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NetAtmo WiFi Weather Station

Your NetAtmo weather station sends weather information to your smartphone or computer no matter where in the world you are located! The outdoor sensor measures temperature and humidity, while the indoor sensor also measures CO2 concentration, air pressure and noise level!

NetAtmo WiFi Weather Station -  Weather Station (EU Plug)
Weather Station (EU Plug)
1 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

NetAtmo WiFi Weather Station - NetAtmo Rain Gauge
NetAtmo Rain Gauge
53 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
NetAtmo WiFi Weather Station - NetAtmo Wind Gauge
NetAtmo Wind Gauge
35 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
NetAtmo WiFi Weather Station - Mount for Rain and Wind Gauge
Mount for Rain and Wind Gauge
3 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

A really good weather station.

written by Peter, 08/08/13

A really good weather station. Especially good is the measurement of air quality CO2. Have had several advanced weather stations over the years but this beats most, despite the lack of rain sensor.


written by Per, 09/10/13

Brilliant product that is extremely easy to install. Works really well. Installed the product both in the boat and cottage, so I can keep an eye on temperatures and the environment.

TOP product

written by Bastian, 28/10/13

Got the weather station as a special offer buy us must say I am very satisfied. If everything works as described immediately.

Well functioning weather station

written by Losne, 16/12/13

Decent weather station which worked out of the box with absolutely minimal configuration. Cool product that I would recommend

Suvertet finally found something mother father showed existed !!

written by supermams, 23/12/13

Finally before winning I found a technical gadget as my dear "techno man" did not know about! And in addition a technical gadget as helpful - which could be connected to the iPhone and to ev... Read more

Perfect weather station

written by Becker, 22/01/14

This is a very good weather station easy to install. It is interesting to see CO2 as the room where the meter face and get aired out in time. One can constantly monitor on his iPhone or iPad what happ... Read more

'Damn' smart thermometer

written by Jim, 27/02/14

Nice design Does not take much Easy setup Inside and outside temp + humidity; Inside air pressure, CO2 content and volume in dB Quite smart app with many features Operates all in all impeccably price ... Read more


written by am4tas, 07/03/14

Smooth and easy. Easy to assemble. Easy to fit into the environment. Good with the curves, you can pick out.

Works as expected.

written by Leif Jensen, 10/03/14

Works flawlessly. No problems with the connection to the outdoor sensor. Even through 3-4 walls and partition walls. The setup was easy. Included app (and website) is fine. Of negatively can only ment... Read more

Fantastic weather.

written by Pedersen, 02/04/14

This is perfect for those who are concerned about indoor environment and our. Checks app on the phone many times a day and have fun by historical data.

Just what I wanted

written by Frode, 03/04/14

Finally a weather station where I do not have to mess with transfer to PC for logging and to view information from home anywhere. After setup is all accessible via the browser, as well as apps on iOS ... Read more

Some work, some do not work

written by Tom, 27/06/14

Purchased first a NetAtmo weather station with indoor and outdoor sensor. Would also have had a rain sensor, but it was backordered. Have subsequently received and installed this. The weather station ... Read more

fun :)

written by EA, 11/08/14

Can not talk about anything else, you can always talk about the weather - and now I love to, I get to talk about the weather! I also purchased the corresponding rain gauge and it is incredible how acc... Read more


written by Jan, 26/08/14

Super fast delivery it just works, ordered and had the goods the day after it damn fine: o)

Death Raw!

written by Morten, 31/10/14

A great product for monitoring indoor air quality and weather. Apps for iOS and Windows Phone is very good and the web site provides a great overview. Recommended!


written by Haakon, 03/12/14

Ordered Netatmo wifi weather plus additional inside sensor to have upstairs. Was very easy to bruke.Grei manual supplied. Plugged in the socket and hold flashing blue light. Contact with wifi and it w... Read more

Weather and climate gadget for gadget geek

written by mickerehn, 13/12/14

A friend had acquired this a while ago and then brought my interest. Hit a good offer and pleased to note that it is not only nice to look at but also functional. Are now learning the rest of the fami... Read more

best weather station

written by Dan Witthøft, 22/12/14

The weather station is easy to set up, providing access via android and Iphone / ipad to a number of easily comprehensible information. Highly recommended

Super fun

written by PE, 27/12/14

Nice quality little difficult to "put up". Read the instructions as there are several pitfalls. Have not found the place where you can calibrate the different measurements yet. Fin interface... Read more

Very good service

written by Lars Bueth, 29/12/14

If the purchased product is in an Internet-based weather station. For a long time I have been looking for such a weather station. The product does what it says. Quick deployment using the laptop and c... Read more

Supet !!

written by Lasse, 01/01/15

Attractive design that works well. Brackets for rain gauge is not included so there must itself find a solution.


