend, she was very happy! and the guests were also surprised how I could get hold of such tampering: D they came very quickly in the mail,... Read more


written by Karianne, 08/05/13

This is a very good product! Fell very well to the taste of my loved ones. The labels are a bit small, but gets written much anyway. It took me about two hours to write on labels and folding them toge... Read more

Love pills

written by Mimmi, 09/05/13

Really cute "pill" easy to open and write på.Var bit tricky to get the saler to write on the 100 but it gick.Jätte happy hope my partner will be there:)


written by Anne, 13/05/13

I think that these sweet love to play is very sweet to if you just give a nod or something sweet :-) I was extremely happy for them, and it looks super sweet on the bedside table extra plus! Also, it ... Read more

Very fine product

written by Sara, 29/07/13

I bought these love playing for my girlfriend's birthday. I think that the product is really nice and fun. However, I agree with other reviews in that it is a bit strange that you can not read wha... Read more

Funny idea - content satisfactory

written by Lisa, 30/07/13

I bought the pills as a gift. Have not all filled, but only 15. Here I noticed that the ring has rusted to the small paper roll in almost every capsule, and has therefore leave marks on the paper stri... Read more

Great gift idea

written by Tabea, 15/08/13

The pills are a great gift idea. Although it is quite a bit of effort to label all pieces of paper, but worth it. My Description: For a special occasion I have given away the glass with some pills, th... Read more

Very nice, but a little cumbersome

written by Emma, 19/08/13

It's a really nice gift, but you even open all the little "pills", remove the small gold ring and write on them ... This is reasonable beværligt as they are quite small and difficult to ... Read more

Actually super

written by Lena, 27/08/13

The jars with the pills was a birthday present and was also great at. The delivery was fast and it all went without a hitch. The only thing that was a shame, is that about 10 pills either already were... Read more

fun gift

written by Cess, 09/10/13

Great fun product! The only trouble was that several of the small capsules was broken so I could only fill 3/4 of the jar when I was done: /

Nice idea :)

written by Max S., 16/10/13

It's really a nice idea and well done ... but it's a hell of work to label all ... Eig. If there are only 2 negative points ... at some rings rust and the pills out quickly): Otherwise everyth... Read more

Great and bad

written by Daniel, 28/10/13

Great gift! Boyfriend was thrilled. Is a nice twist. But I felt that the "gold" ring around the patch that was in the pill was prepared. Fully equipped. The pill had just thrown. But go in b... Read more

Nothing to put a finger on

written by Trine S., 19/11/13

I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! I had my product 1.5 days after I ordered it. There was really good product information, and realistic images. My product is of super quality and it exceeded all ... Read more

Excellent sweet!

written by MalinMM, 21/11/13

Incredibly sweet and creative gift. Some minor flaws that 1 pill lacked pressure and one was "rusty" inside. But no deficiencies that had some meaning for me at least

Could not have been much better !!

written by Anonym, 12/12/13

Fina "pill"! Consistent with the product description. However, about 8 pills so dented so they went not and use. It did not so much as it was about 100 left ... Haha.

happy but ....

written by skyfly , 16/12/13

I'm real happy with the can, but some pills was kind compressed and the ring in the pills they had kind toasted, leaving small marks on the patch. but luckily it was not at all.

Love Pills

written by leben, 16/12/13

Love Pills is a good gift for your beloved. You decide what topic you write small. In fact, I promised to organize small surprises, and I set the dosing guidance, max. 1 pill / week. "Promises&qu... Read more


written by ab, 20/12/13

The product lived up to my expectations - almost. There is little to think about if you are considering buying this product and write patches (which to me seems to be the purpose). 1) The patches are ... Read more

A nice gift

written by Minnanen, 09/01/14

The pills are pretty thin plastic and will break if they can not handle gently. inside the pill is a small piece of paper, which is surrounded by metal rings. Benny Cruller had rusted in many pill and... Read more

Perfect gift for the non-materialistic boyfriend!

written by Nöjd flickvän, 09/01/14

Perfect gift for the non-materialistic boyfriend! Sure it takes a while to write all the notes but have never given away as a valued gift before! My boyfriend claims to have been a "pilladdict&qu... Read more

not satisfied

written by sophie, 21/01/14

product seemed old, plastic fell apart when the pills were opened and the lips were rust-colored ring of sitting around = (failed Christmas present was.

