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Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Make your own chips in a snap in the microwave oven! Lovely, crispy and with just the flavour you are looking for - all without any added oil!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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19 reviews

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What is this?

Only a concern

written by Berra, 20/09/15

I must admit that I was more than a little curious about this gadget. And it is amazing! I did not think there would be virtually no oil, but it tastes wonderful. But the concern. The "chip pad&q... Read more


written by Lena, 01/10/15

A great idea, but it would have been in another plastic material. When the chips were not finished on time, we extended the time until the chips looked finished out. But alas, when we took out the sco... Read more

melted unfortunately

written by chipslover, 02/10/15

Worked really well two times but then 3rd time melted plastic in the holder so unfortunately just throwing, cannon idea is good

Great product!

written by Birgitta, 02/10/15

Was also good gifts! Know that some did and they thought it was easy! Used both potatoes and other vegetables!


written by A, 05/10/15

There was not much to the instructions with the only thing that stood on the carton. If you follow the judgment timing that is where it melts. Something that is made for a microwave should do four min... Read more

Report this product

written by Monika, 05/10/15

Bin to make the discs in only works if you make thicker slices, and then the result is not the same as promised. The grater belonging to the product do so thinly that it is not possible to set them up... Read more


written by Frida, 05/10/15

The entire "machine" is quite small. Mandarin cuts well and fine thin potato slices, but the holder does not work at all. It must not be at many slices of potatoes in the holder, so it all t... Read more

funny thing. but slightly crappy

written by st, 18/12/15

Funny concept although it seems a little alpha phase. Says you should run the potatoes for a few minutes. Giving one very slappt result (reflects itself and on all the youtube videos of this product. ... Read more

Poyatos Chips

written by Rolf Arne Fjalldahl, 21/12/15

Nothing good and keep the cut part. Blei not crazy at the time stated. Had several twists to. Poor manual. greeting rolf

enjoy calorie chips

written by Pia, 28/12/15

An original gift for all the chips (whether from potatoes, apples, etc.) want to love, a few minutes are not afraid work and then enjoy without adding extra fat. The crisp chips can be seasoned then i... Read more

Unbelievably bad

written by Malin G., 28/12/15

Potato slices were either burned or they were soft. Tried several times, not a product I would recommend others to spend money on.

Healthy alternative to selling chips

written by Christine, 07/01/16

Funny idea to even make chips. So you can well pass by the greasy chips finished the supermarket shelf.

good product

written by Amalie, 10/01/16

I seemed to potato chips maker is really good. It works as it should and there have been some issues with the (so far: D) can recommend the large.

Fun alternative to chips from the shops

written by Daniel_81, 30/05/16

This is a product that has been around for a while what I understand. Was curious that it was so easy ...... and it's easy! Mandolin cutting fine slices chip, however, that the tools feel somethin... Read more

molten keeps

written by Helle hulstrøm, 28/09/16

I received a holder for making potato chips in when I had used it 3 times as was the melted completely. It is something 'toil I do not buy from you more Regards Helle No star Otherwise one can not... Read more


written by MM, 03/10/16

This thought I was s awesome! But I have not yet "achieved" despite persistent efforts. The chips are soft .. ... and "not through cooked" whatever we tried to put the micro in. If... Read more

The holder melts

written by Robin, 05/08/17

Tried it to understand the yesterday yesterday, after 2 successful results I was pleased with the purchase. Today, when I was going to make a 3rd round of chips, it turned out that the holder had knoc... Read more

Works perfect

written by August, 28/09/17

Have now tried the "Potato Chips Maker" and it works perfectly (better than expected). Can easily recommend the product.

does not work bad buy

written by ThomasLee, 10/10/17

Unfortunately the product does not work and I am very disappointed. I wanted so much that it works and have an evening tried everything and also acted according to instructions. Very cheap plastic, I ... Read more

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