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Mystic 8 Ball

Ask a question and let Mystic 8 Ball give you the answer! Pointless? Of course it is! Nevertheless, you'll still sit there with your mates asking question after question, and laugh uncontrollably at all the answers.

Mystic 8 Ball - Mystic 8 Ball
Mystic 8 Ball
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What is this?

Can roughly what it should be.

written by Søren, 25/04/13

Not an expensive product, but still disappoints quality slightly. The lands often such that you can not read what it says. Under the expected, but not much.

Fun little toy =)

written by Julie, 25/07/13

Works exactly as it should be, but is, as others have mentioned, a little 'cheap' in the performance and the crash occasionally, so one has to shake forward to see the answer.

Increased the lead!

written by Milla, 22/08/13

A simple and fun gadget. It is especially fun to sit with friends or the guy and ask ball.

Not good

written by Henriette, 04/10/14

When you shake on it so you do not always, (very often) that it hangs up, the answer does not arrive. It happens almost all the time, and then I try to corrode answer. So this was not good.


written by richey, 05/01/15

Perfect for pre-party! But the quality of the text is illuminated is quite mixed. Provides a so-so impression about it to be honest.

Defendant ball

written by Zkrufs, 07/01/15

Well, this did not convince. Sometimes you had to shake up properly to get answers and after a while it became law toughly. But yes, it could be pretty hilarious at times. We got tired but pretty fast... Read more


written by Cami, 13/05/15

Digger the magic 8-ball. It is exactly as expected. Ask it a question, shake, and you get the answer.

Loved by family

written by Anna, 01/06/15

I bought this as a pure impulse buying even though I do not have much money right now ... but it was totally worth it! We have so much fun with this ball, mom uses it to ask what she should do about t... Read more


written by KB, 13/07/15

Funny, but not so much fun in the long run. You get tired quickly, but with a little alcohol in the body becomes fun once again.


written by Lisbeth, 12/12/16

Eight Ball is solid quality, so it can be used at home and taken to gatherings. It provides hilarious answers to all questions.

Fun and addictive.

written by Rikke Hansen, 25/08/17

Magic 8 Ball is fun and easy to use. When set down with the screen down, it shuts off itself, it seems impeccable, but must be shaken and kept up and down with the screen to come / work with an answer... Read more

Happiness is done!

written by VAN DIJK, 25/09/17

Coolstuff disappointed in no way ... I've long really wanted a Mystic 8-ball. And see if Coolstuff does not have what I was looking for. Here in addition, it was fantastic fast hassle delivery !! ... Read more

Always wanted one

written by Blackcowboy, 16/10/17

Have always seen them so many times in American movies, so be happy now to own a self <3

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