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Microwave Heated Slipper Boots

A pair of high, cuddly slippers stuffed with linseed that you put into the microwave oven for 90 seconds before pulling them over your poor little toes. They stay warm for up to two hours.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Slippies Boots

written by AL, 12/12/13

Lovely o warming tofflor.Lätta heating o useful both in the sofa o sängen.Passar not to walk around with. Is it really cold feet freeze to the entire body.

Troubled cozy

written by Rob Johnsson , 23/12/13

Gets really hot and goa! The heat will last at least one hour, the remaining hours will still keep feet warm :-) note that the slippies with removable thermal bags are not going to go in with the bag ... Read more

Slippies boots

written by P, 29/12/13

Ear shopping, I recommend! These are the gift recipient is now used every night. Caused among friends purchase a raid ..


written by Jon Marius Solheim, 31/12/13

Incredibly practical and fine in workmanship! Strange that all do not have such. Keeps temperature long after heating. Run and buy!

Slippies boots

written by Ida, 31/12/13

Cozy and warm, but not bad to not stand in Swedish on the packages, only German. Saw in retrospect that they were not good for diabetics to use but no explanation.

Cold feet ade!

written by Juko, 06/01/14

The shoes are well made, look nice, and neither the rausnehmbaren Lavendelkissen smell very good. The shoes keep feet unfortunately only 1 h. Warm, even under the blanket.

Slippies Boots

written by Rázor, 07/01/14

I bought these in addition to Snug Rug'en. very appreciated because my partner has very cold feet. fragrant lavender and kept the heat very well. highly recommended for people who are cold feet. :... Read more

Slippies Boots

written by GN, 17/01/14

My husband's cold feet was finally warm now sleep hanlugnt Now, although I submit an order for a couple Thanks Coolstuff!

works great

written by Daniel, 04/02/14

Out of my compound wedding gift to my wife, this was clearly the favorite. She uses them almost daily =)

Super good cold feeder

written by Zacho, 25/02/14

Embelagen describes that one can give them 90 seconds. in microwave. If you do it in our microwave is the VERY hot. 60 sec. can easily do it.

cold feet

written by hatecoolfeet, 29/12/14

Because of constantly cold feet I bought the original Slippies Boots at Cool Stuff. The boots are fluffy and soft and can be easily and quickly heat up in the microwave. If I then get dressed before g... Read more

nice soft and fragrant slippers

written by Emma, 29/12/14

working as it should! a Christmas present which aroused joy :-) I want also! fast delivery ........

Lämpöset but small

written by TV, 31/12/14

Lovely to wear, if only a foot hold. 42 size foot far too small! I would say that 40 is suitable for still okay, but bigger is not worth buying.

delivery fantastic

written by luttanlej, 06/01/15

How the purchased Christmas present work, I do not know - but the delivery was magnificently! The Saturday before Christmas made the order, it was to pick up on Monday, I could not believe my eyes. So... Read more

Super and fast service

written by Kenneth, 07/01/15

Impressive service .. Ordered items Saturday delivered Monday morning pm. 12. Easy and clear website.

Very happy

written by Synneve, 09/01/15

I've always had very cold feet, and more than one night they kept me awake. Well, those days are over! Got them in the mail today and it was the perfect end to a tiring week. Warm feet are the sol... Read more

Slippies Boots - two neg. stuff

written by FS, 12/01/15

The only negative one can write two things: * Moist inside even if you drive 90sek of 800w * annoying is Join Everything else is great!

Smells and sticks

written by Mari123, 12/01/15

These slippers smell very bad after you've warmed them. I have also repeatedly stabbed my finger on anything that looks like pine needles coming out of the slippers. But they are very good to warm... Read more


written by K, 12/01/15

Absolutely fantastic heating slippers, especially for those with poor blood circulation that always freezes on their feet as I !! A little disadvantage that you can not go to them because they are so ... Read more

Ursköna heat slippers

written by Buzz, 23/01/15

Cold winter Slippies + + microwave + freshly made bed = Myys Do you really feel pampered - find a good book.

Funker's ideal

written by Heidi W. A. , 01/02/15

For us as often freezes on their feet, these slippers superb. 90 seconds in the microwave and you have warm feet in double-quick time. A faint scent of soothing lavender supplied. Only negative is tha... Read more

cool slippers

written by HOFFERN , 02/03/15

These have aroused much attention among friends and acquaintances .. Put them in the microwave! Ingenious! For those with cold feet, these highly recommended .. If you're a boy so I recommend howe... Read more

Great Christmas gift!

written by Johanna, 16/06/15

I gave my sister the Christmas gift she appreciated and measure up even now, two years later .. You can not go in but they are nice to cozy up in front of the tv :)

Good goods

written by Blomaul, 31/12/15

Very good idea and good goods. If you times not think of anything then all events on this page gehen.Danke


written by Daniel, 06/01/16

Cosy soft foot warmer with a very pleasant smell of lavender. The only disadvantage is that they keep nixht soo long warm. But that's normal. But very satisfied!

Slippies Boots

written by cattis, 06/01/16

this may be, I can heartily recommend. grandchild was so pleased and happy Slippie The boots are warm and softer

Arrrgh - lovely warm feet

written by Elisabeth, 25/01/16

Lovely with a quick service plus you get nice warm feet after 90 seconds. One thing I'm not crazy about is the smell of lavender, is a little too strong in my opinion, but otherwise it works as it... Read more

You become addicted!

written by tls, 28/01/16

I purchased myself a couple of years ago and now I have also given a pair for my sister. It is simply great to get a pair of warm slippers on when you often have cold feet. I'm addicted! The only ... Read more

Cozy but different

written by Amanda , 08/02/16

I am very happy to warm a couple of cold feet in, but I do not think it became so obvious that the different colors were of different kinds of fabric and had different smells. I bought a pair of red a... Read more


written by Sofie, 11/03/16

How cozy indeed !!! Only one minus - it is expensive to have reached that feels like fishing line and edges are inserted into the slippers.

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