personal and fun gift!

written by jenny, 27/01/14

Fast delivery of a cute little jar of pills in assorted colors. Many of the pills were unfortunately dented and difficult to close after opening them, but there were so many so did nothing that you ha... Read more

Gift for girlfriend

written by joululahja, 02/02/14

A great gift for girlfriend. Some of the metal rings, which is surrounded by a slip of paper was rusted, but it was pretty insignificant. Paper Labels are quite small, which should be taken into accou... Read more


written by Ida, 13/02/14

I bought these pills love to my boyfriend as a little "Valentine's Day" gift! It became very popular and he thought it was very cute! The jar and the pills look almost exactly like the p... Read more

Poor quality, good delivery!

written by Nathalie, 13/02/14

The delivery went quickly, which of course was good. I thought that the bottle would be a little larger and 20 (!!!) of the pills were broken. Some were without corks and many were completely pressed ... Read more

Love Piller for the energetic

written by Ricky, 18/02/14

Sure, it was fun to write on small patches, and you really felt that you did something special for his sweetheart when you wrote little messages, different on each lap course. This is something you gi... Read more

Pills for my darling in Germany <3

written by Celciuz, 23/02/14

It was so wonderful. I gave the gift for my sweetheart when I was in Germany on Valentine's Day. He opened the package and thought at first that it was a real pill he could swallow. It was fun to ... Read more


written by andreas, 24/02/14

All guests get somebody task and should take a tablet. I also use to select teams for play.

A very good idea

written by Meowii, 24/02/14

I am pleased and excited to equal 100%. These pills were soooo wundersüß! Just great. Although some were pushed away and the metal rings partially oxidized, the idea makes it up for it! I can only rec... Read more


written by Mjao, 26/02/14

Giant Sweet! Small faces on the pills! Was surprised that the patches are so great for these relatively small pills, and a little awkward to get into the paper roll in the ring if it is not so pillig ... Read more

a proof of love of a different kind

written by ***, 27/02/14

the colored little notes in the pills are big enough strikes to ascribe to such love sayings, vouchers or love quotes. My friend was super happy and opens his daily "Love dose" with great an... Read more

love to play

written by cami9831, 28/02/14

super cute idea but mammoth task to write 105 small pills and roll groove back together and stop it back in the pile. hard work, but sweet result.

super gift

written by Cem, 01/03/14

thanks for the quick delivery especially! sweet little bottle with sweet encapsulate :-) bit fummel work but worth it. thank you !


written by Chris, 03/03/14

The rings would be golden for the patches were rusty and stained himself. And the lips were a little discolored and had rust from the rings.

Sweet. Should not come into contact with water

written by C, 04/03/14

Some pills were a bit chipped, otherwise they were in good condition. Will they contact water they go in resolution. They are also a bit messy to hold in your hand (if you have warm hands). But very s... Read more

Love canned

written by Angelica, 19/03/14

Birthday gift for her boyfriend where I filled out the reasons that I love him. The jar contained about 100 pills, they are rather fragile and sometimes a bit tricky to open. They are made of thin pla... Read more

Love pills

written by Pingu, 18/04/14

Extremely sweet and appreciated. Give it to him every day we meet. Always fun to see him read them :)

Rigitg good product

written by Sara Nielsen, 18/04/14

I received the order almost the day after I ordered it. Love players are a great invention and a creative gift. However, some of the metal rings, which keeps the small paper sheets rusted together to ... Read more

Beautiful gift idea

written by Iris, 22/04/14

My daughter wanted to give love pills for her boyfriend's 18th birthday. The order was simple, not very cheap, but delivered quickly. When filling in the individual list but noticed that the small... Read more

Very cute!

written by Liselotte, 11/07/14

The product is really sweet, they are a gift for my girlfriend and my mother seems so good about the idea that she would like a few of them, but then she even buy them! ;) Yes, there are a few of them... Read more

Everything great!

written by Boonifee, 22/07/14

I have something special and favorable wanted for my friend birthday and found here. The quality for the price is totally reasonable and it's a really great idea! But beware! The workload is quite... Read more

Awesome satisfied!

written by Evi, 10/09/14

Very fast shipping and the pills were really cute in real life! Very little job to take out each note and write on it and then put it back in, but absolutely worth it! Very happy!

