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Metal Model Kits

Fun metal model kits for anyone who loves to tinker! The pieces latch on to each other; no glue required!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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21 reviews

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What is this?

Metal ship the Black Pearl

written by Kinge, 22/08/14

A very well-made model. The pieces fit well together. To fasten the sails I did not like the instruction manual before wrote: I twisted tongues instead of folding. I found it easier and it did not aff... Read more

Looks good

written by Harzer, 01/12/14

Finally something where the recipient can employ a while. An ideal gift for Christmas or in the Nickolaus boots ...

Much larger expected ...

written by Builder1, 22/12/14

I'm not completely satisfied, because I have the model offers much greater. The shipping costs are much too high for this little package! It looks good, but is it really worth the money?


written by Marie, 26/12/14

Fun and tricky to put together. Incredibly good fit and good quality. The instructions can be a little difficult to understand at times but a little common sense, you're welcome anyway.

Speedy delivery

written by Susanne, 29/12/14

Had I been at home, I would have had the package 1½ days after ordering. And then just before Christmas .. Beautiful

Quite nice

written by Ocha, 05/01/15

Buy this for my boyfriend who likes to do crafts and handycfart, they enjoyed the work of making it. It would be nice if it is Also have nice glassy box cover to be showed.

perfect gift

written by Zornitsa, 04/05/15

The pieces fit perfectly. Ejffeltornet is easy to put together in 10 minutes. Get the bits (11), not so great challenge, but cool stuff anyway :)

Good thing!

written by Mattias, 05/05/15

Pillig model, but a lot of fun putting it together! : D I recommend this product actually much.

perfect gift

written by Zornitsa, 05/05/15

The pieces fit perfectly. Ejffeltornet is easy to put together in 10 minutes. Get the bits (11), not so great challenge, but cool stuff anyway :)


written by Taisia, 29/05/15

Perfect fit. A bit difficult to assemble the ship, fine details that will be a bit crossed a, but it looks nice anyway. Black Pearl took me 1.5 hours.

Prompt delivery, happy again

written by Manu, 19/08/15

Is intended as a gift. However, the price / performance ratio was right at first glance. Additional tool (small pliers) is required.

Very fun-filled model

written by Bø, 25/08/15

Certainly something that people of all ages can have fun with. Would recommend it highly enough and will probably buy another of a different varients. :)

very pillig

written by Jens, 30/12/15

Small and stylish ... and infinitely pillig. I do not think I have fingers and thumbs, but this was my overwhelming! This is just for those who like challenges millimeters.

Excellent small models!

written by Viktor, 12/02/16

Absolutely fantastic small metal models, cut by laser allows the fit is perfect! A pleasure to put together, moderately tricky for most people, and a pleasure to behold on a pedestal. Recommended to a... Read more


written by Drucilly, 22/02/16

I got such a Christmas present and I noticed I was really hooked and just had to buy several types! All were built in under 15 minutes but it was well worth it! :) Very fun and recommended for people ... Read more


written by Suck, 11/05/16

More finmotoriskt talented people than I might have been greater yield of these models, but for my part, anyway T-fordens details on the low side. After a bit too much fighting spirit bent unfortunate... Read more


written by Nöjd , 13/06/16

Bought all models. Some were bättre.än others. The instructions were better on some models than others. But a fun job for many days for the right money.

The gift recipient is happy with my purchase

written by Maiju, 31/10/16

I bought my dad a birthday here metallic scale model and he was really pleased with their gift, have nothing bad to say and delivery came on time. yes I will continue here in the state.


written by Nicke, 28/07/17

Taken together the Ford in 3.5 hours about, very very small pieces on this and is probably considered one of the more difficult of these metal models. The pieces fit well together, the user manual was... Read more

Fun product

written by Eldin Jaganjac, 24/02/18

I received the package soon after delivery. The model was a bit smaller than I had expected. I used an tweezers instead of a spike as recommended, so the model was not quite as it should. It took abou... Read more

Sticky metal models

written by Dunder, 11/10/18

Here it has not been possible to build it yet, but the parts look good and easy to remove from the metal sheets.

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