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Nessie Ladle

Maybe the cutest ladle as long as anyone can remember! Nessie is inspired by the Loch Ness Monster, but it lives in your pot where it stands on its own feet and sticks up its charming head.

Nessie Ladle - Blue
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What is this?

Soo cute!

written by Janne, 27/03/15

Finally Nessie available in a Norwegian website - thanks to Cool Stuff it! The ladle is a little smaller than I thought, but anyway absolutely perfect - and indispensable.

Equilibrium problems

written by Matthias, 27/03/15

The Gift And arrived at well. Unfortunately Nessie does not remain in the soup stand upright but still tilts forward over because the buoyancy is too large

Very cute!

written by Malene, 27/03/15

Very sjønner ladle, and seems to be decent quality. But misleading picture, it is fairly much less in reality.

Cute but rather poor

written by Karolina, 30/03/15

The ladle is incredibly sweet but stem / neck is unfortunately very thin and falters when to use it. In addition, the rather poor balance and falls toward the edge of the pot just like an ordinary lad... Read more

Cozy little thing!

written by Nic, 30/03/15

The ladle was a little smaller than I thought, but not too small. It is sweet to the pan and do it properly, although the "feet" makes it a little tricky to get to the very last. The handle ... Read more

Fine watching

written by L, 30/03/15

Really liked the idea of ​​a sea monster soup ladle! And it is fun, but the feature is not the best. The neck is thin, the spoon bends when taking soup! It is not up in the soup as the picture but set... Read more

Spoon the sauce

written by Bitsch, 31/03/15

I think it lives up to my expectations on usability and kvalite but I thought it could accommodate more.

Super sweet trowel

written by Sinje, 31/03/15

This trowel I immediately closed the heart. She looks really cute and looks out of every soup, sauce or stew. Their little feet she stands without soup alone.

Nuuuuhhh ...

written by Mawola, 01/04/15

The coolest soup spoon ever! Is unfortunately only in this one color. The price is fine compared to international listings.

Fast delivery - Good product

written by Kristine, 03/04/15

The product is fine by itself in a saucepan and delivery was quick and without error. And it is just as sweet, in fact, as the pictures.

Wish Sien nessie

written by Lhc, 25/05/15

A beautiful and adorable happen fast delivery trades are completely safe again funny cases have things many things you can not find anywhere else

fun ladle

written by Pothuset, 25/05/15

Nessie is a fun ladle. It can even stand in the pan so it is easy to grab. The legs do so unfortunately it's hard to grab the last soup in the pot, so you have to pour the soup straight from the p... Read more

funny ladle

written by Marius, 25/05/15

Ladle is primarily a fun "novelty item" but is fully usable as soup ladle. Ladle is made of plastic, and seems to hold good quality


written by Helene, 29/05/15

The spoon is incredibly sweet to look at, as it peeps out of the soup. The neck is slightly soft and spoon is a little small, but since it can stand on its feet down into the pot, then you should not ... Read more

The ladle Nessie

written by DCNick, 18/06/15

The ultimate soup / sauce ladle that adorn its place on any dinner table. Even at rest in any corner in the kitchen. Moreover, the perfect "gebort" gift.

Fun but impractical

written by bm, 10/08/15

It's very nice, but is not able to take the pasta sauce (it turns out), or to fit in any of the drawers.

Too small

written by Ulla larsen, 05/11/15

It looked like the picture a suppeøseske, but is just one sauces happen. So it was a disappointment. Granted - - standing goal but I saw afterward. This is because jonnoknatvden photographed in someth... Read more

cute and practical

written by Nessie, 17/11/15

Why only boring 08/15-Kellen? That can any - I thought when I saw this trowel. And as I myself am constantly called Nessie, I could not resist. It does what it should, actually stands, looks cuddly an... Read more

Different ladle ..

written by Tina, 06/12/15

Fun and different ladle .. The kids are raving to scoop up even when Nessie is on the table .. Considering to buy a copy in different color ..

Sweet ladle that cheers up the kitchen

written by Marie-Louise, 15/12/15

Immediately when I saw ladle Nessie as I had to have one. It's really super cute, right drawback is well that it is slightly soft in the neck. It could be in a harder plastic so as not to bend whe... Read more


written by AC-Eifel, 30/12/15

Everything perfect, super cute ladle, with the desired "Super Sweet" effect, a little small maybe, if had not been for my daughter, and that would in XXL version I would still buy a 2nd time... Read more


written by mats, 01/01/16

The ladle is incredibly sloppy in the shaft. Thus virtually impossible to use because of this.

A little short

written by Ani Eib, 05/01/16

The trowel is worked beautifully in itself and looks funny, but the ladle to my mind is very short. In large or deep pots this Nessie trowel would probably unfortunately perish ... Too bad! The price ... Read more


written by mohu, 05/01/16

well packaged, delivered on time u. u as ordered. described commodity pleases me very much, happy again


written by Glaubi, 06/01/16

Nessi is already a real "eye-catcher" from the presented stockpot, then comes a bit 'halswacklig "over ... (Indian ancestors?) Still, nice to have her with him & her mum also ..... Read more

A real eye-catcher and unusual gift

written by dieTine, 12/01/16

We Nessie used at home when we had visitors. Since we had only fears, our guests never give her the scoop, but we could then again recapture. Even when the Offer Nessie we harvested enthusiasm. The tr... Read more


written by Connie Nielsen, 25/01/16

Very smart now is spoon no longer down in the sauce. So thoroughly tilfreds.Vil definitely buy from you again if the need arise.


written by Locke, 01/02/16

I thought Nessie would be a ladle for soup. Since there are only small portions. Nessie is still smaller than I thought. But it is already a Hinkucker and stands by itself. For sauce, it is ideal.


written by Kapten, 17/02/16

Perfect little soup ladle! It makes the most boring pea soup once a little more fun. It is a little small, so in real Storkök will drown it.

unfortunately is not

written by Marinuschka, 16/05/16

Great idea, but unfortunately the joke does not work. Nessie does not stop them from tipping over. Have they returned.

Yep, a good scoop.

written by Leo, 31/08/16

The bucket is a nice and functional, the handle a little loose, but the cup size, taking into account not probably going to be a little problem. Stays upright and looks like fun!

When one falls in love with a design, package it in a product so

written by K, 17/12/16

The ladle tilts and can not take up the soup, or even sauce. Stevens shaft is too thin so all fold and end up next to the plate, even though Stevens bucket is small. Cute, yes. But do not buy if you a... Read more


written by ho ho, 22/12/16

I was very satisfied with the dealer with the fast delivery very pleased that I can say for ware are 2x Christmas gifts that were gewunscht will certainly make joy.

Small and soft

written by Michael P., 09/01/17

Like many writes, spoon rather small, so it does not work as good as the soup spoon. But what is worse, it is very soft, so that it can actually hardly bear the weight of the must scoop up.

Nessie scoop

written by Vaniljahani, 16/01/18

Wonderful Desing but somewhat impractical / soft-faced at the neck (handle) if used for example in thicker vegetarians. Light soups are absolutely brilliant and sweet!

It was just okay

written by Githe Nielsen, 19/04/18

The eyeshadow was exactly as I imagined - came within the promised time and I was fully satisfied


written by Victoria, 07/05/18

Sweet sweets should you look long after, here it is digested by the younger and older! Can withstand it shine and spread smile in the world!

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