Love pills

written by Körsbäret, 23/09/14

Super cute and appreciated gift / gift. The patches in the pills are in different bright colors, which I liked. Everything was as I was thinking (if not better), except that somebody gold ring around ... Read more


written by Birgitte, 26/09/14

The product lived 100% up to my expectations and the delivery was super super fast. The first time I acted with you, but not the last time!


written by Viktoriya , 01/11/14

Very pleased with the ordered product and delivery! Quickly and efficiently, much like shopping with cool stuff again!

nice thought

written by C.F, 06/11/14

Waited with bated home package with the little bottle that will be the perfect gift for her husband. However, sad to discover at the opening of a number of rings were rusty and stained by themselves o... Read more

Super fast delivery

written by Anne-Sofie Jensen, 10/11/14

I ordered something on one day before the clock 16, and I got it the day after, that's what I call serious trading. Have never experienced such a quick delivery! SUPER!

Very nice idea - BUT

written by Mankind, 11/11/14

Bin basically very happy with the product. An unusual idea, which was very well received. Small problem: the little slips are dirty due to moisture partly with rust stains, because the small metal rin... Read more

Small jar but wonderfully content

written by Mila, 28/11/14

The glass jar was much smaller than I thought but "tablets" were incredibly sweet and funny! The person who received them were very happy.

Love Player

written by B, 04/12/14

Love Player, a good and different gift. The lot of small pills contain small papers. They are easy to open and close again. In the papers can write a lot of small greetings.

Basic, but slightly defective

written by :), 15/12/14

Incredibly fun gift idea cute in design, but with some small minuses. A fairly large number of pills were buckled, some had no overlap inside and other pills halves were loose. In addition, many of th... Read more

very cute idea

written by Philipp, 19/12/14

In itself a great thing in cute packaging, 2-3 pills unfortunately were broken and some rings for the list were rusty

Almost completely fine

written by Jonesy , 22/12/14

Well ... It's not so much you can say about a jar with plastic pill containing little notes to himself may write about really ... But there are some things. There are small rings around pieces of ... Read more

Super Gift!

written by Derya, 02/01/15

So! I came by chance to this love pills because I wanted to give my stepfather at Christmas something personal. I've not thought long and ordered directly. Unfortunately, neither the work pay via ... Read more

Small Sweet gimmick ...

written by Jessy, 13/01/15

if every day for work a pill packs her sweetheart in the lunch box ;-) ... One should only to say that they are not to eat :-))

cute idea with classical quality

written by alexandra, 10/02/15

Really nice thought but disposed quality. Small bottle, about 110st pills. Goes down when you open them, and many of lapparn have become rusty due to small metal clip that holds them together.

Pillig but really nice gift!

written by Gina, 16/02/15

Perfect as a Valentine's Day gift! The only minus was the time it took to complete all 105 patches, did write all the things on a piece of paper next to while on the patch to not repeat myself som... Read more

giant Sweet

written by Linn, 18/02/15

Fast delivery and good information. However, I was a bit surprised that the glass / plastic was a picture of a girl and a guy with many Chinese characters o words, too bad it was not in English so you... Read more


written by Anne-Katrine, 18/02/15

I used the pills, as a gift for my girlfriend on our 2 anniversary. It was a very good and personalized gift that he was very happy. Can definitely recommend to a loved one :)


written by Diane, 19/02/15

Wonderful idea to surprise your loved one with a lot of empty patches that you can write what you think of your love. My boyfriend loved it


written by Nadja, 19/02/15

I fande love pills super sweet! :) It was a gift to my friend and he is looking forward to again an open and read the note in it :) If you are not careful you can quickly go wrong, they are just very ... Read more


written by MK, 20/02/15

These love playing I could not resist, they were so cute to look at, and they will look good: D


written by R , 25/02/15

These were very cute! Was just two capsules that were destroyed. In my there were 104 functioning capsules, so you need to really be creative! Worth the money money if you ask me :-) may be advantageo... Read more

giant Sweet

written by Elin, 27/02/15

They were really sweet and just as I expected :) Why they do not get 5 stars is because some capsules were mashed and some broke down when opened. Not many, but a few :)


written by Emma, 01/03/15

Small and cute gift to give their loved one or a close friend, think, unfortunately, it is a pity that the text of the jar is not in Swedish. Fast delivery, the perfect time!

