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Mood Book Lamp

When you open up this book, the pages begin to light up like a fan with a cosy lighting in the colour of your choice: white, blue, green or red! An attractive decoration and perfect on the night stand or on the bookshelf. Runs on rechargeable batteries that light up for more than six hours!

Mood Book Lamp - Mood Book Lamp
Mood Book Lamp
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review customer satisfaction

written by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 28/02/17

Here's the review I wrote yesterday: Hello. As shown by the order confirmation and delivery note so I had ordered 2 pieces MoodBook lamps: The surprise and disappointment was therefore great when ... Read more

Discreet and good light

written by JQM, 01/03/17

Really understated design that you would never guess that they are hiding a lamp in. The colors are very pleasant and not lit up very much depends on how much you open the "book". If you wou... Read more

book lamp

written by Svanne, 16/03/17

The most beautiful time of the lamp

Original Book Lamp

written by a-m-w, 21/03/17

Bin absolutely satisfied, the lamp is processed class, original and super nice! Collapsed can disappear in the book shelf and surprise the one or other guest with this function. Highly recommended, as... Read more

book lamp

written by ylva, 27/03/17

Jättefin lamp that can change color. You can have either the landscape or portrait. Perfect for a librarian or book lover!

Camouflaged night light

written by Nattski, 06/04/17

I do not have the opportunity to have a lamp by my bed. Then it is very easy to take two books when to read in bed, the book itself and so light :) And so is the celestial-looking when it is reached t... Read more

Really nice lampbok

written by Philip, 18/04/17

A wonderfully stylish "book" when it just lying around - and really cozy when you open it. I prefer plain white light, but the kids love disco light ...

great product

written by Astrid, 24/04/17

By chance I saw this beautiful product and ordered the same as a birthday present for our son.. He's hooked.

Super nice lamp

written by Pia, 01/05/17

Super nice lamp that lights up with different colors. Cool design. Fits well on a teenage room.

Book Lamp

written by Werbethom, 09/06/17

The delivery came quickly, well packed and in perfect condition. The lamp makes a very high quality impression. The color choice is fun. It is a good gift idea.

Mood book lamp

written by Maria, 13/07/17

Ordered this to my friend as a librarian. She got super happy! Perfect gift! Can be recommended!


written by Ben, 21/07/17

I like it very much, I am very happy with the illuminated books! Above all, they create a very warm, pleasant ambience.

So fine

written by Iben, 02/08/17

Books / lamps .... creates a nice atmosphere in the summerhouse, in the evening on the terrace and in the children's caves

Night lamp in style

written by Alex, 04/09/17

I love the performance and friends and family think it's cool. I use the red mode like night light and the white mode to brighten up in the evening. I do not mind being able to choose any mixed co... Read more

Lamps Mood Book

written by Tvillingene, 18/09/17

Got the lamp of mom and am very happy, using all the colors :) Our cat loves it too :) Recommended :)

Mood Book - A Bright Gift

written by Joakim , 03/10/17

This wonderful book is really the best gift to many. It is beautiful and aesthetic, can be used as a lamp in the evening when you read on the bedside or as a decorative element in the living room or t... Read more

great part

written by ##, 13/10/17

nice birthday present for my sister, nice idea, 1a quality. would order anytime again.

Beautiful Book-shaped Lamp

written by Rasmus, 18/10/17

Lamp in the form of a book, bound in dark wood fittings. Easy to hide in the bookcase or set up as a table lamp; Either it's like an open book with pages spanning 180 * or standing completely open... Read more

Modo Book Lamp

written by Ingebjörg, 23/10/17

Makes good as "myth lighting" in the bookshelf. Sobert nice. But changing color after mood. Easy to upload via computer. The light will last approximately 8 hours.


written by Bosse, 06/11/17

A beautiful enlightenment in autumn dark. No fewer than one hundred characters !!!!!!! Remove the formulation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

everything OK

written by xxxxxxxxxxx, 13/11/17

Very satisfied, always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... Read more

Mood Book Lamp

written by Fredric, 08/01/18

Nice and nice thing to give away. But unfortunately, it is "kinakvalité" and the charge was broken after the 2nd charge.

Mega fed!

written by Mathias, 02/02/18

Fantastic lamp! It's nice to look at, and extremely entertaining to see people who do not know what it is, open it! Can definitely be recommended!

everything great

written by Super, 19/02/18

everything was great, everything was great, everything was super, everything was super, everything was super, everything was super, everything was super. Everything was super

Very nice light book!

written by Wolfgang Frei, 04/06/18

After it was available it went ratz-fatz !!! The book is very well made, the promised possibilities are all fulfilled. I can only recommend!! Have made a bad experience with a Swiss company from Luxbu... Read more

Great product.

written by Jäcky, 05/06/18

Hello my dears. This product is a real madness as a gift. PS Let it unpack in the dark: D Beautiful quality and very bright beautiful light.

Perfect for the book lover

written by Miia, 08/06/18

Bought it for a friend in a gift. The mate was very happy. Cozy lighting, good to change it from set to half closed, etc. And that it is removable, of course.

Sweet extra as lighting

written by Nadine, 31/08/18

Class book / lamp. Processing looks very clean, makes a nice, bright light. Has not been used so long, so unfortunately I can not say anything about durability. Came great as a gift .....

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