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Money Gift Box

A wooden gift box with a transparent lid. To gain access to the content, you must first solve the secret of how to open the box. Perfect way to give away cash or lottery tickets.

Money Gift Box - Money Gift Box
Money Gift Box
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What is this?

Challenges box, but weak construction.

written by JL, 02/09/13

Ingenious and fun product that is causing some headaches. Intend to use it for geocaching. However, came off a strip of wood that needed to be glued after the first attempt. Since then, it has kept be... Read more

Not hard enough

written by Ls, 03/12/13

The box was all boe easy to open. Thought it was a little more "puzzle" / IQ test to open it. Not just turning on it. Was disappointed when we got it.

gift box

written by brorA, 27/12/13

Children The child has not yet managed to access their money after three days !! It is difficult to open even with the instructions !!

A super great BOx for monetary gifts or vouchers to versche

written by E.H., 03/01/14

A really great box with great surprise. I bought this box to give my eldest son to a money-öGeschnek for Christmas. It took about 40 min. Until he came into the box clean. Real awesome! Erfeute be rie... Read more


written by Gartenfrosch, 04/03/14

Great article, funny part. To give away money is a great idea to top it up to give away personal or just in a different way as to put the money always in a boring card.


written by Anna, 03/04/14

The right aileron. The glass pane does not delete = You can not add in anything so I can not use it

Confirmation Gift?

written by Wenche, 08/04/14

Bought this to make a gift instead of giving an envelope with cash

Super fine - just can not open it :-)

written by Lotte, 11/05/14

Having bought the box for too long ago and it is super nice - and I am looking forward to give it, but I simply can not get it up, although there is a fine guidance - someone who can help me ??? Seems... Read more

Went into pieces as it should is opened in: - /

written by inth, 26/05/14

We bought the gift box that would be used for a gift. But even when we had to open it to put money in it broke the wood: - / It is not worth the money - and can not be recommended to others. The only ... Read more

Fun gift idea with little headaches

written by jsm, 10/07/14

The gift to the pepper 'prentice, we chose to give money as there was not really the NGO wants, and so we chose the gift box, then had to work a little to get the money, the recipient thought it w... Read more


written by Rudi Hundt, 28/07/14

It was a quick and easy ordering and delivery. I think it is also very good, which you can order from you on account. The Geldgeschenkbox is super! I am very content with you and will continue to orde... Read more

Clean WORKMANSHIP and cool idea

written by Oliver Warth, 28/07/14

The box was delivered quickly and neatly packaged. The product is processed class thought out and clean. The mechanism looks at first Blickl totally easy, but if you ever tried to recreate Him, then y... Read more


written by kate7028, 22/10/14

The box I will soon give away, of course I wanted to try it first. After I was expected to leave after 10 min open it NOT, I took the manual for help. The trick is as simple as it is ingenious. I wish... Read more

How do I open it?

written by Marianne Eriksson, 05/12/14

Disaster. We have failed to open it. Moreover, it is different description in English and German. Grateful for an accurate description of Swedish as soon as possible because it is a Christmas present!... Read more


written by Claudia Herrmann, 29/12/14

Price and performance are very good; Delivery worked perfectly :-); the shop may be at any time recommended without problems; We are very satisfied:-)


written by Maibritt, 01/01/15

I bought one for each of my 3 nephews so we ku have a little fun out of them on Christmas Eve. Already when I received them was the one broken so the glued together we (did not have time to advertise)... Read more


written by Danne, 11/01/15

Very meager material in this. The box broke down immediately when the recipient tried to open the wrong way ...

Not quite as good as one could hope for

written by Ole, 09/09/15

The box I received was extremely difficult to open on the "right" way, in turn, was the uncanny easy to pry up which was slightly a disappointment. The idea is good, but could be done better... Read more

Money not nearly value

written by Knuff, 03/12/15

Have let me blinded by the great review and was disappointed! Processing is not good, especially when "closure"; by the way, only one "metal pin and a" hole "is. There is clea... Read more

perfect gift

written by RaceEmelie, 13/12/15

This was a much appreciated gift instead of just giving away an envelope with the money, now had himself a good laugh also because it took a while before the birthday child managed to get up the box

poor product

written by Bt, 14/12/15

It is not a fully developed product. The mechanism or mote that locks the lower bottom would not return. Had to break up. Is not satisfied.

Mjeh ..

written by Lucas, 16/12/15

The box was it pretended to be. However, the steps up and down; showed that it would bang on the one hand, when it was actually the other. Led to some frustration when I would open it to put Trisslott... Read more

Not a good buy!

written by Adam, 16/12/15

Bought this as a Christmas present, which I was going to give away a little scratch cards and money. Thought that the text describing it would be a tricky box requiring little brain to open. This was ... Read more


written by Chris, 17/12/15

I give the following reason here to open the first time only 4 stars has in each of the 3 bought gifts boxes well funktioniert.Leider there was in each of the 3 boxes at the 2nd time considerable Schw... Read more

Challenge for even the instructions!

written by Andreas, 18/12/15

Probably so dry the wood after the assembly in the factory and make the box a little twisted and locking ports in the tensioning or so it träoljan they smeared with ash has fallen in abundance hole th... Read more

Did not open

written by Rolf, 28/12/15

Bought 2 boxes to put presents in. Those were unable to use the manual spite could lodge in the family to open the boxes intended.

Great idea for gifts of money !!

written by ellis, 31/12/15

The boxes were very well an.Für some was open very difficult but ultimately it all done with a lot of patience and very pleased with it.

Did not open as it should have

written by Kossuranta, 04/01/16

the box itself was pretty clean looking and guessed that inside I planned to fit there perfectly, but it's how the box should have been opened was not working and was otherwise disappointing. The ... Read more


written by ettenna, 11/01/16

super idea came to class and has some brain cells intently times to give really a cool way of money, unlike the envelope.

Fine fine service

written by Lise C., 01/02/16

Bought "Gift box for money", a really fun idea. Unfortunately, it seemed box not know why I emailed Cool Stuff, who promptly returned with regret and sending a new Gift Box free of charge. T... Read more

Good idea for gift money

written by manfredo, 12/02/16

Have the best experience Geldgeschenkbox gemacht.Bargeld in envelope langweilig.Der donee has long attempt to open the box. Coincidence helps then most. Only when the box has been opened, you can find... Read more

Gift Boxes for money

written by Lilli Mathiesen, 18/02/16

These products have a very good idea, instead of just giving "a boring envelope". We spent many fun hours on them, and now the other grandchildren excited about what the next get !! It's... Read more

gift box

written by smoa, 05/03/16

A little sluggish at first but opening work well then. Fun way to give away money on, and everyone at the party wanted to test.

gift box

written by Roger, 24/03/16

Wasted money. The humidity causes the locking pin sticking. Work safely in the country in which it is made, but when it comes to Sweden with another humidity does not work.

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