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Mighty Mug Go

What can you pour a hot drink into, take with you wherever you go and yet it never tips over? Correct answer: the Mighty Mug Go travel mug.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Works fine, but

written by Karsten, 11/12/14

Cool termokrus to ride the train, and the suction cup also works quite fine. Unfortunately suffer the suction cup of the same problem as all other suckers, that dirt makes them easily fail. For outdoo... Read more

Not leak-proof, but can not overturn o

written by Erika, 18/12/14

Can not really tipping over. Really cool to try. I do not recommend taking it somewhere, where the drink cools as fast as an ordinary mug. And it leaks from the cap if it wobbles a bit on it. Not at a... Read more

Absolutely wonderful!

written by Ivve, 22/12/14

Did not think it would be such a good mug. You can not tip over and is spill proof! Use it daily when I can have it next to your computer without having to be afraid that someone or myself will strike... Read more

Violent mug!

written by Sara, 29/12/14

Really cool mug that keeps its promises, the overturning does not. Stylish design and practical, but a little big. But the overturning is not how hard you try!

Everything OK

written by RG, 01/01/15

The Mighty Mug Go delivers exactly what is promised in the product description. It is clear, however, only on a flat surface (no Tischdeche or so). The wow effect when unpacking and trying out was hug... Read more

Coffe to go

written by steffi, 02/01/15

The coffee cup is super. It looks very nice and you quality true. On smooth surfaces such Bsp.einem desk or countertop in the kitchen he is really fixed properly. It's super much pure in the cup a... Read more

works perfectly!

written by Henriette Kallehauge, 02/01/15

I must admit that I was a little skeptical of the cup now also works. But it does! There has to be filled with liquid before it is possible to assess it properly, do not worry if you think it seems a ... Read more


written by Annette., 04/01/15

good mold is not overturned. The faithful cheered at the receiver - and others. It is used daily. Though a bit expensive in price.


written by Per Tomas, 23/02/15

These are brilliant! I've seen people who manage to overcome them, but when done it on purpose ... On a flat surface, these hard-to-topple unless you really want it!

Nice idea

written by KRYSmaster, 05/03/15

Works very well and keeps you warm for a long

Poor heat quality.

written by blangeland, 14/04/15

Hey, little disappointed at how fast the coffee was cold in the mug. After the first attempt was the coffee lukewarm after 40 minutes. Then does not the coffee hot within one at work. For bad we think... Read more

Good mug!

written by Sanningen, 17/04/15

Think about it! It works unfortunately less well on wooden surfaces, ie, if they are not varnished. Otherwise it meets all my requirements

Super product

written by Thomas, 20/04/15

Fast delivery, everything went as it should. Mighty mold provides everything it promises. It consists of two parts that are joined together. The upper part is the actual cup that can løsftes a bit fro... Read more

Very good!

written by Sujama, 04/05/15

I gave the Mighty Mug my brother and he is very happy with it. He is a student and has long wanted a thermos which does not expire, he also really warm. I was not sure at first, but the Mighty Mug kee... Read more

Ingenious cup, poor lid

written by HappyCamper, 05/05/15

Koppen is ingenious! But the lid is easy to turn over, and leaks thus easily if it is not standing upright. Eg if you have it in your purse. Then it is easy that lid jumps off.

The Edward Snowdon & Julian Assange of Mugs

written by Dan, 07/05/15

It stands up against all the odds, but leaks so much it Should seek asylum in a non-extradition country.

will not fit in the cup holder

written by jr, 15/05/15

stylish mug but it will not fit in the cup holder in the car. Something else that is negative is that when you open the lid of the cup so obstructed the view of the road if driving a car and try to dr... Read more

Well, funny, but overpriced and too hot

written by Sylvia, 20/05/15

The cup's quite funny, he's a little too big and too hot in hot content. There is overpriced !! not recommended by me.

Great product.

written by Morten, 18/06/15

Was skeptical about this product when advertising is always fantastic compared to what the actual product leverer..men here I was overrasket.Koppen overturns not matter what I try, and office my desk ... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by we37595, 24/06/15

Super product. Not a single cup of coffee beyond the desktop and into the drawer. Can be recommended.

varying experience

written by Cindy, 03/08/15

I bought both two plastic to myself and a "thermos" Metal + one in plastic for my son. He reported back that cup of metal kept the heat for six hours when he was on a long trip in the car. I... Read more

migthy mug

written by rolf, 21/08/15

It keeps the heat and stand still when I'm out working, it has its place in the tool bag or belt depending on what I do. Use it daily! Similarly at home during leisure time and activities linked i... Read more

slightly disappointed

written by Dennis , 09/11/15

Hot coffee gets cold after 1.5-2 hours Sug ability is ok. It could be more useful if it was 7.5 cm short

so disappointed

written by Ida, 03/12/15

The coffee convener after 30 minutes, totally useless. Troubled disappointed. Adheres well on some materials but very attach it does not. As dissatisfied ...

Does not heat very long!

written by EA, 29/12/15

Having chosen the non-thermal cup, but is still a little disappointed that it does not hold heat longer than it does. Anti Rollover feature contrast, works very well.

Just what a clumsy man needs!

written by EH, 10/01/16

Ordered this for my partner selected coffee over half bedroom 5 times in 2 weeks. To our luck, he has not chosen the new cup once! We have not had that with us outdoors, but indoors it keeps both cool... Read more

The top

written by Dick, 02/02/16

Bea mug that keeps its promises, standing firmly and stably without falling as long as there is a flat surface.

Finally a real teacup!

written by AyaSka, 15/02/16

I bought this mostly because it take almost 0.5 liters. Have been looking for a cup of that size for long. It holds heat well, is good to drink and stoppage. Stabilitetsfuksjonen seems to funke only o... Read more

Meets promises, but is bad for shower.

written by Kenneth, 07/07/16

I received my mug a few hours ago. I have washed it, rinsed it thoroughly and dried it. Then I have tried to pour Cola, but al roar escalated out immediately. There must be something in the surface a ... Read more

very useful

written by Pols, 29/08/16

Good mug that you can trust. No risk to get full keyboard with coffee. Good to wear Locate office

Cool toy

written by Herlin, 27/09/16

As the mug is good, but not to keep the heat! It is impressive how it clings but still can be lifted straight up.


written by Rune Lindvig, 12/12/16

It is simply a super cup. It works great. Is very impressed

Love it

written by Frida, 27/09/17

I have a musty late before and just bought the thermos. Both are quite tight. You can not put it in the bag because it leaks a bit from the tab that covers the drinking hole (?). The travel mug keeps ... Read more

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