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Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore Block

More Minecraft in real life, please! This minecraft light-up diamond ore block makes a perfect night light. Change the brightness by "hacking" at the block!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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successful gadget

written by Tobi, 11/05/15

Makes a very pleasant light! If for my taste unfortunately something too short. Overall, however, a nice idea. Looks great on my nightstand!


written by Tomas, 25/05/15

The cube was then a little less than one could imagine with the hand in the image. Difficult to find where to press for it to light up. However, once it is lit up so it has a harmonious glow.

lights fine

written by Janni, 25/05/15

When lit ... There is nowhere that it goes out after 30 seconds, otherwise I would not have bought it. I need a night light that glows until I turn off, not one that automatically goes out and certain... Read more

Minecraft Diamond ore nightlight was surprisingly small

written by Anne, 30/11/15

I did not order -kiireessä- doing noticed that the diamond ore in Minecraft nightlight is actually really small. The lamp is overpriced and not worth the cost.

Funny thing, but goes blank for a few minutes

written by Sylwia, 16/12/15

Funny thing, but goes blank after a few minutes. It can not be used as a night light to switch off after 1 minute of the mini mode. But the boy find it fun to have and use.

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