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Mini Donut Maker from KitchPro®

Just like a waffle iron for mini doughnuts! Heat up the machine, pour in the batter, wait a few minutes and then remove the perfect mini doughnut!

Mini Donut Maker from KitchPro®  - Mini Donut Maker EU-plug
Mini Donut Maker EU-plug
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Mini Donut Maker from KitchPro®  - Mini Donut Maker UK-plug
Mini Donut Maker UK-plug
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What is this?


written by Josephine, 25/12/13

It's a great product if you think donuts are delicious, the fat since they can be relatively expensive otherwise.

Donut maker

written by USAM, 25/12/13

Kulgrej good to avoid frying. Sad that it did not follow the recipe. Easy to use and kids can be.

Very satisfied

written by Johanna, 26/12/13

Very smooth! Makes perfect small donuts. Absolutely gorgeous little cakes! Fast, easy and fun! In addition, very fast delivery! (1dygn from order to pick-up)

Easy and fun! Moreover, good! : P

written by Helena, 30/12/13

My friend got it for Christmas and as soon as she opened the package so we hurried to try it! It's very easy to fix the batter and spooning the batter's fun. After a minute, they are cute litt... Read more

Easy, fast and not quite as greasy

written by Charlotte Granat, 25/06/14

It is next to good to be true, but it's so good! It is easy to use Mini Donut Maker, it will be quick warm, have slip easily function and so make the donuts in the appropriate size, and it's e... Read more

Acrid little thing

written by Jeerod, 18/07/14

Incredibly fast delivery. Donutsen becomes more compact than real, but a pungent little thing for the kids or the donut lover. The recipe is simple (also suitable for children) and can secure both mod... Read more

Very happy

written by Nina E B E, 01/08/14

I am very pleased with everything. Mini Donutmaker works really good and the kids really mean like them. I recommend the product for the best.


written by Tanchen, 31/08/14

We are very happy with Donut maker quotes. It is simple to use, and it will be ready in a snap. Kids love to decorate in a lot of ways. Of course, taste is not exactly who bought donuts, but they are ... Read more

Super Happy

written by Susidus, 01/09/14

The world's easiest way to get good donuts. avoid frying. Easy to garnish. Thoroughly recommended.


written by Jessica, 12/09/14

Really funny gadget! It will be used many times. The only thing I missed was that it would be followed by a good recipe.

fine small donuts

written by Sandra , 08/10/14

Super smooth and fast, I got perfect small donuts. A little dry, however, will probably increase the amount of fat in the batter ... shame that it does not follow the recipe but it was easy to find on... Read more


written by charlotte, 26/12/14

If one has the right recipe so I think it should work .. I had a private one and not the one we will put to use since I have gluten allergies, but my recipe did not work ..

well done

written by Heh, 29/12/14

Seamlessly and as expected and on time. Message to the recipient worked fine and fast. We do so again. It seemed suppressed and turned out to be dn correct view

Easy to use.

written by Chriffin , 02/01/15

Bought this to law who loves donuts. This is much easier to use without fat (lard) Maybe marginally healthier too ... Quick and easy ordering and even faster delivery. Super Happy with COOL STUFF.

Works great with gluten-free

written by Daniel, 09/01/15

I had no problems with the recipe for Valentine Gluten-Free Donuts ( Replaced lard in the recipe with Idum form fat spra... Read more

Mini Donut Maker

written by Cara, 14/01/15

The device became quite lovely small donuts! Just an awesome device! Easy and simple to use!


written by IcyteC, 14/01/15

Have tested it once and have not had anything to fault on the product. Was fine, the fried donuts, and the product is easy to clean. Works just like one regular waffle iron.

