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Money Maze Box

Putting money in the money maze is simple – but hard to get it out again. Just the way it should be!

Money Maze Box - Money Maze Box
Money Maze Box
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product review

written by Jen, 20/04/13

The product is as described and is lots of fun. The delivery was quick and problem-free.

Super gift idea

written by Ls71, 24/04/13

Super fun gift for money. Always a hit. Have given it several times. Afterwards it can be used to piggy bank

Much better than expectations!

written by Matilda, 09/05/13

Bought my Money Maze just after I filled years, and had received some money. But money is unfortunately a tendency to burn in the pocket of me. But then I put some of them in my Money Maze is a waste ... Read more


written by Lirker, 10/05/13

Fantastiks gift to the young people, making geeky lasses who do not want anything other than money ... it gives us an unusually boring gift table. We gave the gift, and I think the whole company tried... Read more

Great idea - and almost flawlessly

written by Denise H., 25/12/13

I bought the same 2 mazes and stow money gifts for my nieces. Unfortunately, a wall, in a somewhat imprecise "glued" it may be only a millimeter, but at one point you have to shake the maze ... Read more

I thought what a different game

written by Kati, 28/12/13

I understood the game not already order it and it lived up to expectations. ice decoration. I thought the coins for export to the labyrinth, but it is moneybox.


written by Håkan, 23/05/14

Fun pastime that requires a good touch and that is alert. Similar to the old maze game firmly in five dimensions. It takes a little before you get the money.

Good Verschenkidee

written by Elke R., 01/06/14

Money Maze Money Maze is a super Verschenkidee. I would at any time give back to all the happy tüffteln. Today, almost everyone wants only money and this one has to be the marble through the entire ma... Read more

It is good but poor construction quality

written by Inas, 19/06/14

Really fun and tricky. But when it arrived, there were already cracks in it and it becomes more every time I put in the coin ... So it is okay but if you're looking for something that is so I do n... Read more

Fun idea for donation

written by Tina, 04/07/14

Fun way to drop off a donation on. I put notes and 2 small nail in - not a kæmperum - but fine for the purpose. The lid can be opened only when the ball has come true through the maze, then some time ... Read more

Great idea and good service

written by Matias, 15/07/14

I had ordered three of these Money Mazes. If the processing was unfortunately so badly that the ball always remained stuck at one point. I called shortly and get immediate replacement; and this time e... Read more

great surprise

written by Zorn, 31/08/14

a beautiful packing for gifts of money has, all well-liked and is also not so easy to solve, have them already 3 pieces away, thanks


written by mb, 28/11/14

Fast delivery. Goods are super, nachgeklebt up on the cover of the maze, they had to. Otherwise gladly again

Name is not program

written by keintraummann, 15/12/14

unfortunately holds the non-product-what you hoped. poor workmanship, their functionality deficient. wanted it for the grandchildren, but not worth buying

Super Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

written by Kalle Hamburg, 22/12/14

I am very excited about the product and the service! Had a problem with damaged part, without much talk compensation was promised me. Just great, I can only recommend!

Good but small

written by Carro, 29/12/14

A fun Christmas gift that I gave to my brother, and then put down notes of everything because just to make him more frustrated. It was very difficult so it was good, however, I got the picture in my h... Read more

frail care

written by Eirik, 29/12/14

Should be a fun way to give money for Christmas on. The lock broke at the first opening. Feathers and parts bounced in all directions. Is not recommended.

money maze

written by birdy310, 29/12/14

Super spassige packaging for gifts of money it took about 10 minutes until the mystery was solved.

fun moneybox

written by akja, 30/12/14

There will be a little work to get money for Christmas ... do you want something to get some work first - great!

Gift for di who has everything.

written by Rune, 30/12/14

Super cool to give as a gift when you just going to give monetary gift. Let a thousand note inside (which is discernible) Even adults have to struggle a bit to get it up. 13 yr old was sitting on / of... Read more

Fun gift.

written by Mette N., 30/03/15

Bought a maze money as a donation to a 11 year old boy who loves 3d problems / puzzles and it was a hit. Took him not long to do the job ;-)

away money or small things with fun

written by Mutter, 06/04/15

even using the ball to open the door at the top for filling. Then roll the ball to a remote location. This "package" is used to display the value, eg a bill, clearly. Opening already require... Read more

Nice confirmation gift

written by Abc, 04/05/15

Perfect confirmation gift. Fun to give and fun to get. Losing sports to clear it in the shortest time.

