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Naughty Knot Body Bow

Surprise someone you love and wrap the world's finest gift - yourself! The naughty knot is easy to tie, and even easier to untie.

Naughty Knot Body Bow - Naughty Knot Body Bow
Naughty Knot Body Bow
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Nice surprise!

written by Katja, 12/07/13

Havenot had a chance to use it, for decided to leave red knit for Xmas, but I am sure my boyfriend would love it!

That through binding nicely

written by B.., 10/12/13

A really nice and piquant idea with a bow. But in reality it is very difficult to bond and get to look nice. Had not imagined that it would be so hard to get it fixed. shown thought that the loop had ... Read more


written by Den nöjda, 12/12/13

This was absolutely perfect, fun easy to tie and super sexy! My guy could not have been happier about the surprise I had for him. I absolutely recommend naughty knot!


written by hanna, 22/12/13

funny thing, difficult to understand instructions as they were in English, but when my improvised knot this became a very successful surprise.

everything destroyed

written by Anonym, 26/12/13

Usually even want to surprise someone with this, and it will go to hell! You have to take a course to learn how to tie it here. My surprise was not good anyway.

Naughty Knot

written by Anonym, 03/01/14

Very good and appreciated gift! However, the description that came with very difficult to understand. I used the link in one of the earlier comments to understand. Once it was in this way it just fine... Read more

that through binding!

written by Betina, 10/01/14

The loop is really nice, good quality and nicely packed on delivery - but rather difficult to tie. It may therefore be necessary to practice a few times before you need it, as this is quite complex - ... Read more

quite satisfied

written by Rebecca, 22/01/14

The fabric is a little cheap in kvaliteteten, and to my taste it is a bit too shiny and too soft in structure to get an equally nice stiff bow, as in the picture. That being said, I think it lives up ... Read more

Njaa ..

written by Isabelle, 20/02/14

It was not hard to put on - very simple, never mind the instructions that are co-kicked. There are much better and more sordid descriptions online that you can search for. However sat there not very n... Read more

Funny but tricky :)

written by Bea, 06/03/14

I can start by saying that the color is a bit more to the orange-red than deep red, but they are not interfering in because most apparent in really bright light and in more normal "bedroom light&... Read more

Naughty Knot

written by Lena, 10/03/14

This product is recommended. When I had it on me 1st time, it was a positive surprise. This I'm going to get a lot of pleasure.


written by pika, 18/06/14

Very good, easy to wear, but a bit loose-fitting - or I did not sand the English instruction manual.

As you come quite a sweat ..

written by M., 08/08/14

I should practice it beforehand .. It took me ne good hour and many nerves to tie the part. The manual is too small so that one can not accurately detect the images and so trying to figure out how it ... Read more

Fine, but complicated

written by Olsson, 07/12/14

Is not particularly large, found it difficult to get the string to sit tight (fell off my chest the whole time). Not worth the money.

Very good!

written by Nina, 23/12/14

I think "sexy knot" resembles very good as it looks like on the picture. One must, in other words what you see. A plus is that it is finer in reality with its silky sheen. The only "min... Read more

Great surprise!

written by Stefanie89, 05/01/15

At first I was skeptical because was in other reviews that it was not easy to tie the loop. But if you do not get too goes to the leaflet and yourself about how you normally white loop would bind, it ... Read more

It can not be used!

written by Antonia, 01/02/15

Good and fun idea, but it could not be put on! The instructions were difficult to decipher, and after much effort to put on it so I gave up! Feels sorry that it was better constructed, it was basicall... Read more

Fuck in the user manual

written by Elise, 20/02/15

The instructions were useless. But when I decided to drop it, it took me two seconds to tie a bow that looked great. The type was in any case very happy!

Naughty Knot

written by Camilla , 20/02/15

A fun gift to give to his beloved. Went well to tie after a little practice. However ändast 3 times.

Best ever

written by Dardan, 27/02/15

Bought all <3 days. Best night ever;) If you prefer to be a bit small kinky. Highly recommended, the best service ever: D Thanks Coolstuff !!

Works perfectly!

written by Anonym, 30/03/15

This struck really depends hod girlfriend! A bit difficult with the instructions of the knot, but it went after a few tries and logic. Boyfriend was superfornlyd, and are already looking forward to ne... Read more


written by H, 03/04/15

The fabric in silk makes the knot easily tie up. Has D-cup and it was just so they could fit. Very appreciated though!

Super Pleased!

written by Janne, 02/12/15

Was a little skeptical of this item from the beginning and was a little afraid it would not stay in place, but after try it, I am very satisfied! Recommend to search on youtube when properly tied, wit... Read more

Difficult to tie

written by Johanna, 07/12/15

Very nice color and quite clear description of the picture yet so right it quite difficult to get a nice bow ..


written by Moa, 15/02/16

The description huh very difficult to understand, finally had to give up and improvise your own bow. But the boyfriend enjoyed it very much and was pleasantly surprised!

Mixed feelings

written by Mig, 31/01/17

My girlfriend loved it, but it was pretty hard to properly. I had a hard time getting it to remain tight, and for a girl with rather small breasts slipped therefore down and the effect disappeared a l... Read more

Super - but flawed user manual

written by Goldmarie, 01/03/17

The Naughty Knot - the red body loop - was a great success. It was not difficult to put on, but the user manual (only in English) was good for not much. The middle image was mirrored and the descripti... Read more

Great! Despite poor user manual

written by Goldmarie, 04/03/17

No wonder that many could not cope with the instruction manual, it is incomplete and flawed. The middle image is mirrored and there is no indication that the two ends must be pulled through the loops.... Read more


written by Birte, 03/10/17

Bands are hopeless to tie, and loop does not get fine because the fabric is too soft and too heavy. Is not recommended.

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