Works !!!!!!!

written by mossan, 14/01/15

As a chef, I am always a little suspicious of these kinds of paraphernalia. Do not reach the promised but this one does. Perfect small golden donuts.

mini Donuts

written by Frida, 14/01/15

Was phenomenally good monks, found a recipe for mini donuts. Often invite people home on the coffee now so we can do some donuts :-)

Definitely worth the money

written by Robin, 15/01/15

Maybe not quite the same as donuts buying finished but still very goda.finns lot of different ways to do them. One must unfortunately no recipe.

Mini Donut Maker

written by Karin, 19/01/15

Super good machine ... it was a desire for my daughter of 14 ... very easy to use :-) The only drawback is that it is difficult to find recipes for dough on the net and we thought that there were reci... Read more

Worth every penny!

written by Emellie, 21/01/15

Super smooth donut maker! Will really cute little donuts! Very easy to use, fun to decorate even the small donutsen! The delivery huh lightning fast! :)


written by Tina, 17/02/15

A few weeks ago I bought a mini donut maker, and is happy with it. It is an easy and a little healthier way to satisfy her hunger for delicious donuts on when avoiding that they have been swimming in ... Read more

Gigantic idea

written by Bianca, 08/04/15

The Mini Donut Maker is totally easy to handle, in an instant, the donuts are done and both a short "snacks in between" as well as for parties, he is an absolute must. I and my family can on... Read more


written by Shaney, 16/04/15

Very easy to use without instructions for use. There will be a great and delicious donuts <3 Do I hardly super fast <3

Mini Donut Maker

written by S.R, 20/04/15

Easy and fast to use. Manufactures a bigger batch of donuts in a small period of time. I recommend +++++

Great idea

written by Klaus, 09/06/15

The Donut Maker was intended as a birthday gift for my sister. A small simple part, which has also prepares the young children in the house very much joy. Very nice idea, that something can be used fo... Read more

Good machine, bad recipe

written by Ida, 12/06/15

The machine is fine and make fine donuts, but the recommended recipes provides a very thick dough which is not optimal for donuts.

funny o easy to use

written by kerstin, 16/06/15

Corresponded to my expectations. Had received a hint that I would take less flour than the recipe on the website, so I took the 3 cups of pieces for 4 o little more melted butter. It was perfect. The ... Read more

delicious wine cooler

written by CK, 19/06/15

Bold and different wine cooler. Water may be stained or decorated in other ways within frysnig so it makes little floundering on the champagne table. Our champagne consumption is set up considerably a... Read more

Mini Donut Maker

written by mamma, 25/06/15

Mini donut maker sounded like a fun thing, I thought the kids would fancy it was fun to make your own donuts. The product in her work well, but the problem is that there are no recipes in the box or m... Read more

very good performance

written by kerstin, 29/06/15

A bit of bad heat but otherwise quite excellent results. Is still to try recipes ---- so far operates regular Sponge best.


written by KB, 13/07/15

Bought it for my friend's birthday. He seemed to like it and donutsen is easy to do.

Mini Donut Maker

written by RitvaN, 16/07/15

Top product! I'm really grateful for the product. Still, when I found a recipe that's right, I composed myself a bit .. I've got to recommend to others ..


written by A, 15/08/15

Very happy with this iron, it works superbra! I used recipe no.1 but dropped kokosen and replaced regular milk with lactose milk and butter with a little oil, then I'm lactose intolerant. Batter w... Read more

Very good!

written by Ronjis, 17/08/15

Good and good mini donuts. Easy to use and great results. Recommended for those who enjoy small sweets.

Fun fun fun !!!!

written by Evve, 15/09/15

A fun product that really delivers !!!!! Gave it to my friend for her birthday and she loved it!

Small sweet donuts

written by Lena, 01/10/15

Have tried different recipes, but they are very dry. Is probably not on the Mini Donut Maker. If you find a better recipe, it's a top product to get to if you receive an unexpected visit and have ... Read more

Great product!

written by Birgitta, 02/10/15

Was excellent gift to his son! Do not know if he used but he loves and always buy dounuts markets!