A little too challenging

written by Bettina, 08/05/15

We ordered the maze as a fun gift wrapping for a confirmation. We just had not just expected that we got to spend an entire Saturday with opening it before we could put money in it. Can only say that ... Read more

Ingenious Moneybox

written by Nadine K, 22/05/15

I ordered this Moneybox for our colleage. Order went very fast and you can also pay especially with invoice. The money box is completely transparent and you have to guide the ball through the maze to ... Read more

fun gift

written by Niels Rasmussen, 28/05/15

Very fun gift but went fast break the lock and then smoke it fun so if it is to last a long time so avoid coins in it.

Handing out money gift with a difference

written by Knuff, 03/12/15

The box obtained is well made and works great. When you Antesten strife (n) at two points, but the second opening it is already quite well out of hand: D Something instinct should already be present i... Read more

Money Maze

written by O, 28/12/15

I bought this for my parents for Christmas and it has been sitting night after night trying to figure it out. And they have managed to do them, though I see that they are on the wrong side though the ... Read more

Wonderful! So appreciated!

written by Lillemor, 31/12/15

Had three boys aged 19, 16, 15 that would get money for Christmas. Otrooooligt boring to both give and receive an envelope. (No, they are crap excited for all- not so) All three knepade with around 5-... Read more

Money Maze - Money Maze

written by brihu, 01/01/16

Hello COOL STUFF TEAM, the part came when donee (for Christmas) very good! He is always a tinkerer and was very happy about it. Funnily article! Keep up + greetings

Looks tricky

written by Sica, 04/01/16

The cube looks trickier than he is. I had cracked it in less than 3 minutes. Too bad, the idea is good.

great !!!

written by Bine, 07/01/16

A funny idea for his money to save! Was a top Christmas gift! First the path through the maze helps the treasure. Since it can not even be taken out quickly change. This includes a bit of patience and... Read more

funny gift

written by Marit, 20/02/16

Appealed for both large and small. Funny thing! :) The shipment arrived quickly and everything was okay. Thanks for that :)

fun challenge

written by me 12, 23/02/16

This is pesentkort money and something to fight for. Much appreciated! But there was an effort to open the lid! Now a perfect piggy bank.

Money Maze - Money Maze

written by Birgit, 12/03/16

I ordered the same 6 pieces. 3 for Easter and 3 as Communion gifts. As I folded the money and it did not fit through the slot, I had to first himself open with the ball through the maze. When I no lon... Read more

Perfect for donation

written by Helen, 20/04/16

Bought Money Maze to a confirmand money gift. I chose to buy two when I had read here they are a little fragile, but we now have not had problems with the one we have so far spent. We think it's a... Read more


written by Ann Cathrin, 11/05/16

This is as nice as I hoped for. Must really work to get it up :) I did it after 15 minutes: p

Super fun gadget

written by Henrik Hansen, 12/05/16

Super fun gadget at a reasonable price. We have used it to situations where you give money and want to make it a little more fun to be give and take.

Great Geldgeschenk

written by Silke, 18/08/16

Goods was there super fast; I took the offer and ordered than 3. Two of them I have already given away .... and have something arrived from good. A truly great and extraordinary monetary gift idea.

A different kind of gift

written by Haweg92, 26/09/16

The Money Moneybox has been a lot of fun while packing :) In our bridal couple the can was also very well received. The long evenings come and know the two that they can practice now to get their mone... Read more

Just awesome

written by Momolisa, 05/10/16

I have long searched for an original packaging for gifts of money. Now I have found it. I myself took about 15 minutes to open the cube. The recipient has gekniffelt probably a little longer. The joy ... Read more

kit product

written by Jonas , 13/12/16

Get home product, play the ball where it should be so that the door be opened so I can put down the profits. (Will give for Christmas). 1. The bullet weight is not large enough to disrupt the switch t... Read more

Fun !!!

written by Karin, 19/12/16

Bought it as a gift for my nephew. Wanted to stop money in it before I gave it away. Difficult to get up despite the fact that the ball was in the right place. Was afraid to break it before I gave it ... Read more

EVER, it's so funny

written by Lirkir, 05/05/17

I have previously bought a few and they have been completely in the top and very popular with the recipient. BUT ... this time, one side was not properly fitted inside the box, and the ball so rusted ... Read more

The product did not work

written by Johanna , 08/05/17

Unfortunately it seemed the product is not properly so konfirmanden was forced to break the "lock" up. Despite the fact that he quickly solved the riddle.