Very cute

written by Caroline, 05/03/15

Gave away as Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend and he was thrilled! Then we have an alert little six month baby at home it will be not so much time and energy to each other that you might want... Read more

Mainly positive

written by Rasmus Bergstrøm, 09/03/15

As always order fast promotion. As several others have commented, so was the bottle smaller than I had expected. It is about half as large as a half-liter soda bottle. Also, as others have commented, ... Read more

They are good enough small ...

written by Joen, 13/04/15

but the girls (children) love them. There will be good enough send sweet messages in piles. Very fun thing if you like to burn a little money for the children's sake :)

idea good but

written by nick, 19/04/15

capsules break easily, paper in the capsule surrounded by an unnecessary ring which also encapsulate in most rust on was .. the glass needs a different pressure for Germany. is just very MADE IN CHINA... Read more

Love pills

written by Rudolf, 22/05/15

Really bad quality! 20% of the capsules was so brittle that they broke down as soon as you put them! Not big money but feel sad anyway!

Love Player

written by Anita Fosser, 08/06/15

A cozy jar with love plays, or patience plays as I call it, a great opportunity to give away this instance. to parents, teachers to end, or to those who work in the nursery, a little out of the ordina... Read more

Very cute little thing!

written by Sofie, 03/07/15

Provides the birthday gift to my good friend, it is super sweet, and not to stand too :) Super fun idea that you can write little messages inside the pills - which are also super cute with their diffe... Read more

happiness Pills

written by Tonje, 17/08/15

I am very happy with the products I purchased from you. Continue like this! Have still a good day. Regards. Helen.

Very nice gift

written by Frida, 09/09/15

Super Cute pills, not so difficult to get the patches in them either. Less of weird Japanese characters on the can, but otherwise a very nice and appreciated gift.

love pills

written by MaGGo!, 24/09/15

Very cool products. Although it was time consuming to assemble all pills with different messages, but the "Action" was worth it ... My girlfriend was very excited ... !!!

almost perfect

written by EQ, 27/09/15

Each pack contains 100 capsules, 2 was defective, but the rusty links did not hit me at all. A nice idea was to write messages into labels, though about 80% of them printtasinkin and the nicest though... Read more

Did not like the pictures ..

written by Lovisa, 30/09/15

The images of the can does not correspond to reality, it looked cheap with mass text in Chinese or something. There was a lot of work to open each pill to write on the notes, but became an appreciated... Read more


written by Malin, 02/10/15

Fast delivery, sweet "pill", however, was the can less than what I thought! But believe it will be an appreciated gift! (Y)

Super fine!

written by TH, 05/10/15

A really nice little jar with 100 pills. The pills have different colors, both inside and outside (the notes). Sweet detail. Can be recommended here. :)

Super creative idea

written by Tanja, 06/12/15

Bought this product, as you yourself is to shape content and tell one / more you love, using small sweet messages, what you feel / think / need to tell / do. May well be reused - with new small denomi... Read more

Super creative idea

written by Tanja, 06/12/15

Bought this product, as you yourself is to shape content and tell one / more you love, using small sweet messages, what you feel / think / need to tell / do. May well be reused - with new small denomi... Read more

Funny and cute!

written by Kristine, 08/12/15

Comes in a cute little glass with cork. The pills are easy to open, but some of those can be a little fragile, so be careful if you are going to open and close many times. The patches are finished rol... Read more

Cute little jar :)

written by Cassie, 15/12/15

Delicate little love pills and sweet jar. Perfect for standing on the bedside table :)

Take a pill ❤️

written by Else, 24/12/15

Much nicer design on pills than expected and that they are not destroyed but easy to put back together is a plus

Cute but fiddly as hell!