Super easy

written by, 06/10/15

Ingenious machine !!! Made a nice place for my little food blog this afternoon with great success! Would thoroughly recommend. Recipe may want. found here: Read more

Mini Donut Maker

written by Hanne Lund, 12/10/15

The order was sent the same day as I ordered and was delivered the following day. It went quite smoothly - super service and the product also lived up to expectations. I use like Cool Stuff a second t... Read more

Donut maker

written by Ellinor, 13/10/15

Super good product! Easy to do with gluten, tasted great! Quick and easy to get out. *thumbs up*


written by zaki, 09/12/15

It is super good, and doing donuts really good. However, they could put some more recipes to the website. Fast delivery!

KitchenPro Mini Donut Maker is superb

written by 1Lito, 16/12/15

With this stock can easily donuts. Make batter liquid (I use only sour cream, flour and slightly melted lard for taste) Easy recipe: 3 eggs, 200g sugar -stivpiskes, then add: 1 can of sour cream, 1 te... Read more


written by marie, 24/12/15

Very fast delivery. Was super happy with munkarna.Mycket easy to clean, the recipes also worked well.

squeaky donuts

written by AnnaS, 27/12/15

Easy to use and gives good results. The monks swells up well and are easy to pick up when they are ready. Grill The iron will be very hot on the outside, which is good to think about the child to part... Read more


written by Emvili, 28/12/15

Became like muffins in texture, so we were a bit disappointed. Perhaps there are other recipes that make them tastier?


written by Anna, 29/12/15

I do not share at all the positive reviews. We baked according to the recipe but got dry donouts that tasted like old dry chewy waffles. Not even in imagination, we could come close to the taste of do... Read more

Simple, lätt.och fun.

written by Peaohm, 01/01/16

With Kitch Pro Mini Donut Maker, I can always offer something good, fresh and a little 'smålyxigt "if I get an unexpected visit .... A simple Sponge, or a light matbrödsdeg - and suddenly som... Read more


written by lars, 10/06/16

Did not believe it would work, but it works fine, must however find recipes online. Quickly found one that actually fit the product. Creates fine donuts takes, however, quite a long time to make many.... Read more

fiddly but ..

written by Michael, 16/06/16

There was little fiddly at first. Just finished my test batch. Toothpicks are great tools to get out of the monks out of shape. Followed the recipe and monks feels more like waffles or muffins (in tas... Read more

Mini Donut Maker

written by Figub, 14/07/16

This was a real disappointment! Donuts were very small, so much bigger in the pictures. I've tried several recipes but donuts rise small and gets only half.

KitchPro Mini Donut Maker Machine

written by Bente, 02/09/16

Super service and fast delivery. This purchase could absolutely not be easier. Acting like the Cool Stuff another time

Efficient and well!

written by Knut, 22/09/16

I bought two pieces Mini Donut Makers for use under the local flea market. We sold very many fresh donuts and got good feedback on flavor (used recipe referred to in, adding cardamom and ... Read more


written by Donutmonster, 07/10/16

Curl laughed at this. I surprised my father by making him syntymäpäivädonitseja him and made part of the sitruunakuorutteenkin, lakritsipulverilla tried to get the additional effect donuts, though I d... Read more

Awesome but ...

written by Tintin, 07/10/16

Truly a great idea to make your own perfect small donuts. 'But in any recipe you find use more butter / oil. Otherwise them dry. The concept is as I say fantastic but the only negative is that the... Read more


written by NatD, 12/12/16

Work really fine. The package was slightly damaged lifting of the transport, which went beyond the box donut machine was in. Fortunately it was well wrapped with flamingo in the box itself so that the... Read more

Good delicacy machine!

written by Vera, 13/12/16

Cute little treats! A nice, when do not have to play games with the hot fat. Easy-to-use machine. Leaves donuts on the top very pale, but I put the icing on the side so let's not bother. Googletta... Read more

Good deal

written by Lykke , 13/12/16

super service, fast delivery. I am fully satisfied with my trade, to be used for Christmas gifts. I highly recommend others to patronize COOL STUFF.