Super idea 'to donation

written by Til konfirmand, 08/05/17

Good idea 'to give the confirmation e-mail a little challenge in opening their money gift .... fun, very popular with the young

Bold and different money!

written by LA, 15/05/17

It worked really well and it was a big hit among the guests for a confirmation. However, take care of the lock as it was a bit drilled!

1 was broken

written by Helle, 15/05/17

Had ordered 2 money Maze and one was broken in the mail, promptly sent a new. Has nothing to complain about, nice service.

Mega fed gift, which everyone had enjoyed

written by Karina., 16/05/17

Super fun and different gift to give, it was not hard to open and it caused many to go and try it


written by Helle Rasmussen, 17/05/17

I bought a moneymace for a konfirmand. It fell into very good soil. There was prompt service and good service. Highly recommended.


written by Kate, 18/05/17

The whole company laughed when my little brother got it in confirmation's gift with money: D Only took him for a few hours, so he'd fixed it .. but he got lost

Plastic - NOT so fantastic!

written by Troedevihavdeengenialide, 18/05/17

The idea was / is very good! But it did not work - after countless attempts, it was finally necessary to smash the maze

Fun gift

written by Michael, 22/05/17

A fun gift, which of course only becomes even more fun when it's filled with 20s. Only sure detail was that I had to paste it. But I have ordered two more, because it's a bold gift for a teena... Read more

Water damage on the product

written by Pernille, 26/05/17

When I received my package, Sparebøssen "Money Maze" gave clear evidence of moisture. There was a rust trace inside the cube caused by water that had the ball to rust. But since I had to use... Read more

Water damage on the product

written by Pernille, 26/05/17

When I received my package, Sparebøssen "Money Maze" gave clear evidence of moisture. There was a rust trace inside the cube caused by water that had the ball to rust. But since I had to use... Read more

Resting ball

written by Kunde no. 28, 29/11/17

I received the item with a rusty ball that has made brown brake pads throughout the plastic box. It looks wildly disgusting and not somewhere you want to leave anything useful, least of all money ... ... Read more


written by Ij, 24/12/17

Fun entertaining, many were engaged to solve the maze and get the money in the box. Clever thing for adults and children.

Fun idea

written by Sandra, 12/01/18

Cool idea but poor quality on the plastic latch. The cousins ​​swore the maze to pull out their trisses, but at the opening it broke it apart. Otherwise fun stuff!

Very poor quality

written by Morten, 18/01/18

Bought as a fun and beard gift for Christmas. People were very excited about it. It managed to be solved all 4 times, and then the locking mechanism was broken. Have always been happy with the product... Read more


written by D, 26/03/18

The article was exactly as described, well made! The fast delivery was very amazing, also the packaging was adequate. Especially for teenagers it is difficult to find an original gift - here was the f... Read more

Broken but fun

written by Signatur, 01/04/18

The entire lid had already unloaded before I opened the package, some plastic pieces were also wrapped around the box. However, it was easy to cook some superlimes and 5 minutes. Well done, be it a pl... Read more

Money Maze

written by Jette, 03/04/18

Must be used as a confirmation gift with banknotes in. It is a different money gift. It's hard to open, think, turn and turn before it's easy to open late. So it will be fun. There is a metal ... Read more

Money Maze

written by Jette, 03/04/18

Must be used as a confirmation gift with banknotes in. It is a different money gift. It's hard to open, think, turn and turn before it's easy to open late. So it will be fun. There is a metal ... Read more

Cool idea BUT ....

written by LAIRE, 19/04/18

... just pressing your finger on the sprint and opening the door. Otherwise, a fun gift, but that you open it yourself takes it all.

Super fun idea.

written by Annie Due, 25/04/18

Bought this maze for son's friend's confirmation, great fun and good idea. Unfortunately, there is only a hole for coins and banknotes, yet something has to fill it out. So we had to go throug... Read more


written by Heidi, 30/04/18

We bought it for a confirmation gift. A fun way to make money. Can be recommended to everyone.

Great way to give money!

written by Lene Johannessen, 30/04/18

Bought Money Maze for the cash gift for the confirmation to be a bit extra !!! Be superpopular on the big day! The confirmation officer had to solve the maze to get the money away.


written by Theres, 18/06/18

A really funny retreat especially if you spend money before giving away it. Good quality.

Good for penguins - meeeeen ....

written by Susanne, 25/06/18

Money Mazen is then "very" fun to use as a wrapping for a money gift. Meeeeen it's disappointing now.

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