written by Flo', 03/01/16

So very sweet! I got 99 pills in my jar. Could be a Christmas gift for her boyfriend, but I had obviously not complete all 99 small pieces in just a few days, haha. Very pill, but it is worth it, for ... Read more


written by Tom, 10/02/16

The delivery went quite fix (Sunday ordered, delivered on Wednesday). At first I thought, "Oh dear" because the package was zerknickt, but the bottle with the pills was again packed and in o... Read more

Incredibly sweet

written by Dunia, 11/02/16

Was a bit skeptical at first when some had commented negatively, that it was in Chinese, pills right down o it smelled bad, but luckily I got one that looks exactly like the picture !! Now I write a l... Read more

Note 3

written by Eda, 14/02/16

I think the love pills really sweet they can be creatively however a huge minus point for the golden tires because they were partly rusted and as soon as I wanted to get make the rust has to the paper... Read more

Funny thing but very pill do

written by Beatrice, 15/02/16

Really appreciated gift, but a true craft when in addition to opening the pills carefully so they did not break even was a small metal ring around each patch.

Love pills

written by Hanna , 18/02/16

I bought the pills to love me partner in the Valentine's Day gift. A dozen of the patches with ring around the roast, so the ring was completely brown and the paper and what the pill as rusty as i... Read more


written by Yalda, 18/02/16

So bad! You're only fooling you should write that there is something on the paper inside the pills so you know, I thought it would be with the Who can enter 200 pills like that ?! Threw them direc... Read more


written by Pernilla, 18/02/16

My partner did this in all hjärtansdagpresent. It was so appreciated when you spend so much time writing the notes and then put back in the capsule. Ideal gift and absolutely affordable.

Small is small

written by Carsten, 22/02/16

Wow a small glass .. Had good enough expecting a larger glass for the money .. But the price they know how high it should be ..

Really nice!

written by Amanda , 22/02/16

This is a really nice gift, and caring person that gets this will be how happy any time! Not just for one day, but until all the pills run out. My boyfriend really like her! Write something cute, some... Read more


written by Ida, 23/02/16

I bought it as a birthday gift to a friend! She was so happy and I was happy with the result after I sat for many hours, and written on the notes

only good

written by Frederikk, 25/04/16

The pills were a gift for my girlfriend. They are really nice and the quality is excellent. They are very small, but there is still enough to write sweet greetings. I have only positive things to say ... Read more

only good

written by Frederikk, 25/04/16

The pills were a gift for my girlfriend. They are really nice and the quality is excellent. They are very small, but there is still enough to write sweet greetings. I have only positive things to say ... Read more

Love pills

written by Elin , 25/04/16

Super cute jar! The guy was so surprised and happy. Took time to write and think of what it would be, but it was still quite soothing when I'm pottering of me! Fast delivery and no pills were brok... Read more

Very good gift idea!

written by Arif, 31/08/16

Pleased with the goods. Delivered within a short time and the item was as described ..........................!


written by Emi, 26/09/16

A very fun product to sit and get involved with their partner or best friend. Is super happy with this product and the recommendations it strongly to others who want to make a little surprise with sma... Read more


written by Adam, 06/10/16

Great, no problem at all, just a pill broken, so super product. I'm very happy, hope the receiver likes the just!

sweet gift

written by Maja, 01/11/16

It is a small glass (thankfully) with many small pills in sweet colors with different facial expressions. The pills are small enough that there is room for many of the small glass, but large enough th... Read more


written by Amanda, 03/02/17

Yes, it required a lot of patience patches are small and hard to get into the tiny pills again so yes patience is required, the can is not as big as I thought it fit in my hand that is S-size.

A little disappointed

written by Erika, 28/02/17

I thought this product was really fun! However, some of the notes had been an ugly rusty streaks of the small rings that hold together the patches: / where quite disappointed, but otherwise I thought ... Read more

So cheap and so good!

written by Jannis, 13/03/17

Love pills I bought for my girlfriend's birthday and was completely convinced that it would please her. What can I say, I have deceived myself completely and not at all. The pills came in a plasti... Read more

Good service

written by Julie, 25/04/17

It was super good service I received the package quickly and everything was intact but I chose to count the number of pills and 98 but not 100, it's obviously just a minor detail

A brilliant gift for the girlfriend / friend

written by CChriss, 20/05/17

99 pills were in the glass, which is really beautifully designed. The small notes in the pills are held together with gilded metal rings. Two to three of them have been a bit rooted ... but is also Ch... Read more

So damn cute

written by A, 22/05/17

Bought these for the boyfriend and he was sooooo happy wrote a cute word or a love sentence on each patch. Highly recommended!