Impressive service

written by Dimidorian, 18/12/16

Error be the first delivery, errors can always be but how to handle the mistake is what determines, in this case the best service I've ever experienced! Got to keep the defective product and the r... Read more

mini donut maker

written by alice lindhard, 19/12/16

Christmas gift for my grandson, so it is not packed out, but it's gonna be popular. carla loves to make Donuts, so she will be pleased.,

Huge success!

written by KIB, 24/12/16

At a Christmas party for a few friends showed me with great enthusiasm my two newly purchased donutbagere, and 1-2-3, so I no longer had them. Fortunately, they are quick in Cool Stuff, so I HAVE rece... Read more

Easy and delicious!

written by Josefin, 27/12/16

Gave this machine as a Christmas gift for my 13 year old son and it was a success! He followed the recipe with liquorice which were on the grid, but we changed the licorice powder vanilla powder. Was ... Read more

Does what it says !!!!

written by Mange, 25/01/17

I've just been using this little livsnjutarkompis, it was fun and gathering in the kitchen to fix this. Easy to use just like a waffle iron. Should, however, work on the recipe each NGT dry. But t... Read more

Suu donut

written by Sardeliini, 09/03/17

Fun and small donitsilaite to quickly spin the sweet treats. Donut became a little "drier" as an off-the normal way, but these can spin the stained powdered sugar then gets more impressive l... Read more


written by Hanne, 08/05/17

The man got a dounuts maker in birthday gift ... it was incredibly easy to make the cutest little dounuts ... all the guests loved them ... they are liiiige a small sweet delicious haps ... highly rec... Read more

The gift that brought sussec.

written by anette, 19/06/17

My husband has always had a hard time wishing gifts - so when I saw this mini donut maker - I thought it might be something. It turned out that my husband was completely lost - especially when he foun... Read more

I had high expectations

written by MB, 14/09/17

I ordered the minidoughnut machine with high expectations. They turned out to be too high. I have tried it with several recipes. They do not matter the recipe very hard to get beautiful and round on b... Read more

Really, really good!

written by Lina, 27/09/17

This one was very, very good! I only baked gluten-free and it became super fine, deliciously small donuts dipped in sugar and frosting. Highly recommend! If desired, you can bake them to the right sha... Read more

Very happy!

written by Elin, 06/10/17

Works just as expected, it was super easy to make cute little donuts! The monks, however, became a bit paler on the top side, which does not matter if you want glaze but if you want sugary monks they ... Read more

Do not have too high expectations for the taste

written by Jacob, 16/10/17

You can not get as good as fried donuts, so do not have too high expectations. But it will be fine!

Christmas presents - Mini Donut Maker

written by Evy Mona, 01/11/17

Picked up the package yesterday - it was a big package with 3 mini donut maker. Have bought Christmas presents for my student grandchildren and I will not open the packages, they will be given away in... Read more

Very good but no prescription

written by Lana saleh, 09/01/18

The product was very good and the donut became good and golden brown. It is also very easy to use. But the negative of the product is that you did not get a recipe, you had to go and search the intern... Read more

does the cannon work!

written by kockerik, 10/02/18

Just like someone in the thread wrote, take a dl less flour and a little more "fat" can recommend Arla "Butter & Raps" (ready-made bottle) instead of melting butter, even brush... Read more

Good machine

written by Supermusen, 11/06/18

Nice little easy machine that works well. Quickly delivered. Satisfied. Also satisfied with cool stuff. Satisfied with everything.

Handy little thing that makes children happy

written by D.N., 18/08/18

The disadvantage of it is that it may take a while for ovana hands to fill all seven and because it's hot, it starts to bake right away. Would be a better result if it served as American waffle ir... Read more

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