written by Dan B, 17/01/15

Expensive but good! Easy to assemble, reliable and a new focus on frequent venting! A shame that the water meter is optional - for it is difficult to do without, no matter the price actually :) gadget... Read more

poor quality

written by user, 29/01/15

Unfortunately, the CO2 measurement does not work, in this price range should still find a quality check instead. The support of NETATMO is even moderately. Product sent back, now been waiting over a w... Read more

Stylish and clever

written by Zebban, 31/01/15

The modules are discreet, stylish and fits into our home. They do what they promise. The apps for iOS is functional and stylish and the link to WeatherPro works perfectly. Looking to supplement with a... Read more

Cute toy

written by Andreas, 17/02/15

Bin has been satisfactory. App works very well on smartphones and tablet, desktop site with selectable diagrams as well. Accuracy is as expected, temperature difference between adjacent stationary ind... Read more


written by Hans, 21/02/15

Keeps its promises and more! Good app for iOS, discrete sensors, no problems with the scope of a normal apartment. Looking forward to NetAtmo release anemometer summer 2015.

works great

written by Lenette, 18/03/15

The weather station works perfectly! It's so nice to get rid of the old, ugly weather station and be able to read various measurements via APP

It's good enough smart :-)

written by Dan, 25/06/15

One of the best gadget purchase I've made - it just works ... ... and one should not think for yourself: Start weather station and link it to your WiFi with the app to install on the phone, and th... Read more

Super trade

written by Janne, 01/07/15

I acted sometimes in Cool Stuff, and it's been really good service. Fast delivery and items in order. 5 stars from here. Janne

top weather station

written by Konna, 07/08/15

Would recommend to anyone who wants to sleep in the fresh room and remotely monitor the indoor / outdoor temperature. After that purchase, we have begun to ventilate the house a lot more which before ... Read more


written by Mark, 26/08/15

Super easy, plug and play! Fast delivery. Only criticism is really that it in fact merely a thermometer with Pimp up that you might not have quite as much need as you thought :) but still satisfied! F... Read more

Have become obsessed

written by Humiz, 11/10/15

This is a brilliantly simple gadget that gives you full control of indoor and outdoor surroundings at home. Set up in five minutes! Sometimes I check the app when I'm at work - and plan whether I ... Read more

Great gift for the weather interested

written by Louise Sørensen, 22/12/15

It's fantastic that you can access it from your mobile phone. It provides both message about the rain, the CO2 level inside and outside, noise and wind speeds. A gift for my very weather intereste... Read more

Weather Station

written by Kbbj, 26/12/15

Bought at-law for Christmas. Is set in motion and works perfectly. It can be read on mobile phones so the whole family can keep up with the weather.

Best weather station

written by Kristina , 06/01/16

Best weather station on the market and the first step towards smart homes and IoT. Best features: - WiFi connection allows you to connected with light, sound, etc. - CO2 meter is really smart and give... Read more

Netatmo anemometer

written by TJ, 08/01/16

Netatmo anemometer does not work / give wrong values ​​and the app will display the values ​​look absolutely silly out. The product can not be recommended. Wasted money


written by Trond, 26/01/16

I am very pleased with the purchase. I lacked the anemometer to my Netatmo weather. And wind measurement is an important parameter at a weather station. Wind speed is measured in m / s, km / h or knot... Read more

Excellent Product

written by LJW, 01/02/16

Netatmo are very good products, weather station and rain gauge before and was very satisfied. I have it at home and at the cottage and there I have several built gauges to monitor the temperature in t... Read more

Netatmo anemometer

written by Bjørn, 02/02/16

Easy ordering and very fast and seamless delivery.

bought attachment for wind / rain sensor

written by Kai, 04/03/16

Have not got set up anemometer but to me it seems attached so loose that it will not work. Instead, try to create something yourself

Brilliant weather station

written by Kennet, 22/08/16

Works like clockwork, the inside and outside thermometer, anemometer and rain gauge. Went easy to hook up and works great. As a bonus, you get access to all the others who have NetAtmo WiFi weather st... Read more

Wifi weather meter

written by Michael pape, 10/10/16

Fast delivery, well wrapped, it was easy to install as there included Danish instructions, can only be recommended.

Wifi weather meter

written by Michael pape, 11/10/16

Fast delivery, well wrapped, it was easy to install as there included Danish instructions, can only be recommended.

NetAtmo weather station

written by Martin M, 12/02/18

Fast delivery - Easy setup, the product works as intended, you might want Danish setup in the APP.

Wind gauge and temp. Measure outside.

written by Jørn A. Endresen, 09/09/18

Hello. After about 2 months, both have stopped working. I get the weather station, but not the de2 stations! Any tips on getting these started again? Have changed batteries! And they took out at every... Read more

Very good

written by Evan, 24/09/18

Got delivered as ordered :) But win and wind measure and everything went smoothly and everything works as it should at first try :) Can be recommended :) :)

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