Love pills

written by Roxana, 16/06/17

I have received my package very quickly and the product was exactly as in the description. The pills have great smileys on. It's 100 pills so it's getting a lot to write. Perfect gift for some... Read more

Love pills

written by Emz, 10/07/17

Took time and sometimes hard to get on, but the guy really appreciated it. Highly recommend.

As expected

written by Heidi , 24/07/17

Come quickly and be exactly as expected and my boyfriend is very happy for his glass with love pills :)


written by Emelie, 14/08/17

Bought in gift for my friend, and it's so nice! Will take a long time to write on all the pieces but it's so cute.

Love pills

written by Queen bee, 24/08/17

This was so appreciated by my partner. A bit hard and pitiful to write all messages and put back in the pills. But really cute and funny thing to give away ☺️

Nice and fun

written by Anna, 13/10/17

Nice, fun and personal gift to anyone caring. Very surprising too

Worth all the money.

written by Michelle , 09/01/18

Super fine, good size, super cozy .. There were 99 pcs. i. Could find the case to buy them again :) Nice and fast delivery.

Fantastic product

written by Mette Thalsø, 18/01/18

I give 5/5 stars. I gave love lovers to my boyfriend and he was very pleased! He received the gift last night on our eighteenth birthday, and he smiled a lot

Super beautiful rose petals

written by Lykke, 13/02/18

Super lovely and beautiful rose petals. They decorate beautifully and are beautiful to look at and as others had previously written, there should be a violent smell after the rosebacks were unpacked, ... Read more

A compliment every day

written by Maria, 19/02/18

Awesome gift to give! Each pill contains a small patch you can write, good quality and nice looks :)

Happy customer

written by Alexandra, 20/02/18

Looks like these little cute pills lived up to expectations, they were very cute and were really appreciated as a Valentine's Day gift. Is a pretty simple gift but super cute because it becomes so... Read more

Love pills

written by Lotte, 22/02/18

They come in a nice little glass with cook lid. On the pills there is a little sweet face, inside there is a small note to write on and a small gold ring around the note. They are bigger than alm pill... Read more

Funny stuff!

written by Sam, 28/02/18

Funny and cozy little pills and a fun gift to give away, I gave away this jar on Valentine's Day and I think it was a happy gift :) The only mistake is that some pills are broken and in some the p... Read more

Very good

written by Anonym, 19/03/18

Just as in the picture! Very good and cheap thing you can give away to anyone! Can do both fun and personal, perfect when you do not know what to give away.


written by Ida Helleskov, 24/03/18

NOTE: If you are not interested in the Korean font on the page, this can be removed with acetone. I used acetone on a cotton swab and removed the writing and drawing as this glass is for my sister; Wi... Read more

creative customized gift!

written by Darin, 29/03/18

I wrote a tiny love letter in every pill (paper included), it was a great opportunity to express my love to my boyfriend in a way that I can not do verbally! Hvis personen er appreciative, vil de sett... Read more

Very pleased!

written by Tove, 04/06/18

I had read some reviews before that could be a few pills that were broken. I received a total of 107 pills and not a single were broken! So I'm more than happy and really had to put the imaginatio... Read more

Very loving

written by Pernille, 18/06/18

The daughter had bought the pills for Father's Day and spent a couple of hours trying to write little love things on the small paper rolls in all the pills. Dad was VERY happy and opened a pill wh... Read more

Romantic but pillowy

written by Vevve, 01/08/18

The pills are very cute with small "faces" on, it is quite petty to straighten out the small patches and to retrieve them again. But very fun to give to his partner. Got a few more pills tha... Read more

Such a nice idea

written by Charlotte, 23/08/18

We used the little pills for a round birthday, where guests could write greetings to the birthranger, who can then go and snap a 'happiness pill' over and over again.

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