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Microwave Pressure Cooker

Tasty slow cooking no longer has to take all day if you use this pressure cooker for the microwave oven! Moreover, you can steam vegetables, boil pasta and rise and make so much more in no time at all!

Microwave Pressure Cooker - Microwave Pressure Cooker 3.25L Red
Microwave Pressure Cooker 3.25L Red
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Good thing microwaveable

written by Tupu, 28/11/15

A pressure cooker in a microwave oven is a valid thing. I managed to make it very tasty rice porridge easily. I recommend.

Operating instructions.

written by AR, 06/12/15

It is a pity that there is not a manual in Swedish, which may be needed. It was fast delivery on this and it was bra.Har not used it yet because I have to translate the English manual.

This should be all the families' dream

written by Lilita, 07/12/15

Quick and easy and should be part of all families with children home if you do not want to serve only pasta, meatballs and sausage. Stop just the accessories in the digester, season to taste and place... Read more

Pressure cooker for micro

written by aos, 07/12/15

food was eksepjonelt kept warm and finished on ultra short tid.Meget good for heating pre-cooked chicken and various dinners.

Works klockkrent!

written by Klas, 13/12/15

Have tried a week now, and am satisfied beyond all expectations! I am a very experienced cook, and is still very impressed. It will taste like slow cooked for 15-30 minutes! Follow the recipe collecti... Read more

Inexpensive top product!

written by mannen, 15/12/15

Top Product in the kitchen !! This fabrikats quality and price goes hand in hand with each other - perfect for summer kitchen!


written by Pleu, 28/01/16

This is typical of those product that sounds a bit too good to be true. A pressure cooker that you only run in the microwave and which provides stews that taste as if they simmered on the stove for ho... Read more

fast delivery

written by susami , 03/02/16

We have the microwave pot for our son concerned so that he can also cook as a student something decent on the fly. we can write anything yet, because the pot has not been used over the instrument per ... Read more


written by Lotta, 12/03/16

A pressure cooker should have respect for. I have seen many youtube videos about other mikrougns-pressure cooker and it certainly seems to be a convenient way to cook food. It's just that while I ... Read more

Dr. Frank D. Davis

written by Poncho, 29/03/16

Very convenient. I have 2 cookers (size small) Verschenk and my children are quite pleased. For 2 and 3-member families just right.

Surprisingly good.

written by Karsten, 25/08/16

Had a little hard to believe that such a plastic gizmo to work, but I had to think about. It is much faster than my regular pressure cooker, and super easy to clean. Potatoes steamed me in 10 minutes,... Read more


written by Cathrine, 31/08/16

Have only used it once yet, but the results were striking. Created soup inspired by recipes that came with, tasted like something you get at a restaurant. The plan is to take it to school, so I can ma... Read more

Pressure cooker for the microwave

written by Björn, 03/10/16

Absolutely wonderful product. If cooked whole chicken, boiled potatoes and rice in it and also chuck steak. Brynte högreven and then in the pressure cooker with root vegetables. I drove it for 40 minu... Read more

pressure cooker

written by S.E.Ballegaard, 22/03/17

I need a Danish instruction manual I thought that came so, but if not where there are user instructions, and recipes

Ingenious concept that works.

written by Gourmet kokken, 23/03/17

Actually works brilliantly, stock rice in 10 minutes which is perfect when you do not need as much water. And good at making long roasted meat etc. One trick is to boil up in trykkokern and so have th... Read more

Illegal Delivery

written by Tomi, 22/05/17

The product really looks ok. But delivered in violation of EU laws FREE OF ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE! I was really astonished and disappointed with this indifference! If I buy something from Cool S... Read more

Good product

written by Rosie, 31/05/17

Have use and cook very well, adjust amount of liquid. Have also tried recipes included.

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